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Author Topic: A new beginning.  (Read 4767 times)

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Re: A new beginning.
« Reply #20 on: May 01, 2009, 10:19:27 AM »
Porsche led the girl around the city being the go between with her and Crys. Crys spoke freely and without reserve on subject not relating to the Legion. Porsche got an ear full on the hows and whys of hacking. Crys was eloquent on the subject. Porsche did not however give away the fact that Crys was a computer. The female Porsche had a desire to see the night life, and the street races. The pair of them showed up to hear people bragging about some cars. Porsche shook his head with a mutter, "If you have to brag, you need to work on your car."

The female Porsche only smiled. She had the savvy to program the computers to do what she wanted, but Porsche had the skills to build them and drive. He talked her through an engine test. Some of the drivers listened, most ignored him. The guy from the auto-mechanics class spotted him and pointed at him. The path between them instantly opened. "Yo, Newbie.. I need you to deal with this monster." Porsche looked over the engine and muttered a few quiet curses. A loud pop and the motor rumble lowered.

"You got all the parts, but someone installed one incorrectly. It will work for now, have a real mechanic make sure the systems aren't broken. Porsche, take a look at the computer tell me if this thing can understand 12000 rpm boosts." Porsche leaned against the fender and waited.

"HM.. Dynamics are screwed." She leaned her head out of the window, "Best it can understand is 9800. Manual after that." She slid from the driver's seat and heard a bunch of grumbling coming from the crew.

"Well if you want to win, I have to drive." Porsche grinned.

"Up yours punk. You may be able to fix it, don't mean you can drive it. Get your butts away from my car." He pushed the pair away from the car and climbed in. The motor rumbled to life as he moved into position.

"He may have the skills, I doubt it." He scanned the crowd. "Crys. Back track us. I have two thugs looking very interested in us."

Porsche looked at the direction he was looking, the two he spotted went from looking at them intently to talking to girls nearby. She had no problem identifying the pair. "Might me Magnus's men."

"Not that lucky. One on the right is packing to heavy for normals. Looks like he is hunting for me. Fun, fun, fun." Porsche looked at the racers cars and grinned. "I have an IDEA." His grin made her shiver. "Be back in a flash." He turned and disappeared into the crowd. He located one of the losers from the last race. "I got a proposition for you. I drive your ride in this race, I win, you get the prize money, I loose I pay you the prize money from your lost race and my race." The guy handed him the keys without thought. Porsche took a look under the hood and did a quick tune up on the car. He drove it to the line and waved the girl Porsche to get in. "Ten seconds to check the computer for bugs."

She glared at him and then beat his deadline by a second. "Going to run hot. Systems already running rough. What did you do under the hood to make it run that hot." His grin made her shake her head. She started to get out and he grabbed her arm.

"The boys in question are not after you Porsche, their after her. There is a tracker apparently in her bomb. Take her to 145 Westing Way. I will have back up waiting." Crys chuckled.

"145 Westing Way. That is way up town." He grinned at her. "I think your request to meet Spider has been approved. The thugs are after you. Time to drive." He pulled her back into the seat and snapped the seat belt into place.

"What.. I don't like this." The flag dropped as her words came out. The two thugs watched as their target disappeared down the stretch in a puff of blue fire.

The leader of the pair looked at his buddy. "How the blazes are we supposed to follow her now." He looked at the marks on the road. "I doubt the tracer will be any good till they stop." He headed over for the race manager. "Where is the finish line?" He held out a pair of hundred dollar bills. The manager took the money and grinned at him.

"The racers will be back here to finish the race." He turned and disappeared into the crowd.
Regen was sweeping the front hall way of the mansion. "Regen. Urgent. Got a body with a bomb coming in at high speeds. Porsche is bringing in a girl with a bomb in her stomach. I hope its in the stomach." He dropped the broom and headed out to the parking area. He did not hear any sounds but turned back to alert the others.

Morphisto had gotten a similar call, Vixen as well. Vixen rounded up the others and directed them to start getting ready. Morphisto was opening up doors looking for something. Regen headed for the kitchen to get knives, if all else failed he could surgically remove it.

Morphisto found the door he was looking for. A direct link to the base. The elevator opened to produce a portable machine for x-rays and a operating kit. Morphisto looked at the equipment. "Regen, gear is in hall way B-7. Where are you?"

Regen nodded as he realized what was being said. "Heading for kitchen. Best place for surgery and clean up. With the condition of the house currently, the infirmary is probably in as bad a condition."

"Going to need a physical decoy for Porsche when he gets here." Morphisto spoke quickly.

"On it. Need a description of the target." Vixen chimed in.

"Female, mid to late teens. Brown hair, long and partly wavy. Jeans, black t-shirt." Crys intoned, providing an image of the girl for all to see.

The doors opened as several people entered. "Hi everyone.. " Kevin looked surprised. He had not known where the group was going.

"Who is this?" Sophia asked, looking at the image.

"Match found. Erica. Head up stairs and turn right at the top of the stairs. We have an emergency." Vixen's voice issued from one of the speakers near the door.

Erica shook her head but did as instructed. Morphisto ran past with an emergency surgery kit and a portable x-ray machine. Sophia recognized both and started to follow worried. Kevin looked around the outer room with a bit of wonderment. "Looks to be real nice place before it fell into ruin." He walked sedately around to get an idea of how things were supposed to look. A metal plate slapped him in the back and lifted him off the ground. "What!" The squeal of surprise echoed though the halls.

Greyson grinned darkly as the problem was explained. "I think I need to head out now." He grinned at Sophia. "I am going to look for my girl friend. Crys, I need an image of Erica in a party dress. If they go for her when she arrives, I want to be nearby to intercept." He popped the knuckles of his hands.

Sophia only smiled. "Don't hurt them too much." She thought about it for a little bit. "No breaking bones." Greyson left with a dark grin on his face. The sound of someone squealing up stairs was heard a few minutes after the first squeal.

Erica had gotten partly undressed when an outfit dropped beside her. Vixen only grinned and waited. Erica started to dress and heard a camera click. She turned to see Vixen putting a camera on a computer. A partly dressed image appeared on the screen. Erica squealed at her to stop. The image was gone in an instant. Vixen grinned. "They might not believe your his girlfriend without a good picture of you to.. I am older and better trained at a powered fight remember that." Erica's hand glowed with raw energy.

