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Cidun, the Last City of Jan
« on: November 02, 2013, 12:12:29 PM »
Information on the City of Cidun in Northern Jan.

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Re: Cidun, the Last City of Jan
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Cidun (pron. “SY-dun”) is a city-state in Northern Jan with a population of approximately 10,000 residents. 

A crimson auroch on a yellow-brown field.

Ruled by a council of aristocratic families led by the Exarch, a petty king.

Local law is enforced by a corrupt police force called the Knaves. The city is known for its severe and cruel punishments that involve elaborate public executions.   

Metalwork, cattle herding, grains, & butchery.  Inhabitants use domesticated aurochs (giant cattle) as beasts of burden.  Unique product- the Archlamp.

The Cidun Dinar or “Bull”; a silver coin stamped with the seal of the Exarch on one side and an auroch on the other. 

Local Customs
Woman wear metal collars, bracelets, or other metal decorations that signify their social class and family allegiances. 

The ruling class is the landed-aristocracy who control the farmlands surrounding the City.  Other social classes include merchants/ guildsmen, religious orders, and peasants. Foreigners are tolerated, but distrusted.

-   Knightsthrone:  The homes of the aristocracy at the center of the city. It is also home to the Exarch’s Donjon.

-   The Flowering Gardens:  A park that encircles the Exarch’s Donjon. It is off limits to the lower classes.

-   Diviner’s Ward: The heart of the city and home to many markets and guilds. It is named for its street magicians, fortunate tellers and peddlers of talisman and charms.  Many foreigners reside in this ward.

-   The Disciplinary:  The civil buildings and courts of the city. It is home to the city’s courts, the “Hanging Prisons”, and the gladiatorial arena where public executions are held.

-   Hultara’s Shrine:  The mummified body the demigod Hultara, the Keeper of Vengeance, is buried at this site. Crypts lie beneath the shrine.

-   The Sage and Cask:  An Inn in the Diviner’s Ward that caters to foreigners and travelers.

The official religion of Cidun is the faith of Zuriel, the Resurrected One. The  priests maintain a large temple complex in the City, with shrines to Illyrie and Nymra.

Current Events
-   The city is preparing for the Feast of Last Light. This annual feast occurs during the first new moon of Autumn. Priests of Zuriel, cloaked in vestments and carrying banners, lead processions through the streets. A month-long festival follows until the arrival of the next full moon.

-   Scouts have reported a potential attack on the city by barbarians from Dorma. Bands of warriors have sacked Sanctun and are raiding the countryside to the north.

-   The aristocracy has begun a crack-down on the city’s thieves guilds operating in the City. The leader of the city’s largest criminal organization, the Crimson Guild, has been arrested by the Knaves and is scheduled for execution.

-   Foreigners residing in the Diviner’s Ward have been questioned by the city’s police.


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