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Apocalyptica - An Advanced, Modern, Zombie Survival thread.
« on: April 21, 2012, 06:15:09 PM »
Apocalyptica - An Advanced, Modern, Zombie Survival thread.

So this is a thread that I spent a little over a week constructing with a good friend of mine. It has a secure plot that I do not wish to fully reveal immediately. It comes complete with classes, a bestiary, and an abundance of information, though I'm never one to hinder one's imaginative writing abilities so all things are open for approval if written with consideration and reason. To quote my original post:

"We’ve all seen those Zombie roleplays where there’s a sudden outbreak and everyone is running wild decapitating random zombies while trying to escape with their lives. Not to mention, that’s what most Zombie films are about as well. While the old school elements of slow moving, blood and brain thirsty zombies are most definitely appealing, I craved something more. What about life after a Zombie outbreak? What happens when the whole continent isn’t wiped out and people manage to survive…and what happens when the zombies aren’t mindless, carnal beasts anymore? God help us all."

On the evening of April 23rd, 2011, a once in a lifetime phenomenon was just hours away from taking place. A meteor shower expected to be the brightest and most glorious of the century was abuzz in the news and across the Internet all around the world. Nearing the 11th hour, families gathered outside of their homes. Big cities dimmed their lights. Millions of people looked towards the sky in hopes to see the dazzling meteor shower rumored to be so epic that the stars themselves would be envious.

All went on as planned and the night was alight with the vision of hundreds upon hundreds of meteors flashing across the sky as the falling rock burnt against the atmosphere. Just one of the hundreds managed to penetrate, and down it crashed into the small town of Lost Springs, Wyoming.

Shortly after the impact the U.S. Military quarantined the area, with rumors of a deadly flu that had overtaken the poor citizens of Lost Springs. Several news crews and liberals protested just beyond the quarantine line, and it seemed the world harassed the Military and the Government for their decision.

Several months later the U.S. Government released footage to the media of several individuals from Lost Springs leaving the quarantine with gleaming, smiling faces. When confronted by the media the citizens said nothing, and seemed to disappear shortly afterwards.

The Government never discussed the goings on of the situation in Lost Springs, and said little after they deemed the area free of contamination a year and half later.

June 23rd 2013 an anomaly has occurred. A second meteor shower was headed for Earth, rumored to be as bright as the first. So once again people gathered to watch the amazing spectacle. The meteor shower was dazzling once more, hundreds upon hundreds of blazing streams in the sky…that is, until hundreds of the meteors started falling from the sky. They landed all across the world, some finding nothing more than oceans while others crashed into the buildings of Bristol, New York, Jalisco, Bosnia, Norway, and Beijing. It seemed that every country had one of the strange meteors on their soil.

Weeks later, odd things started happening in Mexico. Thousands of news reports swept across the world about a deadly virus that quickly swept across the entire country. This was a virus that infected not only the living, but also the recently deceased. When afflicting a live subject the virus seemed to take 15 hours to reach it’s full potency; when this happens the subject will slowly lose their memory, acting only on pure instinct. With recently dead subjects the virus is reported to take only 5 hours to overwhelm the body and reanimates the corpse. All are advised to flee from the infected due to their cannibalistic tendencies.

The United States and Canada had little time to prepare for the sudden outbreak. By combining their forces, they were able to keep the Infected at bay for a grand total of 42 hours before they breached the Texas border, shortly after they broke through to Arizona. Widespread panic swept through the States and Canada, millions of people rushing to leave the country. Some succeeded, but most failed before the airports and boats were overwhelmed. After the Government gave orders to shut down the Airports and docks, abandoning their country for safety, people began revolting against the U.S. forces that were still stationed in the States to help fend off the infected. Shortly after the initial panic, the western states that had yet to be afflicted banded together to secure their cities and towns- some succeeded, but most failed.

Just as it had in Mexico, it took a matter of weeks before the Western states were overwhelmed, and shortly after that, the Eastern states were taken. The epidemic spread so quickly that it overwhelmed the Country despite supreme efforts to contain the virus. The people of the United States and Canada called out to the world, pleading for their aide, but none ever came. Mexico had only been the beginning…

All across the world word of the epidemic spread. North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia- all had reports of infection quickly spreading and wiping out populations by thousands at a time. So it became a struggle for survival- us versus the infected. How long can we last?


The year is 2015. It has been two years since the infected have roamed the planet. The exact number of Safe Havens worldwide is unknown, but there are 6-recorded ones across the U.S. Reno, Nevada; Chico, California; Northern Washington State; Bismarck, North Dakota; Augusta-Portland, Maine; and Southern Florida. The strongest Havens are currently Northern Washington and Southern Florida, both states had the most time and resources to prepare for the impending attack.

Most of the Haven’s have devised self-sustaining methods for food, water, and electricity, but due to the influx of people small hierarchies have taken place. Self-anointed leaders of the Safe Haven’s (most of whom were extremely wealthy and political before the outbreak) have organized special tactics teams to venture out into the Infected area to salvage what they can from towns. All of the Haven’s are reinforced with stone and steel walls with a combination of chain link and barbed wire. Many havens have gone as far as to dig trenches and line them with spikes and gasoline, ready to set the infected aflame should the infected ever breach the walls.

All of those who live in Havens still have memories of an infected free world fresh in their minds, and they struggle to maintain a semblance of a normal life within the walls. There are pubs with fermented wines and liquors- those salvagers can gain a high price for finding cigarettes and alcohol. The people here still dance, party and gamble as if it were life as usual- though most use it as a way to drown the sorrows of those they’ve lost to the infected.

Other Settlements: There are still places across the world that have yet to see infection, most of these are smaller communities that are located away from large towns and are difficult to reach within walking distance. However, with the amount of fresh flesh for the infected to feast on decreasing, these towns are in ever-present danger. These settlements have used whatever resources that were available to reinforce their homes, though they are mediocre at best.

Communication: Many methods of communication are useless, though some Safe Haven’s across the world have managed to hack into several satellites and can manage to communicate with one another sporadically. Radios are still in full working order but with a minor problem of finding a transmitter big enough to cover broad ranges.

It is a world where every day is a struggle to survive.

Additional Notes

Several of the Havens are open as a starting area, and some may even start outside of Havens- certain classes that is. There is a catch to this roleplay. Seeing as how I am the GM I am allowed to intercede periodically throughout the roleplay to give it some excitement- so while two characters may be enjoying a lovely time together a swarm of zombies may happen to decide to try and eat them alive. It's because of this overwhelming power I have over the thread that no matter where the characters start, they WILL be drawn together. =) Ahh the beauty of roleplays with plots no?

Also there are locations and Beasts in the bestiary that are locked and will remain locked until they are encountered in the thread. Surprises, surprises ;]

If anyone is interested with this teaser I'd be more than happy to post more information or answer any questions.



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