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Re: Character Generation
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Crime is dealt with in the courts.  While the courts can be capricious, they generally do not extract punishment in a cause and effect manner--an eye for an eye;cutting of a hand for theft; remove lounge of lies.  Bribery of the guards is also possible to diminish the duration or effect of the punishment.   Also the Overlord would be hesitant to waste a resource that could be put to work in the mines of used to row one of his battle barges.

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Re: Character Generation
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Amladis roams once again the streets.

The saleman greets him and he answers:
„No, nothing for me today.“
Amladis leaves the sales booth, but not with empty hands.
The trick is: Be a customer - buy sometimes, steal often.

A shadow approaches him, but he recognizes the other thief early:
„Bug, I want to talk to ...“
„I know what you want and I told you before:
No action on the westside, not before we are guild members.
We just don't know who to bribe, who to give a share and who gets a fine.“
„But the opportunity will vanish..."

„There will be another, and I advice you not to do anything.“

A high voice calls for Amladis attention: „Poog, Poog.“
Amladis smiles at the little boy and addresses his sister:
„He still compares me to the content of his diapers.“
„Maybe he knows you ...“

Bug kneels to the boy: „I have something for you“, and he produces an orange out of his clothes.
„A ball.“ „No it is something to eat, your sister will help you with it. It's sweet and it is good for you.“

Bug smiles again at the girl:
Wash her face, comb her hair and she will be a wonderful distraction for the guards.

But he recognizes a watcher.
Wait is this that gnome again?
They should be ordered by law to wear different colored feathers to make them distinguishable.

„Sorry, I have to leave.“


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