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« on: March 25, 2005, 03:51:06 AM »
MI5 Headquarters, Thames House London, A few hours earlier.
Alexander Paine


Alex again waiting in the outer office of Thames House, that monolithic neoclassical monstrosity in which the Security Services keep their offices.  Designed by Sir Frank Baines, many found it to be a work of architectural brilliance.  Once Alex would have been one of these but no longer.  To him it was decrepit, a decaying structure that fairly represent that which it held.  


Ever since the second world war the british intellegnce services had been infultraited by agents of the opposition.  They said things were better now and maybe it was true but Alex wasn't sure.  Too often policy and management decisions seemed to go against the expressed purposes of the agency.  12 years ago they had renamed the British Security Service MI-5 but what had it changeds?  It was like the building, new plasterboard or panaling over the ancient walls  hid the rot but didn't cure it


How often had they complained of the ancient piping, Even with the new wiring for computers, it wasn't uncommon to here staff commenting on blackouts, floods and infestations.  In his office in the basement you could watch the elder, blotted spiders spin their webs in the darkening half light.  This moring by the thin vale of the dawns light and the undulating glow of the floresents he watched another spider spin it's web.  They were all spiders on the user side of the desk.  Insidious, deceitful calculating.  What was the line he mused, “Don't be taken in by their friendly grin, they're imagining how well you'ld fit inside their skin.”.



The office had been modernized and empty so to better hide it's secrets in the vast emptiness's of the day.  The large window offered a clear view of  Lambeth bridge and the Lambeth Palace on the east side of the river.  Dreary commuters were performing their dreary commute, making their way to jobs at which they would slowly die, inch by inch.


The control officer was typical of the new style dept head.  Hollywood Handsome, well groomed, the right club the right school, the right tie.  Eyes like a shark, ever hungry, ever hunting…


Alex contimplated what it meant that he was wearing a double windsor knoted tie.  A School tie.  Of course.  


He was talking so Alex decided to listen

"Sit Down, Alex.” Said Grant. His superior often called his field
agents by first name terms. The operatives themselves, however, would
usually only refer to Grant as "Sir".

Alex took the seat.  The office was sterile; its lack of human warm was only accentuated by the pompous use of his 1st name.  It was a ham handed display of power and position.  Did he think it was subtle or was it just a statement of arrogance, like a double Windsor a 6:45 in the morning?  


“Sir.”   Best to say too little then too much.

"I guess you are wondering why I, of all people, have called you, of
all people, here.”
It was strange that the counter-terrorist division of MI5 would want
the services of a "ghost hunter". The "Gadgets and Ghosts" division of
the secret service was considered a joke by the rest of the agency.
Despite this, they still continued to receive funding from MI6. They
also reported directly to MI6, which made the rest of MI5 paranoid
about them.
Coolly, Alex looked him in the eye.  “I will admit” he paused to choose his word.  “A 5AM summons did spark my curiosity” he lied.
"We have need of your particular expertise to track down a particularly
dangerous man."
Grant handed Alex a photo. The man was of Middle Eastern decent, but
tall for his race. He looked muscular, but his features were soft,
"This man has gone under many aliases. We don't know his real name. He
was last seen in South Wales. He is a member of an organization called
the Black Mask. We know very little about this organization, except
that they may have links to several terrorist organizations throughout
the world."
The Black Mask Alex pondered.  He had this image of PLO replacing their scarves with Domino masks and tuxedos.  Deciding it time to flip this briefing into an interrogation, he leaned back and closed his eyes for a second.  The image of the boy, this time wearing a domino mask crossed his mind.  Opening his eyes he nodded.  


“If I may sir, what do we know of this man?  Do we have an idea of his nationality, what's his belief system; is he Muslim, if so Shiite or Sunni?  If he's not religious has he been driven by any particular ideology or is he a mercenary?  Do we have any idea how he got into the country or where he came from?  What about know associates?   Does he have a specialty or is he a Jack-of-all-Trades?  Perhaps it would be easier if I could review his file.  


As to the “Black masks”, is that a translation of their own name, if so from what language is it from?  If not, it's a truly odd name for any terrorist organization, especially a Muslim one.  


"Our intelligence tells us that the Black Mask is some form of
fundamentalist religious organization. What religion they follow is
unclear, they are certainly not Muslims. However, they have been
involved in drug dealing, weapons smuggling, and more importantly
human trafficking."

“Not to be critical here sir but what you described is a criminal syndicate and not a terrorist organization.  What terrorist activities have they performed?  The religious aspect of this is likewise suspect.  Religious organizations name themselves for their deity, their beliefs or some moral or religious belief.  


Black mask is chosen for an ominous effect.  More like some street gang calling themselves the Southside Stranglers than Gods army of Liberation.  I would recommend you review any indications of a religious context to this organization with an eye towards its being cosmetic.   This belief is supported by the fact that none of the activities you mentioned are in support of the cause.  The PLO wants the destruction of Israel; Al Quida wants to bring about a Muslim revolution to the world.  What do these black masks want?”


Could it be a moniker that came bout because they met disguised and an outside agent so dubbed them?

"Our man was spotted In the Village of St Utar a week before the
disappearance of a young girl from the village."
He handed Alex a photo of Veronica.
"We believe he is responsible for her disappearance. You are to travel
to St Utar immediately and track this man down. We have booked a room
for you in the Dragon Tooth Inn. Once there you could start with the
local police."
”Who spotted him Sir?  How reliable is our information?  Why her and for what purpose.  If he's a terrorist than how does this support his cause?  If it's a crime syndicate than what's the profit?  Do we have any reason to believe he would still be in the vicinity?”


“While I'm reviewing the his file might I see those on the Black Masks, the police reports on her abduction and any information we have on her or her family.”


“Lastly sir, what particular skills do you think I have that make me an ideal choice for the assignment?  I only ask because you have stressed the oddness of this assignment and said, and I quote, "We have need of your particular expertise to track down a particularly dangerous man."



(OOC) Cool Site   MI5 official home page


(OOC.2)  Just something you might read as it could make a neat source of plots/tie in is Tim Powers Declare.  If read with any eye toward CoC it has a lot of potential.

(OOC.3)  Feel free to run me through reasonable  responces and activities.  Unless it has a major impact on how the character would behave or think I'm fine with assumptions like I would say hello, sit, drink coffee or the like.  Experiance tells me that allowing such minor assumptions speeds up joint post.  My feelings won't be hurt.

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