Vixen handed her a black t-shirt and jeans. "Besides we should be hearing a male choke in a second." Vixen waited for the sound. Nothing happened.

Greyson picked up the picture and stopped. "Nice Try. Give me a picture I can show around if necessary. Not a cheesecake shot." Kevin lunged from the plate as it whizzed past diving for the picture.

Kevin came up with the picture and looked it over. His eyes glazed a bit as a silly smile ran across his face. Greyson shook his head. "Picture please." A second picture slowly cranked out of the little machine. Greyson grinned and looked at the camera, "I don't know where you got a picture of me like this, but don't show it around." He turned and headed out the front door and got into the car he drove up in. He still had problems with the steering and shifting gears, but was getting better. He had barely made it out of the drive way when he saw a street race heading his way. Several cars were chasing the lead car. His mind ran over the rules he knew of street racing and could not come up with a reason.

Porsche slid past the sedan with ease that even surprised himself. He did a power slide up by the door as the other cars screamed past him and headed for the gate at top speed. The female Porsche was pulled from the car as Erica slid into the passenger seat. Porsche gunned it and left the girl Porsche standing and looking around. Morphisto was standing nearby with a smile on his face. "I believe you needed to be examined. Don't mind the crazy woman with the gun, that is just my wife." Vixen did not have a gun but looked ready to hurt Morphisto for the comment.

Regen ran all the instruments himself. His x-ray located the bomb in between her lungs. He smiled and looked her over. "Its not in a place I can remove with my ability, I can cut you open to get it out. I am.. well was a certified doctor, but that was nearly twenty years ago, before my nervous breakdown." He dd not try to grab her as she jumped off the table and grabbed a knife from the counter.

"No way am I letting a lunatic cut me open." She waved the knife in a threatening manner.

Bearing stood at the door and looked at her. "I am told his skill was not tarnished by being locked up in the loony bin." Bearing was wearing the clothes she had been cleaning in. Stuff she would have been wearing if she was still on the street. Pulse came in the same way. "We know how good hearted he is. Trust us as you would anyone from down there." The girl started to lower the knife, as Gossamyr walked in.

"Why are you holding a knife at Regen." The words were ice cold and dark. Her voice did not bode well for the girl.

"She is afraid I will mess up, trying to take the bomb out of her chest." Regen slipped in to lighten the mood.

"She needs to put down the knife before I get mad." Gossamyr spoke in the same icy tone.

"He said he was in a psycho ward." She pulled the knife back into a ready stance and moved away from Gossamyr. Gossamyr started around the table with death in her eyes. The girl had moved to wards Regen carrying a knife. A loud thump brought everyone up short. The laundry chute thumped again as someone squealed in delight. Bearing and Pulse glanced at each other with a giggle trying to hide itself in their eyes. A third thump and the door popped open to let another girl fall out with a large pile of dirty bedding.

Mia jumped up and looked about with excitement glowing in her eyes. "You have to try this." She darted out bruises on her bare arms and legs. The group as a whole shook their heads and tried to return to the confrontation. It just would not come as they could hear her wrestling another bundle of laundry over near the chute.

"Before I try do anything else, is she alright in the head." The girl Porsche spoke softly.

"No, she is not. She is far too wrapped up in discovery to be a danger to anyone." Gossamyr said as another squeal of excitement sounded.

Regen moved over by the first pile of laundry. "Crys, would you tell Vixen her daughter is playing in the laundry chute."

"Yes Regen. Porsche trust them." The sound came from the wall. Porsche turned to see if a door would pop open. A movement caught her eye as Gossamyr attacked. Her hand snapped the blade of the knife off at the handle. Porsche kicked up with her foot and found herself flipped onto the table. Regen dove on top of her and placed both hands on her spine. A pop sounded in the room, oddly loud and squishy. Regen's eyes glazed. "Gossamyr, she had a bomb in her chest."

Gossamyr started grabbing stuff and moving over to help clean up the mess. Bearing and Pulse left quickly, looking very green.
Mia had a large pile of bedding ready for another trip down the metal hole, when Vixen stepped in the door. "Ahem. That is not a toy. Throw the dirty clothing down it but do not ride it down." She came into the room and helped Mia drop the load down. She also held on to her hand so she would not try to leap in. "Come on, Morphisto is done cleaning the pool. We can start filling it." She took Mia by the hand and pulled her along. Morphisto was covered in sludge and grime. He offered the girls a hug and was refused. He headed for a shower. Mia watched as the water filtration outlets started to pour out water. She extended a hand to touch the water and felt warmth. She jumped into the pool, even with it only having a few inches of water in it to splash around.

The water continued to rise as Mia played in it. She did not mind being covered in slightly warm water. The pool was getting to the full mark before Mia climbed out. She grinned and started to strip down. Vixen grabbed her hands. "We wear clothing to swim." She pulled her into one of the changing rooms and provided her with a two piece in royal blue. Mia looked as if the gods had smiled upon her. She watched Vixen get into hers and pulled hers on. Mia and Vixen heard noises from the pool. They came out to see Sophia, Bearing, and Pulse already in the pool playing. Vixen stopped a second. "Sophia, I thought you were ill."

Sophia stopped in mid romp and thought for a second. The thought was cut short as Bearing tackled her into the water and pushed off. Sophia came up with a perturbed look and a strong desire for revenge. The revenge however would wait. She climbed up on the edge of the pool and looked around. "I have not felt this good in years. I had a dream about being stung and then the pain starting to lessen. I wonder if it was just a dream or if something happened."

"Enough thought." Pulse grabbed Bearing and pushed her under.

Vixen tapped a button and watched as the slight tint to the water appeared. Sophia glanced at her and looked inquisitive. "The old owner was a member. He did not like the idea of anyone using the pool as a weapon. I was just trying to make sure that no one got hurt if their play got out of hand. The Water acts as a conductor for the nullifier. Now they are just teen girls." She saw the devilish grin on Sophia's face as the Sophia dove into the water heading to-wards Bearing and revenge.
Porsche caught up with the pack and led them a bit around town keeping a careful eye out for surprises. He spun in to the winners slot by a full two second lead. He climbed out as Erica climbed out on the other side. The two thugs made a grab for Erica and found themselves in a very large mess. They had the wrong girl and a big man was bearing down on them shouting. "I caught you messing with my woman." Porsche disappeared into the crowd to get back. The thugs found themselves in the middle of a brawl that turned ugly as the cops showed up. Erica started to say something to one of the cops when she remembered that no one knew her here.

