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FtMoKC: Andrew Howard
« on: May 01, 2012, 03:31:00 PM »
STR - 12
CON - 9
DEX - 12
CHA - 6
POW - 8
INT - 16
SIZ - 13

DM - 0
HP - 11
MWL - 5
SAN - 40
MR - 15 meters

Common Skills;

Athletics                              41
Close Combat                     46
Culture (Royalist Catholic)  42
Dance                                 18
Dodge                                26
Drive                                  28
Evaluate                            29
First Aid                             28
Gun Combat                      70
Influence                           29
Insight                               27
Lore (Regional)                  42
Perception                         26
Persistence                       18
Ranged Combat                58
Resilience                         29
Ride                                  44
Sing                                  14
Sleight                              18
Stealth                              28
UA Combat                        54

Advanced Skills;

Lore (Tactics)                    52
Lore (Siegeworks)            40
Dual Weap (Gun, Sword)  58
Courtesy                           22
Lore (Artelliery)                 32
Oartory                             45
Beliefs (Catholic)              40
Language (Native) +50%

Righteousness Points;

POW+CHA+Faction Zeal  44


840 Shillings

- Nobility

- Soldier

- Royalist (Catholic)

As the second son of a privaleged lord, my character would have grown up knowing he had nothing... It didn't bother him as this was the right of passage and he could be concerned with other things that suited him - which was the art of waging war. He fought as his family had for centuries. In past ages he would be considered a knight and he holds himself to these lofty standards even though the term grew out of fashion. When the war took hold, he fought for the king and witnessed the traitor Cromwell kill all that was right and good with the world. For that he swore revenge on the Parlemantarians and if he could he would presonally kill all of them. He has no dislike for the people beneath him as he didn't care one way or the other for or against them as long as they were on the same side. Because if you were on the opposite side, no matter who you were, he would think of you the same - cannon fodder.
"How do you hold on to an angel?"

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