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(Lieutenant) Ratz Dourap, M.D., Surgeon
« on: June 07, 2011, 04:23:35 AM »
Dourap, Ratz, M.D.
30-year-old Tellarite male; Lieutenant, Starfleet
Surgeon, USS Drake
11,723 experience points; 11 advancements
Starship Officer; Starship Meidcal Officer

STR 6 (0)  INT* 12 (+3)  AGL 8 (+!)  VIT 10 (+2)  PRE 3 (-1)  PER 10* (+2)
* denotes favored attribute

Reactions and Figured Attributes
Quickness: +2   Savvy: +2   Stamina*: +2   Willpower: +3
* denotes favored reaction

Courage: 3   Initiative: +2  Defense: 8  Health: 10 (0)(-1)(-3)(-5)(-7)(-9)
Renown: 4 (+/- 0)

Species Abilities
Bonus Edge: Exceptional Fortitude -- Suffer fatigue-related test penalties as if you were one fatigue level lower than you actually are
Bonus Edge: Meticulous -- +1 cumulative bonus per round in extended tests
Bonus Edge: Skill Fccus (Exhaustive) -- +2 species bonus to Inquire and Persuade (Debate) tests
Pig-Headed -- -2 species penalty to Influence tests
Poison Endurance -- +4 species bonus to Stamina tests made to resist poison
Stubborn -- Must spend 1 Courage point to back down from his position once he's entered an argument

Ally: Lt. Cmdr. John Farrell, Pesonnel Officer, Starbase 11 -- Make a social test to have ally come to your aid
Commendation 1 -- +1 renown modifier to social tests vs. those who appreciate significance of award
Eidetic Memory -- Automatic success on TN5 academic tests, +2 to all other academic tests
Promotion 2 (Lieutenant)    -- +1 bonus to social tests made vs. those under his command

Professional Abilities
Diagnosis -- Half Investigate skill ranks (round up) as bonus to Medicine skill to diagnose illness, etc., for total of +22. Confers bonus to treat problem
Field Medicine -- Reroll one Medicine or First Aid test per session when away from a medical facility
General Medicine -- +2 bonus to Medicine tests
Ignore These Blasted Machines -- Half Medicine skill ranks (round down) as bonus to System Operation (Medicine) tests
Immunization -- Can produce counteragent to fight a succesfully diagnosed illness
Lab Work -- +4 to Physical Science (Chemistry) tests, for a total of +13 for chemistry tests
Rehabilitation -- Double patient daily/weekly recovery rate when under Dourap's care at good facility
Starship Duty -- Starship Medical Officer

Skills (name, specialties, ranks, total bonus)
Athletics 2 (+2), Brawling 1 (+2), Computer Use 5 (+10), Culture (Tellarite) 6 (+11), Energy Weapons 1 (+2), Federation Standard Language 4 (+9), First Aid 6 (+9), History (Tellarite) 6 (+11), Investigate 3 (+5), Klingon Language 1 (+6), Life Science (Exobiology) 9 (+16), Medicine (Andorian, Denobulan, Human, Vulcan, Caitians) 12 (+19) Painting 1 (+5), Physical Science (Chemistry) 2 (+7) Politics (Tellarite) 6 (+11), Religion (Tellarite) 5 (+10), Repair 2 (+5), Specific World 1 (+6), System Operation (Medical) 4 (+7)(+9 more w/ITBM), Systems Engineering 1 (+6), Tellarite Language 6 (+11), Vulcan Language 4 (+9)
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Re: (Lieutenant) Ratz Dourap, M.D., Surgeon
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2011, 04:30:07 AM »
1. Physical Science (Chemistry) +2, Life Sciences +2
2. Field Medicine professional ability, Medicine (Vulcan) +1
3. General Medicine professional ability, Promotion 1
4. Athletics +2, Medicine (Denobulan) +1, First Aid +1
5. Medicine (Andorian) +1, First Aid +1, Life Science +2
6. Diagnosis professional ability, Investigate +1
7. Investigate +1, Repair +2, System Operation +1
8. Immunization profession ability, Medicine +2
9. Ignore These Blasted Machines professional ability, Medicine +1, First Aid +1
10. Promotion 2, Commendation 1, First Aid +1
11. Life Science +2, Rehabilitation professional ability
12. Medicine (Psychology), Investigate +1, buy off Arrogant flaw
13. Life Science +2, Medicine (Caitians) +1, Donation to Drake 1

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Re: (Lieutenant) Ratz Dourap, M.D., Surgeon
« Reply #2 on: June 07, 2011, 06:01:52 AM »
Ratz Dourop was born into a large family in 2257, the youngest of seven children of Ageromosh Dourap, a certified accountant on Tellar, and his medical administrator wife, Goonoori. Brilliant even by his famiily's overachieving standards, Ratz was fast-tracked into a a rigorous academic program. His days and nights were filled with studies; while it had the desired effect of preparing the young Tellarite for his chosen career, it also deprived him of any form of childhood. As a result, all he knew was that he was the smartest Tellarite in the room and he acted accordingly.

Finishing his collegiates by the age of 14, Ratz entered medical university, graduating with a degree in alien medicine (with human specialty) within three years. He was then old enough to apply for Starfleet Academy and was accepted immediately. Even there, Ratz considered himself the smartest being in the room, backed up by stellar academic performance and praise from his instructors. However, he frequently found himself in heated arguments with his classmates; although none ever came to blows, Ratz slowly ostracized himself from his fellow cadets as bad blood and grudges began to form.

Dourap graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2277, again in three years, while simultaneously completing his internship at the academy hospital. His bedside manner was, frankly, atrocious, and his superiors recommended him for research duty. Dourap found himself first at a Vulcan Science Academy medical resarch station in Vulcana Regar, where he spent a couple months earning his Vulcan internal medicine residency (about the maximum length of time his superiors could tolerate him interacting with patients); he then transfered to Denobula as part of the Federation Medical Exchange.

Following a two-year stint at Starfleet Medical on Earth (where he completed his Andorian specialty and further alienated his colleagues with his frequent correction of diagnoses), Ratz was transfered to Starbase 11 in 2284 as the senior research medical officer, where he reunited with one of his few close friends, Lt. Cmdr. John Farrell. In early 2287, while Ratz was off duty, he encountered a coolant leak near the personnel section of the starbase. Without regard to personal safety and relying on his innate resistance to toxins, the doctor rushed in to find his friend slumped over his desk, unconscious. Ratz removed Farrell from the area and performed life-saving first aid.

Ratz was decorated for his heroism, and Farrell offered to do anything to repay him. Dourap's only wish was to actually get posted to a ship. His friend and ally obliged, assigning Ratz to USS Drake as she was en route to a survey mission beyond Caitian space. After spending a couple months acclimating to the ship and shadowing Lt. Hunter (whom he is replacing), Ratz is ready to step into the day-to-day operations of sick bay...


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