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AMNESIA In the very beginning
« on: November 17, 2008, 03:50:32 AM »
Six months ago Mary Wilkins died of old age, and her testament said that her grandchild John Wilkins should inherit the big house, near the town Concard, 35 miles from Arkham.

John knew the house very well, he had been there many times as a child, and he remembered those times with fondness.
Fishing with his grandpa Ralph in the Concard river, baking with grandma Mary in the big kitchen, and petting all the cats at Jane Blakes strange house.
Yeah those times was surely happy times.

When John came to the house 4 months ago, all those memories came flooding back. The house was old and neglected, and the backyard looked like a jungle, but he fell in love with it all over again.

John still had his flat and his job in Arkham, so it took 4 months before he went to the house again.
For a week now he has worked on the house, the roof needed some new tiles, some of the windows needed new glas and the inside needed to be warmed up to remove the damp.

Monday afternoon the 20/10-1924, he was all done. The house is clean and the rooms are ready for guests.
In 2 days it´s his birthday, so he invited his 3 best friends on a fall holiday in his new house. It´s the first time they will see the house, but he´s not in doubt, they´r  gonna love it as much as he does.

8 pm, the rain is pounding at the windows, and the storm makes John think if the repairs on the roof is good enough. He is standing in the kitchen,the cabbage and potatoes is done and the chicken smells nice, suddenly he hears a car outside.

Finally! he thinks and go to open the door. He sees Charles park his Packard single six next to his own Ford T, and waves happily to Roseanne who´s the first to step out of the car and into the rain,closely followed by Henry.

"Leave your wet coats and suitcases in the hall", John says, to his friends."Dinner is ready, I will show you to your rooms afterwards".

The Chicken and wine was a succes with Roseanne,Charles and Henry.The journey had been long and cold,(due to the fact that Charles took the wrong turn in Nashua) and it was nice to be in a warm house surrounded by friends.

The big clock in the dining room had just strucked 9 pm, and the laughs were many as John kept his friends amused, with tales of the trials of the past week as a houseowner.Espescially the one about the nest of rats in the attic. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.
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