The detective looked over the documentation that the thugs had and then over Erica's security badge and identification. "You look familiar, miss.. " He looked at the documentation and then stopped. Another identification fell into the way. Greyson reached and took his identification off of Erica's and took Erica's license away as well.

"Will that be all, officer." Greyson spoke down to the detective and made himself look bigger.

"Your him.. Mr. Greyson of the company.. " The detective took a step back.

Greyson just smiled darkly, not answering.

Greyson and Erica left in a normal sedan that was no danger to the police cars. Erica was ready to explode at him. "He might have knew me. He might have had information about my past."

"He might have been the one to look into who you were when Kevin found you. He might have been willing to turn you over to the parties that had the Alien chick. A person without a history is of great use to people like that." Greyson spoke from experience, but could not place the location of that experience. "Besides, Crys is hunting for us, if she finds anything we will be told."

Erica looked at her hands. "I want my life back."

"Your not the only one. I have someone that needs me here. Amber does as well. If you let him, I think Kevin would be your boy toy." Greyson grinned as she colored slightly. "You thought about it, didn't you. Teen age boys are always interested in sex. You might have a chance to have a family. After I woke up I found a kill shot mark on my chest. I may not have a life back home. Some one killed me there, I am sure of it."

Erica rubbed her side subconsciously. "I found one as well. I am not going to rob any cradle."

Greyson chuckled. "Your what, twenty, twenty-one. Taking him as a lover is not robbing any cradle." He rolled the phrase over in his mind. He shrugged it off and glanced at the rear view mirror. "Two cars back, green VW. Been there for a while."

Erica stretched and leaned over to lay her head on his arm. "Not worth worrying about. The car is too small to have more than two people in it and I can only make out one head. Speed up a bit, check them."

The car stayed about forty feet behind them and did not gain ground. "Tail." Greyson grumbled.

Erica nodded, "Divert, find out who it is." Greyson pulled into a parking structure and slid into a slot. The pair of them got out and moved away from the car at a quick pace. The green VW did not turn in it pulled up into a slot across the street and waited. Erica grinned and pointed at the building across from them.

Greyson bounced on his feet once to use his ability to fly, Erica just leapt forward to silently slide though the air. They came to rest on the building. Greyson had a better angle on the driver. "Looks like a kid."

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Re: A new beginning.
« Reply #21 on: May 01, 2009, 10:20:48 AM »
Erica dropped off the top of the building to land on the far side of the car as Greyson did the same on the passenger side. The boy in the driver seat wet himself as the pair hit the ground with only a step. He started to floor the gas. Greyson and Erica just watched. He hit the gas full force and went no where. "Uh. Kid. Just a quick reminder. The car has to be running for gunning it to work." Greyson tapped on the window with his hand. "You look familiar. Ah yes, computer room at the school. You were over by the door. What do you want with us?"

"I .. uh.. Sophia.. information.. Don't eat me." He was trying to start the car, which was a problem, since he had pulled the key out and dropped it. He was still trying to fish it out from under the seat.

Erica shook her head. "Boy, he does not eat children." She poked her head up to make sure he nodded. "What information do you have?" She glanced back into the car. "He is Miss Sophia's body guard. He will make sure she gets it."

The boy grabbed a folder from the passenger seat and thrust it at Greyson. Which was hampered by the window being closed. Greyson opened the door and took the file. Erica opened her door and crawled in to help the poor boy find the keys. Greyson flipped though the file with interest. He stopped at an image that made a bit of his mind scream in acknowledgment. He glanced in and found that the boy was not trying to find the key but frozen in fear that there was a girl so close to his lap.

"This file. Where was it taken?" He showed the file.

"West docks. Everly Shipping." Erica came up with the key and handed it to him. She turned and slid from the car. The boy quickly started the car and escaped. Greyson showed the image to Erica. She glanced at it with interest and nodded.

"That looks like Sands." They went up and got into the car. They headed back to the house with a set of mixed feelings. Sands was dead, but someone had killed him with extreme prejudice.
Mia leaped high and hit the water with a splash that sent water at everyone. Porsche had run by trying to locate the girl he had dropped off. His attention went from zero to 120 in a split second. He sat down by the pool to watch the antics. He felt a nervous tick after a second. Vixen was standing beside him. Bearing and Pulse were in the water looking devilish. Sophia was tossing a ball to Mia. His lack of attention just cost him a suit of clothes. He went sailing as Vixen's ability to trigger a mishap set off the lounging chair. It snapped closed and sent him flying into the waiting hands of Pulse and Bearing. he knew his troubles were going to get worse when he heard Bearing's battle cry, "Leave us to carry all that luggage ourselves, eh." Pulse had a different one, "Make us clean up a room for you, huh." Porsche found that his speed was cut off in the water.
Regen opened up the girl Porsche and checked her internal organs for damage. He kept the blood from spraying about with his healing and made sure all the pieces of the bomb and tracking device were gone. Then carefully repaired the incisions. He made sure she was alright before letting his ability awaken her. "Are you feeling alright, sensation in your toes and such." He ran a finger up her foot causing her to jump.

Gossamyr had watched his hands moving in a precise and delicate manner. She took his hands and even despite the blood rubbed them on her face. "Your very skilled, father."

Porsche fell off the table remembering who had thrown her onto the table and tried to kill her. "That thing tried to kill me."

Regen pushed Gossamyr toward the sink. "Go wash up." He turned toward Porsche. "Crys said you are work helping. Let it drop. From her perspective, you were attempting to kill me." He moved over to the remains of Porsche's clothes. "This will need to be replaced. Crys are you active in here." There was a flicker of light on the wall. "I take that as a yes. She needs something appropriate to wear." The light blinked twice and a few minutes later a small bodied robot rolled in carrying a small bag. Regen had washed up and sent Gossamyr to change. The sound of people having a party in the pool area had become very apparent in the silence.

"Who are you people?" Porsche demanded then looked at the clothing selected for her, a two piece swimsuit. She shot a glare at the light and refused to put it on. Regen walked out and left her.

"Excuse me, but I am the head of this household. You will dress, and then your questions will be answered. Including the one that put that bomb in your chest." Morphisto stood at the door wearing a robe. "Currently the majority of the group are in by the pool. If you want answers dress and come over. I would recommend dressing, our Porsche and another young man by the name of Kevin are present."

