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The Primas Epic (Working Title)
« on: August 29, 2005, 05:03:05 AM »
The name Chad

I've been working, in various forms, on a communal RPG project seriousely for about 6 months and on and off non-seriously for about 6 years. And I still haven't gotten very far. This project has had many major setbacks over the years (Including an Exploding laptop) but I've kept working on it from time to time.

Heres a brief outline of the project

Format - a fantasy RPG that will first be developed as a pen and paper desktop game (for prototyping and to familiarise people with the project) with the hopes of moving to a computerised version from their.

Main Features

A truly epic story. Each time you play as a Diferent Race and/or class you will see  more small parts of this story.

A Well Defined and Braching Class system, that allow Characters to easily be identified while allowing a great deal of character development.

A wide selection of classes and Races. The idea being to try and create a truly diverse world. (I'm willing to take some flak for this but as the project advances you'll see my reasoning behind this).

And giving the user to ability to play the game from all sides.

This game will Definitely not
 - Restrict the player, go wereever you wnat do what ever you want if you get killed in 2 minutes its your own fault.
- Include killing rats
- Make you deliver messages with out a purpose (One proposed starting class is messanger but he's really more of a spy or diplomay in training)
- Make the game repeditive. Every time you play the game it can be very different.

Ill post more details as I have time

Thank you to the staff for inviting here

Chad mac

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The Primas Epic (Working Title)
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2005, 03:57:28 PM »
OK, I moved this to classified before I got a PM from Sorloc, as it seems more like an advert for your project, which we are happy to accept anyway, just in the right place.

But I believe you are looking to develop things a little more, here.

If you'd like a section in the development thread, let me know, including what you want it calling.

and welcome aboard, I think you'll find this a great place for developing new ideas as there is a LOT of experience around here (yes there are a lot of old gits ;))
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