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Game Info
« on: April 13, 2007, 08:58:51 PM »
We are playing Shadowrun 3rd Edition.

Basically, the game is a multi-genre theme with cybertech meets Magic returned to the world.  Characters are "Shadowrunners", people with no official identities in a corporate run world where magic and elves/dwarves/odrcs are as common as heavily cybered warriors or Deckers (virtual reality based computer hackers).  Best way to get introduced is to pick up a shadowrun fictional novel at your local used book store.  Most give you a good look at the world and even a passing knowledge of game history and feel.

Here is the Wikipedia definition of game.  Though most is correct, the Corporations reflect a time later than the likely start date of my game (Some defunct corps are still active, some new corps do not exist)

And here is complete timeline to date we would be starting at:

Game date is 2060

Character Creation Rules:

Characters must be created by use of A-B-C-D-E priority rules for beginning characters in main rulebook.

Equipment purchased must be Availability 14 or less and/or if level specific can be no higher than Rating 6.  Any item that does not fit this rule requires GM approval.

Additionally, equipment and spells must be limited to books I have access to, as follows:

3rd edition Shadowrun Handbook
Shadowrun Companion
Street Magic
Magic In the Shadows
Man and Machine
Rigger Black Book (I have all 3 editions)
Cannon Companion
Fields of Fire

Please also note a 6 point maximum of edges/flaws.  Edges and Flaws not found in SR Companion must be approved by GM.

No spelluser may start as an Initiate.

Maximum grade of Alphaware to start.

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Re: Game Info
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2007, 07:13:00 PM »
         A GLOSSARY OF SLANG IN 2050

(vul) = vulgar
(jap) = Japanese or "Japlish" loan word
(brit) = British slang, or borrowed from British slang
v.  = verb
adj. = adjective
n. = noun