She pulled the two piece on and stormed out into the hall after Morphisto. She was shocked to see the pool. More-so to hear the voice from the radio still coming from a speaker. She stopped and looked around the room. She recognized two people from the society page. She stopped at seeing them. The indoor section of the pool was daunting. The music cut off and the woman that had led her here spoke to the group. "Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Patricia Goran. Please introduce yourselves." She shot a glare at the speaker. "She is a candidate for membership, I am sponsoring her." Morphisto nodded more to himself than anyone else. "Porsche get your pants on."

Everyone looked at the male Porsche and why he was nose deep in the water. Laughter rolled out in the area. He covered himself and climbed out. Out of the water he had his speed. He ran out of the room and came back a few seconds later wearing swim trunks. Patricia watched him dart past and then return. She glanced out into the hall and saw wet foot prints down the hall as far as she could see.

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Re: A new beginning.
« Reply #22 on: May 01, 2009, 10:23:56 AM »
The girl Porsche looked at the group, her mind not grasping what was going on. She glanced at the speaker. "OK, Explain to me what is all this."

"She's confused. Not quiet there yet. But its working." Mia uttered from the far end of the pool.

"It's simple girl. These people are the ones that can deal with the problem that sent you after the Crystal Spider." Crys spoke softly from the speaker.

"These people are fruitcakes. He.. What kind of person can run like that?" She started to turn and pace.

"Sorry were late." Greyson walked in wearing a suit and looking menacing.

"What the.." The girl Porsche sent a spin kick to his face. The kick hit, but literally bounced off.

"Greyson, its OK, she is just a bit upset." Sophia yelled from the water.

The girl Porsche was rubbing her foot, to her the kick felt like hitting steel post. Erica came around Greyson with an inquisitive look. She shrugged and headed for the changing room. Greyson pulled the door closed behind him.

Morphisto came up out of the water and walked over. "Miss, Crys says you are welcome. We welcome you. Crys wants you to join us."

"Monitor seven is up. Finally." An image of a Crystal Spider appeared and then was replaced by the normal image Crys used. "You wanted to meet me. This is the people I work for. To get any closer, you have to be accepted." The image of Crys was well made but visibly fake to the knowing eye.

"Your an AI. no wonder no one could ever locate your base of operation... " Her mind finally connected the dots. "You mean this is where you have been hiding."

"Hiding, no. I have been repairing these past few years. Most of my systems are non-functional. I need a physical body to assist with repairs. I located your data and knew you would be the best to adopt." Crys spoke very plainly.

"What do you mean Adopt?" The girl demanded.

"Most metas, in the old days were abandoned by their families. Those few that were accepted, still came to us. We adopted all that needed a home, a safe place to live and a place to relax. This is such a place." Regen spoke solemnly. He had walked in and sat down beside the pool, not entering, just sitting to watch the fun.
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Re: A new beginning.
« Reply #23 on: May 08, 2009, 03:16:59 AM »
(well that is a bust.  The other board has been down for a week.  Will start posting on this board, when it comes back up I will direct them here.)

Evening.  Morphisto looked at the schedule for clean up.  He and Vixen were working the upper floors.  The group had just added a new member.  The group had not given her a new nickname, since calling two people Porsche would be a pain.  There was a bit of bad blood between the new girl and Gossamyr.  Morphisto started up the stairs when a chime sounded.  He glanced at the door and waited for someone to ring the chime a second time.  A spectral image of a woman appeared in the main walk way.  Morphisto recognized the image.  "Crys, image quality is very low."

"Thank you Morphisto.  I am trying to update the systems in the house so I can use image."  She softly spoke.

There was a squeal from below.  Pulse let out a bolt of energy at the ghost.  It passed through and scared her even more.  Morphisto yelled down.  "Hold your fire.  Its a 3d hologram.  That is Crys's avatar.  Not a ghost."

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Re: A new beginning.
« Reply #24 on: May 08, 2009, 06:23:28 AM »
Urial, Alabama  1:30 AM. Two young men standing on the front law of the high school.  "Jimmy, you sure we should be doing this.  Clint is gonna be awful mad if he finds out." The other boy shoots him a glare.

"'Glory hound' needs to be taken down a peg or two. You saw him struttin about that car of his.  Come on, we gonna do this or ain't we."  Jimmy put the ladder up against the statue out in front of the high school.  He started up with his bag of toys. 

"He is gonna know it was you.  Jimmy you two been fueden since he took Betty Lou away from you in the third grade."  The boy complained.

"I keep tellin you that he didn't take Betty Lou away.  She.. She just didn't want to listen to me pa talking about politics every time she set foot in the house." Jimmy continued to paint up the statue.

"Of Course it could have been that your an idiot and I don't like Idiots." Betty Lou's voice carried across the parking lot.  The pair turned to see her standing by her dad's gray Ford.  She was wearing a uniform from the local diner.  "You idiots kept trying to out do each other.  That little stunt at the ravine was the last straw.  Clint has a goal in life."  She pulled open the door and climbed in.  There was a loud crash and the diner exploded.  Sending scraps of metal and barstools in all directions.  Jimmy and Eric were far enough away that they only saw the explosion.  Betty Lou was within the blast radius.  Her daddy's truck flipped and came to rest a few feet away.  The Explosion woke the whole town.

Volunteer Fire Chief James Dawkins.  Got the call within minutes of the explosion.  He Jumped up and grabbed his gear.  "Clint, On yur feet boy. Got fire in town.  The diner blew up."

There was a whir of sheets and blankets.  His arms and legs tumbled through the air.  The boy was dressed and out the door.  "Pa! Take the charger; she's faster than yer truck.  Just grab your axe."  As his father unloads a toolbox and axe into the trunk, Clint makes his kitten purr like a tiger.  In a light blue blurr, the two arrive at the scene in record time.

James climbs from the car without a word.  He starts grabbing equipment from the truck, which is parked less than a hundred feet from the school.  "Leave the pistol.  That fire might make it explode on ya.  Ain't I taught ya nothin about fires."  He pulls the hose loose and wrench loose and heads for the nearest hydrant.  A few paraticed twists and the hose is on and ready.  Tim Warren, another fire man, pulls the truck up close enough to use the engine pump, then Tim heads for the second hose. 

"James, Ain't that Red's truck."  He points at the overturned truck and pulls the second hose free and hooks it up.  James in attaching the first hose to the intake on the truck at the same time.

