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Can't sleep... Game idea nagging me
« on: November 29, 2010, 11:07:32 AM »
Well, partly it's a cat that wants to sleep too close to my still-healing ankle. Partly it's the looming deadline to finish my NaNoWriMo novel in what's likely to be a near thing. And partly I can't sleep because suddenly ideas for an rpg are dancing through my head like sugar plums at Xmas. Not that I personally dream of sugar plums at Xmas; it's just an idiom.

It started with a thought of an archetype/class based game. Okay, so I've got to have Ninjas, Pirates, and Vikings. Why? Because they're too cool not to have, okay. Fine, that's not much. Not anything really, but I'll write it down, then I'll go to bed. I need to sleep.

Well, always wanted to try creating a system where every skill check uses two factors in combination. Ponder... ponder... ponder... okay, but that's incomplete, need to add this... yeah, I could have stats/attributes (need a better name, for sure, but later) ranging 1-10 and areas of application (not "skills" because it is broader than that; maybe that can use another term, too) ranging 0-10. Areas of application can be learned, built up by experience. Stats are semi-fixed. They might change in play through somewhat extraordinary circumstances (magic, surgery, taking a bad blow to the head...).

Stats are Observational, Social, Intellectual for the "mental" side of things and Force, Craft, and Deftness for the "physical" side of things. Areas of application would be things like Boats, Melee, Missiles, Animals, Necromancy, Traps, Anatomy (or maybe "Human Body"), Flying Machines.

Unopposed skill check are d20, with a roll under the appropriate stat + area of application. Your Viking needs to do boat repair. He has Craft 5 and Boats 8. That adds to 13. He needs a 12 or less to roll under. 60% success rate if it is a regular task. There are three types of tasks: easy, regular, tricky. For easy and tricky tasks, roll two d20s. On an easy task, you succeed if either rolls under your target number. On a tricky task, you succeed if both roll under.

Opposed skill checks: Not sure yet. Maybe roll 3d20 each and compare number of successes.

Setting would be a world where some forms of magic work and technology is developing. Gunpowder weapons exist, but they are limited. Maybe armor stops bullets better than here. Maybe fire magic makes storing gunpowder riskier. Anyway, I want the Pirate to have access to cannon and single-shot pistols, but I want hand-to-hand to remain the way to go. Maybe Musketeer can be a class/archetype, too.

Technology can be pretty darned powerful, but users may risk slipping into mad science.  Playing a mad scientist (or doctor or inventor) might be fun, too. Odd abilities displacing regular ones (or maybe some kind of self-control check to just fix the horseless carriage instead of trying to turn it into a deathmobile).

I don't know if I'll go anywhere with this or not, but it's been bugging my brain tonight, so I thought I'd get it out by writing it up here. Comments and commentary welcome. Pointing to "somebody already did that" welcome, too.
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