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Hello folks. A new play-by-post game is currently accepting character submissions for a campaign called Nightfall New Orleans. The game follows a nWoD system however there is a twist. All supernaturals are considered US citizens. This means there is no Masquerade for vampires, etc. So, in the mortal world your character has rights as a sentient being. This means your character will have to be aware of the laws of the mortal world as well as the laws of your supernal society. This does not mean the consequences of those laws are equal to every type of supernal. For example, your werewolf decides it’s a good idea to break into someone’s house and take down a nasty toxic spirit. Should your character be caught, he will be charged with B & E and be incarcerated in a place of the Alpha Packs choosing with werewolf guards to insure he completes his sentence in peace. If a vampire were to break into someone’s home and get caught he would be charged with attempted murder. Why? Simple, vampires eat people, werewolves don’t. Now, if the vampire could prove he was only in the house to steal something, then the charge would be lessoned and he would be given to his Prince for sentencing.

The government has also requested that each supernal society create it’s own police force to keep tabs on their own people and engorce both sides of the law. Each society has complied with this request. Most of these groups will work together should a particularly nasty supernal decide to cause havok in the city. The storyteller is allowing PCs of this type, however keep in mind your character will have more restrictions placed on them IC due to his or her job requirements.

For further information regarding the story history and character creation guidelines go to and check out as well as http://nightfallneworleans.forumotio...ter-creation#4 . Any questions, feel free to message me and I'll try to answer them to the best of my ability but I'd advice asking the storyteller. Again, this is a non-canon WoD game so if you're interested in trying a new and exciting nWoD game please join! We're still getting things up and running but as I said, they are accepting characters. If you are not interested but know someone who might, please forward this ad to them thanks!

Starting players begin with 60 experience points to use in fleshing out their character. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or the ST on the web site. Hope to see you there.


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