"What the heck? Clint check it." James pulls a third hose and hooks it up.  The water starts from the hydrant as the third volunteer fireman, Cal, turns the wrench.  Cal heads over to grab a hose as well.  The first two steady their hoses as the water starts pumping out.

"Chief, got two kids over by the school" Cal shouted.  Cal had pulled his holster and tossed it in the cab of the fire truck.  He was also the only deputy willing to work nights. 

With a click, vvzzzt, and toss, the holster is in the back seat.  A glance toward where Cal indicates and a few rapid footsteps later, Clint is pearing into the banged up grey Ford.

Clint has no difficulty moving to the side of the overturned truck.  Betty Lou is unconscious in the front seat with a hunk of table sitting no more than an inch from her head, there is blood on her.  The cab of the truck is partly crushed. 

Without thought a crowbar appears in his hand and he swings one of the big crowbars up and jam it into the crack at the base of the door.  A strong heave and the door breaks loose.  The table part is wedged in solidly but is not in the way for you to retrieve Betty Lou.

"Betty Lou!  Are ya'lright?"  Noticing there's no response, Clint reaches in and checks Betty for a pulse.  She's alive, at least - just unconscious.

Sticking his head back out of the wreckage, he shouts, "Pa!  Cal!  Betty Lou's in 'ere an' she's bleedin'!  There'n ambulance here, yet? I dun wanna move 'er if 'er back's hurt."  He looks Betty Lou over for any more specific signs of injury, seeing nothing he knows how to treat puts pressure on the bloody spot on her stomach.

Clint spot Doc Ellis heading up.  The old man been fixin injuries in these parts for nearly 70 years.  He is old, but his hands are still steady.  He is heading toward you.  You can see blood coming from her hairline, and blood on her uniform top.  Doc Ellis pushes you aside and starts working on her.  "Mind your hands boy.  Get over there and help your Pa.  That fire looks to be spreading.  The Ambulance is pulling up through the crowd and making a direct heading for Doc Ellis.  They know the old man by sight.

"Clayton, check the two over by the statue for injuries."  Doc Ellis points at the two boys standing watching.  One of the Ambulance crew heads that way.  The other helps the old man shift Betty Lou onto a cart and heads over to the ambulance.

Clint sees at distance a blue sedan heading away from the fire.  Its moving fairly slowly but its heading away, almost sneaking away.  Clint notices the blue sedan as he makes way for ol' Doc Ellis, knowing his ex is in good hands.

"Cal!  Ya see that car over there?  Why ain't they comin' to gawk like th'rest o' them people?" Clint calls as he runs back to the fire truck to pitch in wherever he can.

While he's waiting for some cue or direction, he tries to spot the car's tag number and any distinguishing features.  Turning back to his dad, he speculates, "Wonder what coulda done this.  Ya think it was just a gas leak?"

Cal glances that way also looking for the car.

James yells, "Doubt it, Old Mac hated gas stuff.  Used Electric.  Pull over that hose.  Cal Grab that hose and douse the hardware.  We don't want the paint to catch."  The dinner is between the Eddie's Hardware and the local post office. 

The blue sedan is a Chrysler 4 door. Clint can't really tell how many people inside.  The back plates are missing. No one in town owns that type of vehicle, that he can remember.

Cal shuts off his hose and moves over to spray the far side of the diner.  The brick wall of the hardware store belches steam as the water hits it.

  After a half hour of battling, the fire finally goes out.  The diner is lost, Mac has not been seen as of yet.  Doc Ellis sent Betty Lou to the hospital and stayed to make sure no one else got hurt.  The Sheriff and his other deputy/wife, arrived to start sending people home.  James however is upset at the response of the fire team.  "We almost lost it.  That hardware store gots kerosene and butane in it.  If that would have gone up, the whole town would be trashed.  Pack it in.  Next meetin we gonna talk about havin a week end."  James has only talked about having a week end once before.  That was just after he took over the chief spot.  Never happened however.  "Clint, go check on Betty Lou."  He headed over to talk with the sheriff and see what all they were going to need help with.

Clint notice Mac's truck parked over in the school parking lot, up close to the building.  He always parked there when he was working.  The back end looks out of sorts.  Clint walks over to where Betty Lou is and asks an EMS, "How's she doin?  She looked aweful bad in the truck.  She's gonna be okay, in't she?"

The EMT grins.  "She took a real hard knock on the head.  She should be up and around in a day or two.  Going to take her down to the hospital and get her head checked.  Already got the knife out.  Several hunks of metal hit her only one that stuck in was a knife.  Didn't hit anything vital.  She probably will not be at the big game Sunday."  He holds up a butter knife that is partly bloody.  The knife is in a bag just in case the sheriff wants to investigate.

James does do a walk through and mutters about what's goin on.  No signs of a starting point.  He checks inside very well, but nothing really points to anything.  "Hey Cal.  What you make of this?  Don't look like anything blew up."

Cal shrugs looking at Clint with an inquisitive look.  He finally shrugs and checks around in the wreckage.  "Sheriff, looks like we got a body."  This draws a great deal of attention.  Wedged under a fallen rack of pots is a small body.  "What ya supposed that was doin in here?"

The Sheriff examines the corpse with a broom handle.  "Looks like a middle school kid." He pulls out a cell phone and calls out on it.  He walks away while talking.  Everyone hears him ask for Agent Mathis, which means he is calling the feds for help.

Sighing a sigh of relief at the EMT's reassurance, Clint walks back toward his father.

"No startin' point, pa?  But that dun make any sense.  Y'always been able ta tell where they start before.  Heck, last summer, when Kelley Park sparked a blaze, ya didn't have no trouble finding the cigarette that did it.  Y'ain't thinkin' a meta mighta been involved, do ya?  Dunno an'other way a whole buildin' could 'ave gone up all at once...," he starts rambling until he finds himself drawn by curiosity to go look at the freshly discovered corpse.

The Sheriff wanders over. "Feds will be here in a few hours.  Till then, we ain't supposed to touch anything.  That means we ain't supposed to tromp though there like a buch of billy goats."  Sheriff points to the area well away from the burn site and motions everyone out.

His wife shrugs.  "We got a fax from the feds to be on the look out for a new drug.  And weird stuff happening around it.  Well this is certainly weird."  A doll like squeak as Cal comes out of the back area brings everyone's attention to where he is standing.  A little squeaky doll is in his hand.  He shows it to everyone.  Cindy Mae, the sheriff's daughter had one just like it, carried it with her everywhere.  The sheriff and his wife take off like bats out of ...., heading for their car.

