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« on: January 15, 2009, 03:19:07 AM »
This is where I will post the various equipment being used in the Bughunters Campaign.
Postings will likely initially consist of the description from the Bughunters game and then followed by notes on either which HARP Sci Fi equipment is comparable or conversion notes of some sort.

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Re: Equipment
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Standard UTRPF-Issue Weapons

Combat Knife/ Bayonet
This hand-held item is made of a single piece of high density ceramic, the forward edge of which is fitted with a titanium blade. This cutting edge allows the knife to slice through even combat armor with relative ease. Sharp-edged hyper-carbon crystals stud the rear edge of the knife, creating a sawblade that is also a handy trench fighting weapon. It is balanced for throwing, and its hollow handle can hold a variety of items from a survival kit to a doctored high explosive round.

Treat as standard HARP Dagger, +5 for high quality

Assault Rifle
This weapon is the workhorse of UTRPF. It fires a 10mm caseless flechette round, with an autofire rate of 150 rounds per minute. Its light weight (4.5 kg loaded) and efficient design (with the magazine in the rear of the weapon) make it easy to wield accurately in any situation. Its snail shell magazine holds 200 rounds. An assault rifle can be fitted with a CAT scope (Weapon scope) to improve chances of hitting a target. Bayonets, grenade launchers, and other devices are also easily mounted on this weapon.
Cost: $3000, plus $12 per round; Weight: 4.5
kg; Mag.: 200;

Automatic Shotgun
Similar to the street-sweepers of days gone by, these weapons are made for one purpose: may-hem at close range. Unlike those earlier weapons, 22nd-century models have magazines and barrels made as disposable units (commonly known as fife and drums). This is because the heat of rapid fire tends to deform the barrels, rendering them useless after about 30 shots. These barrel clips come in flechette, explosive, and armor-piercing (AP) varieties. The popular term for this weapon is the Flyswatter.
Cost: $2400; Weight: 5 kg; Mag.: 30;

Flechette Round: Cost: $350 per barrel clip; Weight: 1.2 kg; Damage: Normal Damage
Explosive Round: Cost: Not available; Weight: 1.4 kg; Damage: (-10 to OB, +10 to damage)
Armor-Piercing Round: Cost: Not available; Weight: 1.3 kg; Damage: (+10 to OB, -10 to damage)

Flame Thrower
Unlike its bulky predecessor of WWII vintage, this is a self-contained unit that enables the wielder to act without being hampered by bulky tanks and hoses. Pressurized, self-contained tanks of "friendly napalm" eliminate the danger of being flambed by one's own weapon if hit by enemy Small Arms fire: an electronic sparker at the weapon's muzzle converts the high velocity stream of an otherwise inert chemical compound into a flame hot enough to overload standard heat dispersion equipment and render even the toughest armor lethally hot in mere seconds.
Although the weapon does not fire rounds per se. the duration and coverage of its flaming stream can he simulated by treating it in the same manner as other ranged weapons, as indicated in the statistics that follow.
Cost, $3000, plus $120 per "round": Weight: 22 kg; Mag: 10;

Grenade Launcher
This unit is built to attach to the underside of the assault rifle. With the addition of an attachable stock, it also becomes an independent weapon, Intended to launch 40mm grenades in indirect fire, it can be pressed into direct fire in a pinch. Its magazine holds 15 rounds of any of five grenade types: flechette, fragmentary, incendiary, smoke, and stun.
Cost: $2600; Weight: 1.4 kg (2.6 with self stock); Mag.: 15; ROF: 1; Damage: See grenades;

Heavy Pistol
This semi-automatic handgun is similar in size and shape to the 50-caliber "Desert Eagle" popularized in late 20th-century cinema. Since it fires such an enormous round. it takes a variety of specialized ammunition. Some types are listed below, with clip capacity, damage, and ranges for each. Note that in each case, the pistol can fire up to three rounds per turn.

Cost: $1200; Weight: 1.5 kg

Standard/Tracer: This non-propelled ammunition can be acquired either as normal rounds or as tracer rounds. The tracer burns with a colored flame as it streaks through an atmosphere. While capable of inflicting a fair amount of damage, it is primarily used as a flare. Tracer rounds provide a +5 OB bonus to all attacks made using Aimed Burst or Spread Burst actions, but with a –5 penalty to damage.
Cost: $10 per round; Mag.: 1 3 ; ROF: 3;

Splatter: Similar to the X-notched or Hollowpoint bullets of the 20th century, this round is made up of an
impact-triggered memory plastic, set to shatter into a star shape to maximize damage. A small target will often disintegrate as a result, while a human-sized target might well lose a limb. (-10 to OB, +10 to damage)
Cost: $25 per round; Mag: 12

HEJA round: The High-Explosive Jet-Assisted round, unlike other bullets, speeds up once it leaves the muzzle, due to the micro-ramjet incorporated into its construction. Its high velocity and explosive head make it the bane of armored opponents manufactured or natural). This round is also known as a shrieker, thanks to the peculiar noise made by the tiny jet engine.
Cost: Not available; Mag.: 7; ROF: 3; (-10 to OB, +10 to damage, +5 to RI (Range Increment))

