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Onaviu Eclipse
« on: August 29, 2015, 07:52:56 AM »
One of my life long hobbies has been in the creation of stellar systems.

With the program Celestia, I have also created the stellar system of which my current world of Onaviu belongs, the Sareylan System.

I am knowledgeable enough in Celestial Mechanics and Orbital Mechanics to know that not only are eclipses a possibility, they are inevitable.

After getting the Sareylan System finally done up into the Celestia scripting language, I had a shock.  Initially, I had put rings about the main world, only for the purposes of being able to see where the "equatorial plane" was located as I zoomed out to look at the planet.

One day, I decided to speed up the time factor to 100,000x so I could watch the shadow cast by the rings slide up and down the face of Onaviu since it has an axial tilt of about 18°.  As I was watching, I saw something else flash by on the face of Onaviu.  After many attempts of making time go backwards and forwards, while also slowing it down, I found what had flashed by.

It was an eclipse on Onaviu by its moon Ondero.

After many viewings of this eclipse, it dawned on me that perhaps the eclipse occurs during the story I am writing.  I made a simplified map of the world showing only land, water, locations, and the journey path.  I then began recording the times, which Celestia only shows in UTC, and converting them into OTTC (Onaviu Tanlindon Time Coordinate).  Lo and behold, I find the eclipse does occur during the journey from Neleïri to the Shangrala Palisade.  Specifically, the eclipse occurs when the characters are at the Palisade and the Sisters destroy a Disperser.

I also later found out that they see Onaviu eclipsing the moon Ondero.

Now I am working on rewriting the story.

Here is a Dropbox Link to a zipfile that contains image captures of the eclipse in one hour increments.

Enjoy, or curse.

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