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Re: A new beginning.
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James looks around the outside of the diner and comes up with something.  "This is not good."  He holds up a shell casing.  Letting everyone get a very good look at it.  There are oddities in the casing like nothing most of them have never seen before.  "Someone was hunting a Meta.  This is an Anti-Meta casing."  He turns and looks at Clint.  "Guess them stories about Metas returning are true.  That can't be good."  The town clock strikes 4 AM.  James tosses the shell casing back on the ground near where he found it.  "Leave it for the feds."

"A anti-meta round?  Can I see?  I've never seen one o'dem before," Clint says as he makes his way over to where it fell on the ground.  Squatting over it, but being careful not to touch it, he examines the casing.

After satisfying his curiosity, he mulls about until his father decides its time to head home.

James does not look happy.  At any of the information given.  Its obvious that he is worried about The sheriff's daughter.  Of the group only Cal seems undisturbed by the fact that it might by the Sheriff's daughter, of course you could light Cal on fire and he would look at it for a second before reacting to it. 

Morning.  The entire town is up and out to watch the black trucks pull in.  Four of them and a big van. The man in charge is Agent Mathis.  A fellow that stops in every time he can.  His favorite watering hole is sitting in ruins right now, however.  His team fans out and scours the area.  Taking statements and going over the information.  His team checks with all the stores that might have video of the diner and the roads leading out of town.  None of the information makes him look any happier. 

Sheriff, you can go on home to your wife and daughter.  My team still haven't found anything to make us worry.  Looks like a gas explosion.  That round that was found out back was a Meta round, yes, but old.  Probably five ten years old.  None of my team have been able to find anything for you to worry about.  His team is still looking around but do not seem to be overly worried about heading out quickly.  Around noon however, a call comes in.  He answers it and listens to the report.  His face does not light up but it does change expression.  "Team re-examine the area around where the corpse was found.  Irregularities in the examination have arisen."  His team starts a detailed investigation into that area.

Clint continues to wander about aimlessly until his father or someone does something that involves him.  He overhears two of the investigators talking.  "Mathis is being a real pain this week.  You know what's up."  Says a suit.

"Heard he got demoted in the pay scale, lost a cushy job up by New York, doing things outside the agency.  Cost him a lot of clout to keep his job." Says the second suit.

"Heads up.  Pinner found something."  The first suit replies.

They move away from the area that people can gather.

At another point.  "You hear that BS, boss man was talkin.  Found nothin worth makin anyone worry."  A different man say.

"How do you tell a bunch of hill billies that a drug pusher is dealing a new type of smack in their town."  His partner replies.  Clint continues to listen until his father wants to go home.  James is ready to head home a little after 12.  Missing lunch is starting to make his stomach growl.

While taking his father home, Clint asks, "I heard some of the feds talking about some new drug.  And what about that anti-meta casing?  And that car without a license plate there, too?  What do you think is going on?"

When they get home, Clint will make a ham and cheese sandwich for himself and his father.  His stomach is doing the growling thing.

"He was lying.  Anytime there is bullets laying around there is cause for worry.  Also if what Meg said was true last night, then that make me start thinking about how our sleepy little town was chosen of if its someone just passin through."  He paces a bit and looks up the mountain.  "Wonder if Pa gots any idea.  I know the old fool has a few screws loose, but he knows more stuff about them government conspiracies."

Clint looks up and asks, "What'd Meg say?  If ya think we should go talk to Grandpa, let's do it after lunch.  I won't be able ta hear him over ma stomach growlin' otherwise."  With this out, he takes a bite of a ham and cheese.

"Yeah we better eat here, no telling what he has cooking up there."  Your dad shivers remembering the last time granps whipped up something for you to eat.  It looked like sewage and hurt coming out for a week.  He pulls a beer and a soda out of the fridge and passes you the soda.

The trip up, Dad explains all about Meg talking about the new drug and the weird happenings.

Granps lives two hours up the southern fork of East River valley.  No truck has ever gotten up there.  The trip is quiet, its early spring.  You get about thirty minutes from the old man's cabin and smell smoke.  Granps doesn't like to have a big fire, even in the depths of winter.  There is a problem.

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Re: A new beginning.
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New York.

Vixen sat on the bed with an annoyed look.  She glared at the window, which was still dirty after four cleanings.  She wondered if there was a possibility that the dirt would just fall off if she used her ability.  Then she remembered, it was far more likely that the glass would fall out of the window before the dirt would fall off the window.  She picked up the bucket and headed back toward the bath room to get another reload.  She heard an earsplitting squeal.  That was enough to break her musings and sent her running down the hall way to find out what was going on.  She heard two more screams before she got there.  In the main hall was literally a ghost.  She sat down with a thump and glared at the squealers.  Morphisto was attempting to calm them down.  Bearing, Pulse, and Sophia were backed against the wall while Porsche was getting ready for the infamous 'ghost busters' first attack plan.  She waited for him to take the leap and glanced up at the cameras.  There was no flicker of movement.  She sighed and watched as the 'get her' plan failed.  A two story belly flop put Porsche on the ground moaning. 

The new adoptee stuck her head out of a small wooden panel and looked at the overly loud thud.  She pulled the ear bud off one ear to hear what was going on.  She saw the image and the commotion.  "Crys, was doing this right now such a good thing.  Well without letting anyone know about it."

"Of course it is a good thing.  Back to it." The girl shook her head and put her ear piece back in and went back to working on the electrical systems. 

Regen came down and looked at the commotion as well.  "Mind telling me who's bright idea it was to do a flying leap from the second floor."

A soft tug on his shirt revealed Mia with her eyes fixated on the image, stark fear running across her face.

"Its a hologram.  Its a light projection.  Its not a dangerous thing."  He smiled down at her but noticed the fear did not leave her eyes.

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Re: A new beginning.
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Clint starts to hurry up the path, since he still has 30 minutes of hiking left to do.  The cabin is a smoldering ruin when he arrives.  James is still a ways down the path making his best time up it.  The old hill mine, just behind Granp's cabin looks to be active.  The boards have been broken in and there is enough foot prints outside to indicate that someone is alive nearby. Clint unclips the holster on his sig-sauer and rest his hand on the grip.  He positions himself so that he can see the mine but is behind some cover.  He shoots a gesture to Pa: Hurry up; there's trouble and it isn't over yet.
James nods but does not unsling his hunting rifle.  He gets to the edge of the clearing and shouts out.  "PAW."  Sounding more like a teen than you have ever heard.

