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Junkyard Kids Introduction!
« on: February 06, 2011, 06:29:05 PM »
Title: Junkyard Kids
Pitch: A group of Teenage orphans who fight to rid the Slums of the gangs who cause havoc in their home and others home.
Genre: Urban, Crafting, Player Ran RPG.
System: Junkyard Kids beta (still in construction)
Materials Needed: Your Computer and Internet access. All Rules and materials will be posted under the Development Forum under Junkyard Kids.

Description: In the City of Urn there were many houses and building like any major city, but with all the rich fancy structures and items always comes with crime. Urn was also known for its lack of homes for those families who did not have a large amount of money; therefore most of these families lived in the Slums of the city or in Junkyards where the criminals had no fear of what the law would do to them.
One day a gang of Thugs came to Hope's Junkyard where all the kids who were abandoned went to live. This gang started to rummage through the Junk looking for parts and metal to make new weapons when Nicolai Hope the owner yelled at them to stop. As the 4 gang members turned around they saw before them a man that stood 5 foot and 11 inches tall. He was very muscular from moving all the Junk around and making it nice and neat for the kids who lived there. removing his hood and his long hair out of his face Nicolai told the gang members to leave or they would proudly not make it out alive! The gang members pull out their hand crafted guns and weapons and "Shout" Come on old man we will kill you first! As they got ready to duke it out Nicolai heard the children hiding behind a pile of Junk. "Children you stay out of this. These men were just leaving." "Ha Old man you think we were going to leave because of a few little Teens? We will kill them after we kill you!" The orphan teens jump into the fight to help Nicolai defeating the gang members who run back to their hideout. Now Nicolai and his son Knuckelhead teach the teens how to make weapons and fight, because this was only the beginning!


Ok, now that that's done let me get to the meat and potatoes.

First of all, let me tell you a bit about myself. I am a father and husband. I am also in the service. I have played tons of DnD games and once I got tired of going somewhere to play I started play by post about 10 years ago on another web site which is about dead now. I really like trying to create new games and expanding those games to have more extra's to it for the players from their ideas or things they would like to see in RPGs. Other then that I play allot of 40k tabletop games and really like meeting people and having fun.

I am a big fan of simple stats due to the over whelming years of DnD and all the stats you had to use when playing it. I am willing to try most RPGs out there but I will always be creating something new!

I try not to be the DM because I like to find the ways I can make it better. So if it is a game I created I try to find another DM to run it by the rules that were created and I play, so I can see from the players point of view and then create new supplements or amends to the old rules. But I always seem to end up DMing the first time the game is played!

Required posting rate will be from 4 posts a I am on Active  duty so I mostly get online on Saturday and Sunday so I could see doing 4 main post those two days and a few side post for stats and rolls during the week so people could create their stories for the weekend.

Getting into specifics they are not Done yet. The Character creation portion as far as the stats go are just about done But I am still working on the crafting system, reward system, and BP (Battle point System) Along with weapons and ammo I try to update one part of each area every day I work on the game. If anyone is interested in Helping out please post on the topics where you think something would fit in for it and I will entertain everyone's ideas and subjections. By the way this game is for everyone not just me!

Here's what I'm looking for in a nutshell:

Good, Imaginative Posters - I want players who have the want to create something. There are not a lot of rules as to what the weapons look like and how the story will go. The story will have a simple guide line and when it is your turn to post you take that guide line and write the best you can and the story will go on from there. Weapon creation is one of the great parts of this game when you create the weapon you get to describe how it looks and how you go about using it. IE mounting your gun on your wrist or another part of your body! It's all up to the player to decide.

Ok with 'more mature' stuff - I am good with what-ever but if we do get someone that is young wanting to play the game I would just create a side post for Rater R version of your post if you wanted to add in more mature stuff.

Original but balanced character - Your Characters are yours' you can make them look talk walk sound and act however you want, but you will have to pick good evil or neutral. The good people will always let the bad guy get away and the evil will try to kill them no matter what. whereas the neutral would toss up a Coin of some sort and one side has death and one side has life (another thing you get to create in your story of how it would look)

Knowledge Junkyard Kids- It will all be posted in the forums here, so anytime there is a question we can just look it up. Best way to find problems and make updates to it for next week's game!

Good Grammar a plus

Please use this template for applications:
1.  Name
2.   Appearance
3.  Good, Evil, Neutral
4.  Background ( PM any secret stuff you would like your Character to have IE. Evil Red eyes when going in for the Kill the lust turns my eyes red. Something like this with a good Description could result in a death blow bonus!)
5.    RP Sample (100-300 words, remember you are an Orphan)
6.    What day is best for you to post and what time Midwest Time zone.

Feel free to contact me via PM with questions, critiques or comments.

Anyway, I was asked to do something like this saw another posters way of doing it and used his post to create mine I hope this helps a Bit more.


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