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Dramatis Personae
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Because I’m tired of looking up the names I’ve used.

Abi-eqar — Amorite.  From Babylon.  The leader of a group of thugs who tried to take Warad-Marduk’s tablets from them.  After his defeat, the players helped him and his family escape Babylon.  Claims to have been an agent of Sîn-bēl-alpim.

Ayala — Amorite.  From Babylon?  A female thug who attacked the players with Abi-eqar and Šamaš-rabi.  Killed by Yarlaganda and Lahwi-Addu.  She had an aphrodisiac and a tablet inscribed with a love incantation in her possession.

Dadanum — Amorite?  A merchant friend of Murdus.  Warad-Marduk claimed to have been referred to Murdus by Dadanum.

Dagan-niri — Amorite.  From Babylon.  Bērum (OB. veteran foot-soldier).  Encountered by players with his fellow soldiers Malik-Dagan and Lu-sagga.

Hammi-zaku —  Amorite from one of the subclans of the pastoral Yaminā tribe.  Was one of Malik-Dagan's soldiers, who deserted after the "demon" attacked their camp.  Encountered Klumenos and Qīšti-Marduk on the road.

Ibal-pi-El — Amorite.  From Ešnunna.  King.  Babylonian opinions are that he is weak, and the puppet of his privy counsel.

Lu-sagga — Akkadian.  From Babylon. Bērum (OB. veteran foot-soldier).  Encountered by players with his fellow soldiers Dagan-niri and Malik-Dagan.  He was dying, and being pulled on a litter.  Yarlaganda killed him and used his entrails to distract a pack of hunting jackals.  His father was a baker from the Kullab neighborhood in Babylon.  Has a family there.

Malik-Dagan — Amorite.  From Babylon.  Wakil ušurtum (OB.  “sergeant”).  Encountered by players with his fellow soldiers Dagan-niri and Lu-sagga.  Claims to have witnessed a terrible battle.  Captured the man calling himself Nūr-ilī.  Swore to provide aid to the party if they were ever encountered again.

Nabi-Sîn — Akkadian?  From Babylon?  A mentalist who briefly worked with Abi-eqar and his gang.  Killed by Indattu-Inšušinak.

Nūr-ilī (I?) — ?.  Warad-Marduk hired the players to deliver two tablets to this man, who he said could be found “at the western edge” of the village of Bisrum, near a bridge.

Nūr-ilī (II?) — Akkadian?  The name of Malik-Dagan's prisoner.  A handsome young man who claims to be an astrologer, and from Bisrum.

Šamaš-rabi — Akkadian?  From Babylon?  A thug working with Ayala and Abi-eqar.  Killed by Lahwi-Addu. 

Sîn-bēl-alpim — Akkadian.  From Babylon.  Hammu-rapi’s sukkal ubāri (OB. “Minister of Foreigners”).  He is reputed to maintain an extensive network of spies throughout Mesopotamia.

Warad-Marduk — Akkadian?  From Babylon?  A eunuch who hired the players to deliver two tablets to Nūr-ilī.
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