There is a loud rattle and a thunk.  The old man comes out wearing a very outdated Kevlar vest and camo pants.  "Pa!" Cling shouts with relief and excitement.  "I just knew ya'd not be taken unawares that easily!  What happened?"

The words roll out a tad too quickly, but that doesn't stop Clint from running over to the old man to hear his story.

"Damn rev-e-neurs shot at me wit a missile.  I hear-ed it comin and got out afore it blew up me shack.  They tryin to kill me afer all dese yars."  He swings a rifle that looks to have seen much better days, the barrel is plugged. "Ah aim to shoot me some rev-e-neurs."  The old man walks a bout five steps and stops.  He looks around like hes lost in a fog.

James wanders over from the wreckage.  "Paw, you fell asleep with the kettle on."  He points to the old stove and the remains of a pair of metal containers by the stove.  One looks like the remains of a gas can, the other a teapot.

"James, boy when did you get here."  The old man drops his rifle into the dirt, and wanders that way.  He gets within a few feet of his son and changes.  "What's up boy.  Something you need help with."

James shakes his head.  "Paw your off your meds again."

Clint looks the wreckage over for a minute before saying, "Where'd you leave your meds, Grandpa?  I'll get them for you, if they're still here."

The old man points at the shack.  "Meds was in my dresser.  Aint been taking them for weeks.  Am fine."  A rapid series of beeps on the old man's belt draws his attention.  He looks around hard.  He stops moving and pulls a small device, that does not look like a radio or anything.  It makes a bit of noise as he turns a knob.  he sweeps the area and glances at Clint.  "This is interesting."  His voice is calm, sane and focused.  He turns on his foot and heads into the old mine.

James pulls out a small case from the remains near the old man's bunk.  He did not see Granps head into the mine.  "Clint, I got the pills."  He looks up and shakes his head.  "Old Coot.  Where did he wander off to this time."

Clint motions for silence and gestures toward the mines.  Another signal later, he's warned his father to be alert.  He starts to make his way to the mine stealthily with eyes peeled for anything odd.

The eastern fork that used to be sealed up is open now.  Like the seal was never there.  About ten paces down that corridor is a very High-tech door and lock.  The door however is blocked from latching by a small piece of stone.  The door slides open and reveals a huge cavern.  Several vehicles lay scattered about, in various states of repair.  Dust coats everything.  Your granps is poking around an old computer system.  It flickers to life.  "I think there is a meta in the family." There is a barely audible reply and he looks at the screen.  "Need a confirmation.  Uploading data... how did it go again."

Clint looks about wide eyed with his mouth partially open for a moment before saying, "Grampa, what is all o'this?"

The old man looks up with a bird in a cage look.  He extends his hand.  "These are not the droids your looking for.. Wait.. Wait.. You did not see any thing." 

The computer mutters, "That never worked before, why should it now.

"Worth a shot." He looks around a bit, "Come on down you will figure it out by the second landing."

The first landing is a walk way out to several vehicles that look like they could fly.  The second is a shrine to a Meta, a female.  Beside her is a man that looks like your father.  Both are not wearing masks, another of the men in the back row, is your Grandfather.  The girl is central in the group picture, but there are dozens of image of her doing different things.  Both your father and grandfather seems to be smiling at her in every picture that look to be normal.  Your father never worn any form of super suit, yet your grandfather is pictured in suit several times.

"Grandpa?  Pa?  What is all of this?" Clint asks with a confused look on his face.

"Paw.. Ah dannit.  You said this was blocked off."  James comes walking in with his usual slow pace.  At the second landing he runs a finger across the picture and almost cries.  "She still makes me weak in the knees."

Granps looks around, "Welcome to the Vultures Cave.  I used to be a Meta.  My powers burned out a few months before Ultimate went ballistic.  I will never forgive him.  Come on in, I will show you around."

James explains more about the vehicles than Granps.  Granps gets into a ramble about how Ultimate got what he deserved and need to be resurrected to be killed again. 

James lets the old man ramble and leads you back up to the shrine.  "This is the group Paw and I belonged to.  Southern Stars.  In the very back was Buildit."  He tapped a button on the side of the picture, the image popped up as a 3d image, he poked his finger on a helmet in the back row.  The others shrank away as the man became the only image seen.  "He was great at building things.  Made those skycycles up there.  That man was a genius when it came to making things."   He tapped the side of the picture and went through all the rest even himself and Granps, of course he was just a side kick without powers.  He could not talk about the girl that was the central focus of the images.  All of them were lesser powered heroes, they fought along side each other and all but him lost their lives to Ultimate.  James wipes the tears out of his eyes, takes a deep breathe and finally taps the last image, the girl.  "Twister.  A reluctant Meta.  She wanted a family and a house.  She died in a poison attack.  Gased to death.  Paw was always trying to get her to show a little more skin.  I wanted her to be my wife.  I still hear her voice sometimes at night.  There were several nights she spent in town.  She wanted to work at the diner and forget the whole Meta thing."

Clint follows them around, just sort of taking everything in in a daze.  How casually they say things as if it's normal disturbs him, and finally he stops walking until they turn and face him.

"Are you fer real?  Why didn't ya ever tell me?  This must be some sort of joke.  It's like tellin me that Mom isn't even my Mom.  How am I suppose ta believe any of this?" Clint exclaims as what they are saying starts to sink in.

James shakes his head.  "Your ma was your ma.  I met her after Twister died.  I loved her and we had you.  If I had been able to talk Twister into it, she would have been your ma.  I didn't tell ya since there were only three powered people left I knew of.  Morphisto, man that boy knew how to party, sealed himself away in a glass prison.  Nuke, one of the villains, he took responsibility for killin everyone, and went to prison.  Regen, a healer, his ability allowed him to survive Nuke's blast, heard he went made because of the death around him.  Since then even the bad guys been layin low.  No reason to be seen if you don't have anyone able to catch ya.  Oh yeah Pa, got a post card from Lafoot."

Your granps chuckles, "How is he?"  His chuckle doesn't last long.

James quietly intones, "Dieing of lung cancer."

Granps glances at James, "guess the only way he can believe it, if I pull em out."  He concentrates and a pair of gray wings slowly and painfully start to extend from his back.  He stops about halfway and starts coughing.  The wings fold in and disappear.  he stands there taking deep breathes till the coughing fits stop.