Howler Machine Gun
This semi-portable weapon weighs in at approximately 10 kg unloaded, with a barrel caliber of 25mm. Its six rotating barrels can fire chemically boosted, magnetically accelerated rounds at the rate of 2,500 a minute. The Howler can be mounted on a bipod or tripod, or it can be fitted with hand grips for when combat gets up-close and personal.
The machine gun fires standard, tracer, splatter. HEJA (High-Explosive Jet-Assisted), (HEAP High-Explosive Armor-Piercing), HEAT (High-Explosive Anti-Tank), and UHDUG (Ultra High-Explosive Depleted-Uranium, Guided) rounds.
The Howler is often used with CAT or a targeting visor for a bonus to attack rolls. Its backpack magazine holds 2,000 rounds, which can be mixed from the selection above.
Cost: Not available; Weight: 14.5 kg; Mag.: 2,000; ROF: 4/x50'500: Damage: see below; Range: 25/50/80 (HEJA:35/70/100);
Standard/Tracer: For autofire, tracer rounds are commonly added to standard ammunition (every fifth round being tracer) to assist a firer in adjusting fire. Of course, this also makes the firer's position obvious to enemies.
Cost: $10 per round; Tracer rounds provide a +5 OB bonus to all attacks made using Aimed Burst or Spread Burst actions, but with a –5 penalty to damage.
Splatter: Cost: $25 per round; Damage:  (-10 to OB, +10 to damage)
HEJA round: Cost: Not available: Damage: (-10 to OB, +10 to damage, +5 to RI (Range Increment))
HEAP Rounds: Cost: Not available; Damage: (+10 to OB, -10 to damage, does an additional Shrapnel Critical)
HEAT Rounds: Cost: Not available; Damage: (+10 to OB, does an additional Shrapnel Critical)
UHDUG Rounds: Cost: Not available; Damage: (+10 to OB, Criticals increase to Huge, does an additional Shrapnel Critical)

Laser Sniper Rifle
Unlike the projectile weapons that are standard UTRPF fare. lasers are fragile devices not suited for the rough-and-tumble lifestyle of the footsoldier. The bulky power units necessary to run them, coupled with their low ROF due to single shot lasing crystals, make them unsuitable for firefights. Furthermore, smoke, rain, and other such airborne particles diffuse a laser, reducing or even negating damage to its target. On the other hand, when conditions are right the searing heat delivered with each shot of a laser makes them excellent for situations where a one-round kill is needed.
The Deadeye sniper rifle has become infamous throughout the ranks of UTRPF, and its users are looked upon with respect and not a little trepidation. This is not due to the power of the weapon itself, which is formidable, nor to the ease with which they can conduct a line-of-sight kill, but rather the fiendish cleverness which these people display in ambushing their targets (sometimes even bouncing shots off mirrors!).
Cost: Not available; Weight: 7 kg; Mag: 10;

Motion-Sensing Repeating Auto-Laser
This is a non-portable weapon primarily used for perimeter defense. Like the sniper's laser, it will not function well in hazy conditions. The Disco Light (as it is commonly called) is not remotely gun-shaped, although it is chain-fed, like an automatic gun. Instead of cartridges, the chain belt carries multiple lasing crystals that click into place and are cracked by the enormous energy surges sent through them. The weapon's vertical "barrel" terminates in a multi-faceted scintillator that splits each laser burst into myriad spears of light to perforate its targets at a maximum range of a full kilometer. The Gunnery skill of the person setting it up serves as the laser's fire accuracy.
Cost: Not available; Weight: 50 kg; Mag: 5,000:

Portable Missile Launcher
This device is similar in design to the bazookas of WWII. However. there are three main differences. First, instead of being merely a pipe, the tube's rear is fitted with a series of vents that channel the majority of the backblast upward and downward, using the remainder to operate the weapon's reloading mechanism. Second. instead of placing missiles individually into the launcher, the user loads a magazine that holds 10 shots. Third, each missile carries its own targeting computer and maneuvering jets to guide it to the target. The firer merely makes a Heavy Weapons skill test before firing to acquire target lock-on.
Cost: Not available; Weight: 30 kg: Mag: 10; ROF: 1;

Stun Pistol
This hand-held weapon is designed to function in a similar fashion to the tasers of 20th-century Earth, with two major differences. First, the stun pistol is built to carry multiple rounds, like a more typical firearm; second, its rounds are completely wireless. The pistol fires a self-contained, electrically charged round that, unlike those of tasers, emits electricity at the precise voltage necessary to bring down its victim. These rounds cannot be fired by any other weapon.
There are three settings:

Small: Small Neuro Critical
Human-sized: Medium Neuro Critical
Large: damage Large Neuro Critical

Before firing, the trooper sets the toggle to the appropriate setting. Circuitry inside the gun proper sends coded impulses to the microchip in each ammo round. The software in the round then charges to release the appropriate voltage. The setting can be changed between firings.

Cost: $300, plus $10 per round; Weight: 0.5 kg; Mag.: 13;

Small Mortar
This mortar is basically a bipod-mounted version of the grenade launcher, built for greater stability and rate of fire. It launches 40mm grenades fragmentation, High-Explosive, incendiary, smoke, and stun) in indirect fire but cannot readily be used for direct fire. It has no magazine. Rather, each round is dropped into the barrel individually and launches when it strikes the firing pin at the bottom,
Cost: $4200; Weight: 15 kg: Mag.: 0; ROF: 2; Damage: See grenades;
No direct match, will need to create a modified Grenade Launcher with better range, perhaps limit regular one to Mark I-III grenades and Mortar to Mark IV-V

Tranquilizer Rifle
This gas-powered rifle is similar to those used by paintball warriors of two centuries ago. Instead of firing a dye-filled pellet. however, it is structured to fire a dart containing a pre-measured amount of a fast-acting, broad-spectrum tranquilizer drug which will render a human-sized target of roughly Terran biology unconscious for 1-5 hours. On a successful hit, instead of dealing a Critical, resolve as a Resistance Roll (120) failure results in unconsciousness.
Cost: $1500, plus $8 per round; Weight: 3.5 kg; Mag.: 30;
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Re: Equipment
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Work In Progress, stats not finalized yet
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