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FtMoKC: Viscount Robert Fane
« on: February 13, 2012, 02:11:19 PM »
Name: Viscount Robert Fane
Profession: Cavalier
Faction: Royalist
RPs: 49
SAN: 45
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 165lbs

STR: 13
CON: 10
DEX: 11
POW: 9
CHA: 10
INT: 14
SIZ: 12

Damage Mod: 0
HP: 11
Major Wound Level: 6

Common Skill       Value
 Athletics              44
 Close Combat      77
 Culture (Own)      58
 Dance                 26
 Dodge                42
 Drive                  25
 Evaluate             54
 First Aid              40
 Gun Combat        60
 Influence            65
 Insight               38
 Lore (Regional)   63
 Perception          43
 Persistence         38
 Ranged Combat  25
 Resilience           30
 Ride                   50
 Sing                   19
 Sleight               21
 Stealth               35
 Unarmed Combat 24

Advanced Skill Value
 Courtesy   39
 Language (English) 74%,
 Lore (Parliamentarians)  28
 Art (Poetry) 19
 Dual Weapons (Sword and Pistol) 55
 Dual Weapons (Sword and Main Gauche) 55
 Lore (Noble Families) 28
 Oratory  39
 Seduction  44
 Beliefs (Royalist) 53


Flamboyant costume (male): Loose fitting coat, a doublet and frilly shirt with large laced collars and cuffs, full breeches, decorated stockings, and full wide boots. Everything is adorned with trimmings and braiding.

Gloves, silk (for Court): Imported fine silk gloves.
Gloves, buckskin (for everyday): Quality gloves made from soft buckskin.
2x Handkerchief: Lacy handkerchief.
Hat with feather

Gunner's kit
Purse with coinage.

Main Gauche
Mortuary sword
Duelling Pistol, Flintlock
Carbine, Flintlock

Medium Armour:  buff coat, breast- and back-plate, decent boots and a lobster pot helm. ENC: 10 Armour Points: 3/1

Robert Fane was the 7th, and last, son of Francis Fane, the 1st Earl of Westmoreland. Born 1620, he was only nine when his father died. However his childhood was a happy one, full of the privilege one would expect from the British nobility. He was brought up with traditional values; the superiority of nobility and the divine right of the King to rule and his nobles to rule under him. His father also told him the influence money had over those who had none of it, a lesson Robert never forgot. Neither did he forget the times when his father brought him to the court of the King. The young Robert was swept up in the grandeur, the manners and the noble bearing and dress of everyone there. He saw how a well put phrase could change an angry man’s mind….or a reluctant woman’s inclination, which also stuck with Robert, sometimes to his detriment.

   After his Father died, his older brother Mildmay who was almost 20 years his senior, took the mantle of 2nd Earl of Westmoreland. Although he appreciated his older brother’s poetic style, Robert never had the same knack for rhyme and meter. In fact he paid lip service to this aspect of culture in order to better tread in the circles of power and indulge his other interests. Though not a great poet himself, he is able to turn a phrase a need, although such rhyme would never go down in the annals of history.

   Not having to work for a living, Robert spent most of his time on the Westmoreland estate in the north of England, his older brothers having the other larger family estates in Kent and Northamptonshire. There he was able to spend his formative years practicing the art of the sword and pistol, eventually becoming quite accomplished. It must be said, however, that his favourite pastime was wooing the ladies and Robert has had his way with many nobles and women of lesser station.
Robert is a true believer in the class system. He knows he is better than the landed gentry, despite their increasing wealth, and that he is above the peasantry goes without saying. Robert maintains a veneer of politeness in public and he is prudent enough to be polite to his servants, but in private he is a callous man. He likes to embarrass those he dislikes with cutting words, goading them into a challenging him to a duel. Robert has bested several men in single combat, mostly leaving them injured with only wounded pride. None had been foolish enough to challenge Robert ‘to the death’.

When the war broke out and his older brother the 2nd Earl was imprisoned by the Parliamentarians and their lands in the south seized. Robert along with several of his brothers was aghast at this injustice and promptly volunteered for King Charles’ Royalist army. He has not spoken to his older brother that sided with the parliamentarians. If anything it has spurred him on further.

Robert wishes to see a King on the throne, his brother freed and his family’s lands restored and finally the ‘rebel’ parliament agitators hanged. He has made sure he is current with who has sided with either side, with particular interest in those accursed parliamentarians.
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