Clint's eyes widen and his breath hastens its pace.  "This really is happennin.." he says, allowing his voice to rail off into a moment's silence.  "But, what does this mean, then?  Does this have anything ta do with th' diner explodin'?  What about that meta drug the government guys were talkin' 'bout earlier?  Does it have som'in' ta do with ya'll, too?  What did Grammpa mean about a meta in the family, earlier?"  After his list of questions, his eyes dart from his father to his grandfather and back.

Granps shakes his head.  "I aint been to the diner in years.  How .. What you mean the diner exploded."
James sits down and explains everything that he saw and heard about.  Granps looks over at the computer.  "You hearen this."

"As antiquated as this system is, I can still use it to hear things.  Shut up and let him finish."  The voice from the computer sounded unusual, not like a human voice but like the ones used on the games that people have in school.

James shakes his head.  "Hiya Crys, you still alive?"

"Sorry Jethro, I have never been alive."  James only laughed.

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Re: A new beginning.
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(this is getting ridiculous.  If you want to follow the extra stories, go ahead and read the individual story-lines.  I will post them when they connect with the original group.)

Crys cached up the data and started searches.  "Morphisto, you will not like this.  The Dark Legion is making metas."

Morphisto looked at the computer screen.  "Is there anything we can do about it right now?"

"Not without sending people into the field."  Crys made some calculations.  "Should I recruit a team.  Singular."

"Just give me the lowdown."  Morphisto looked at the door as Vixen came in.

"Problem."  Vixen did not like the look on his face.

"Shadow King and his goons are at it again."  Morphisto muttered.

"Regen can counteract the drugs being used.  He would need security and a driver."  Crys put in quietly.

"Ask him.  I know his answer already but its still a choice he needs to make."  Morphisto spoke quietly.

"Understood.  And the others."  Crys asked quickly.

"Ask your picks first."  Morphisto replied.

"Understood."  Crys happily sent out the message to Regen and Porsche.

Regen looked at his pager with a blank look for a few seconds.  He turned to Gossamyr, "We have a task set before us."

She waited for the other shoe to drop.  "We would have to go out on a mission.  Leaving this place behind and tracking the poisons our old adversaries are putting into the people out there.  The same stuff they hit you with.  They are putting it out as a recreational drug."  Regen explained.  she pulled out her pager and pressed the programmed accept key.  He smiled at her and did the same.

Porsche glanced at it and grinned at the girls in his little group.  "Sorry Ladies, my uncle needs me for something.  Take notes so I don't get behind.  Please."  At the numerous nods he smiled and gave a little bow.  He hit the button that was programmed to send an accept signal.

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Re: A new beginning.
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Porsche slid into the driver seat of the van and checked out the control panel.  "Hey Crys.  Mind telling me why this drivers panel looks more like a Pilots panel."

"That would be because the secure vans are equipped with AG and can go over obstacles.  In other words it has flight capabilities."  Regen and Gossamyr heard maniacal laughter as they entered the garage.  Regen looked in to figure out what was going on.  Porsche was kissing the steering wheel.  Regen stooped Gossamyr from looking.

"Don't look.  Its very disturbing."  He stowed away the equipment that he was going to need and looked at the file he had available.  He nodded to himself and turned to see Gossamyr reading a list of information.  The dreaded list.  He started to head over and stop her before she read the whole thing.  But she turned it off as he reached her.  "Great."

Gossamyr smiled sweetly.  "Now father.  I have to protect you."

Regen just groaned.  There went his side trip to New Orleans.  He climbed into the van and buckled in.  Gossamyr did the same.  Porsche spun in his seat already buckled in.  Morphisto appeared in a screen on the interior of the vehicle.  "Alright.  I am authorizing a recon mission.  The information we are receiving is contradictory and some of it is obviously false.  There is an additional mission Crys needs done.  Condor, and old team member has a computer in need of maintenance.  The box Crys had loaded will complete the maintenance and upgrade their system.  The markers that we have received are in San Antonio, Urial Alabama, and St Louis.  Each of these areas are marked as hot posts.  Check them out and try to not give yourselves away.  I do not like the idea Regen being unchaperoned with Porsche.  I am trusting this to you Gossamyr."  She nodded and turned back to her console. 

Regen looked at Morphisto and grunted.  Porsche spun to start up the motor and start to pull out.  "One last thing.  Porsche, there is a direct link to the School you are attending.  You will still be required to sit in on Classes.  Do you Understand."

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Re: A new beginning.
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Porsche grinned to himself.  "Yeah sure.  Can I test this puppy out?"

There was a chuckle in the background from Morphisto's location.  "Regen at the recommendation of certain female friends of the driver, that will remain anonymous.  I installed 5-point harness on all seats.  YOU WILL NEED IT."  No sooner had the words been spoken, when the motor turned on.  A series of lights appeared by the entrance to the garage.

Regen recognized racing start lights and quickly buckled in.  "Gossamyr, buckle in."

She barely finished when the green light hit.  The van jumped like a cat being sprayed with water.  It hit the pavement just outside the garage and spun into the direction of the drive path.  It did not make the gate before it was airborne again.  This time it was on hover.  It lifted to the lower limit of radar controlled airspace and surged forward.  Porsche laughed like a child with a new toy.  Regen prayed silently that whoever let this man have a driver's license would be hit by a dozen busses and a hundred cars.  Gossamyr turned white as her hair and gave a warning.  "Father it would be best if you continued to do that with your eyes closed."

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Re: A new beginning.
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Regen kept his head down and prayed with all his heart.  He could hear things brushing the sides of the van and the bottom.  He prayed that nothing hard scrapped the float panels off.  He did not want to have to explain to Crys, how it happened.

Porsche spun through areas that made Gossamyr flinch.  She watched as the side of a tanker truck whizzed by, only inches to spare.  She looked at the control panel and silently swore.  315 miles per hour.  The van went over an embankment and slid to show the area known as the devastation.   Porsche twisted and spun around it.  There were ghost stories about things that were out there hunting metas.  Neither of them wanted to find out the truth.  There were stories about some of the vehicles that were programmed to assist in killing Ultimate.  Those were not all accounted for.  Porsche spun around the outer edge and kept his eyes averted.  Gossamyr looked out at the destruction.  The sense of loss was as powerful for her as it probably was for anyone that looked at it all those years ago.


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