Ace, acing  adj.(brit)   Rubbish
Aggro n. (brit)  Trouble
Angel n.  A benefactor, especially an unknown one.
Arc  n.  An arcology
Arcstore v.  1) To compress a file and store it as an archive  2) (vul)  To lose or put away(e.g. "you can arcstore that")
Bagger, baggie n.(brit)   Policeman
Baldrick n. (vul) (brit)   Ork.
Banging adj.  (brit)  Superb.
Biff  n.(vul)   Woman (implies someone only good for sex)
Biz n.  Crime.  See also Business.
Blood n.(brit)   Ambulance, doctor.
Box   v.(brit)   To kill
Box, the  n.(brit)   Trideo screen
Boxed  adj.(brit)    Dead, broken, useless.
Breeder n. (vul)    Ork slang for a "normal" human.
BTL  (or "Beetle")  n.  Abbreviation for "Better Than Life"  A one-shot simsense chip that has been altered to produce dangerously intense sensory input,  especially ones that target the pleasure centers of the metahuman brain.  Extremely addictive, dangerous and illegal.
Business n.   In slang context, crime.  Also "Biz."
Buzz v.   Go away.  Buzz off.
Chipped adj.   1) Senses, skills, reflexes, muscles, and so on, enhanced by cyberware.   2)  To find it easy or have it prepared(e.g. "we've got it chipped Mr. J.")
Chummer n.  "Pal" or "Buddy".  A friend or trusted person.  Derivatives include"Chummlichien"   (germanic) and "Chumpadre"(hispanic) .  See also "Term"(brit).
Comm n.  Telecom, a modern telecommunications device analagous to the 20th century telephone.
Corp n., adj.  Corporation.  Corporate.
Dandelion Eater  n., adj. (vul)     Elf or elven. 
Dataslave n.  Corporate decker or other data processing employee.
Datasteal n.  Theft of data from a computer, usually by decking.
Deck n.  A cyberdeck .  v.   To use a cyberdeck, usually illegally.
Decker n.  Pirate cyberdeck user.  Derived from 20th century term "Hacker."
Deckhead n. (vul)   1) Simsense abuser.  2) Anyone with a datajack or chipjack.
Demi-tech n. (brit)   Cannibalized technology.
Dino n. (brit)    Unarmed policeman or security guard.
Dodgy adj. (brit)    Risky, unsafe, borderline illegal.
Downtime n. (brit)    Night.
Drek n. (vul)   A common curse word referring to any vile substance.  adj.  Drekky.
Dumped v.   Involuntarily ejected from the Matrix.
DX n. (brit)   Area far away.
Elvis adj. (brit)    Dead (e.g. "He was Elvis")
Exec n.  Corporate executive.
Fetishman n.  A talismonger, a dealer in magic-related supplies.
Flip  v. (brit)  Mug, rob, cheat.
Fluff  n. (brit)   Pollution, bad weather.
Frag  v.  (vul)   Common curse word, to harm, harass, damage or destroy.  adj.  Fragging.
FRO  v.  (brit)(vul)   Go away.  Abbreviation for  F___ Right Off.
Gator   n.(brit)   Big mouth.
Geek  v.   To kill.
Gilette  n.   Heavily cyber enhanced street muscle, a Street Samurai.
Go-Gang   n.   A biker gang.
Gonk (out)  v. (brit)   Sleep.
Gopi  n. (brit)(vul)   Young asian girl.
Gopping  adj. (brit)   Dirty, foul or polluted.
(Go) Whiteline   v. (brit)   To kill or stop.
Haircut  n.(brit)   Corporate employee.
Hilda  n. (brit)(vul)  Female troll.
Heatwave  n.   Police crackdown.
Hoi  adv.   Hi, Hello (familiar)
Hose   v.   Louse up, screw up.  Trash or destroy beyond recovery.
Ice  n.   Security software.  From "Intrusion countermeasures"  or IC.
Input  n.   Boyfriend or male sexual partner.
Jack   v.   1)Jack into, or enter cyberspace.  Jack out, or to leave cyberspace   (vul)  2)  To rape, esp. a male raping a female.
Jam hole  n.(brit)   Hiding place.
Jammie  n. (brit)   Vehicle.
Jander  v.   To walk in an arrogant yet casual manner;  to strut.
Ken  n.(brit)(vul)   Corporate worker.
Kylie   n.(brit)(vul)   Young British Girl, Girl next door.
Kobun  n.(jap)   Member of a Yakuza clan.
Mellow  n.(brit)  Stupid, air-headed person.  An idiot or fool.
Mop out  v.(brit)   To hide.
Mr. Johnson  n.  Refers to any anonymous employer or corporate agent.
Mundane  n. adj. (vul)   Non-magician or non-magical.  Ordinary.
Mycobrick  n.  Inexpensive  protien food base derived from gene tailored fungi.
Nutrisoy  n.  Cheaply processed food product derived from soybeans.
On  adj. (brit)   Fashionable.
Open  adj. (brit)   Crawling with police, generally unsafe.
Oppos  n.   Enemies (from opposition)
Output  n.   Girlfriend or female sexual partner.
Oyabun  n.(jap)   Head of a Yakuza clan.
Panzer n.   Any ground -effect combat vehicle.
Paydata  n.   A datafile worth money on the black market.
Pitch  n. (brit)   Corporate-administered area.
Pixie  n.(brit)(vul)   An elf.
Plazzy  n.(brit)   Cheap, shoddy or useless.
Plex  n.   A metropolitan complex or "metroplex."
Poli  n.   A policlub or policlub member.
Proff  v.(brit)   To steal.
Rags  n.(brit)   Cigarettes.  Also drugs.
Rak, rakkie   n.(brit)(vul)   Jerk.  Also a suburbanite.
Rakk off  v.(brit)(vul)   Go away.  also Rakking adj.   Useless.
Razorguy(girl)  n.   Heavily cybered samurai or other muscle.
Roller  n.(brit)   Rich person.
Rub  v.(brit)(vul)   To have sexual relations with.  also Rubbing  adj.  and Rub off/out  v.
Samurai  n.(jap)   Mercenary or muscle for hire.  Implies a code of honor.
Sarariman  n.(jap)   From "salaryman."  A corporate employee.
Screamer  n.  Any device, especially a Credstick or other ID that triggers an alarm if used.
Sep, septic  n.(brit)(vul)   American.
Seoul Man  n.  Member of a Seoulpa ring.
Seoulpa ring  n.   A small criminal gang with connections to other gangs like it.  Originally a Korean gang
Shaikujin  n.(jap)   Literally;"Honest citizen"  A corporate employee.
Simsense  n.  ASIST sensory broadcast or recording
Slamming  adj.(brit)   Fast, good.
Slim  adj.(brit)   Weak.
Slot  v.(vul)  A mild curse word (e.g. "slot you" or  "you slot !"  or "Hey !  Slot for brains !")
Slot and Run  v.  Hurry up.  Get to the point.  C'mon, let's get moving.
Snag  v.(brit)  To arrest.
Snakeboy(-girl)  n.(brit)   Street kid.
So ka  (jap)   I understand.  I get it.
Soykaf  n.  Erzatz coffee substitute made from soybeans.
Spammed  v.(brit)   Made to look a fool.
Spin it   v.(brit)(vul)  Get out of here.
Splash  v.(brit)   To blow up, hit, strike.
Sprawl  n.   A metroplex(see Plex)  v.   To fraternize below one's social level.
Squat  n.   Territory claimed by a particular homeless person or persons.  (see:Squatter)
Squatter  n.   A homeless person or urban nomad.
Squid  n.(brit)(vul)   Troll
Stan  n. (brit)(vul)  Male troll.
Steam  v.(brit)  To mug or steal from.
Steaming   adj.(brit)   Drunk.
Stiff  v.  To cheat or swindle.
Stretch  n.(brit)   Rastafarian
Suit  n.  A "straight citizen".  see also Shaikujin, Sarariman
System Identification Number(SIN)  n.  Identification number assigned to each person in the society.
Term  n.(brit)   Friend, trusted person.
Terminal   adj.(brit)   Good, great.
Trancer  n.(brit)   Substance addict.
Triad(s)   n.    Chinese organized crime.
Trid  n.  Short for Trideo.  Three-dimensional successor to video.
Trog  n.(vul)  An Ork or Troll.  From "troglodyte." (Ref's note:  Usually followed by the drawing of  weapons and the spilling of a great deal of blood.)
Ulu  n.(brit)  Middle of nowhere.
Vatjob  n.   A person with extensive cyberware replacement.  Reference is to a portion ot the process during which the patient must be submerged in nutrient fluid.
Wagemage  n.  A Magician (usually a hermetic)  employed by a corporation.
Wetwork  n.   Assasination, murder.
Wilma  n.(brit)   Suburban housewife.
Wired   adj.   Equipped with cyberware, especially enhanced reflexes.
Wizard (Wiz)  n.   A magician, usually a hermetic mage.   adj.   Great, wonderful, excellent.
Wizworm  n.   A dragon.
Wraith  v.(brit)   To kill.
Yak  n.(jap)   Yakuza .  Either a clan member or the clan itself.
Yakuza  n.(jap)   A loose affiliation of clans that are roughly analagous to  North American  organized crime.  They also act as an informal "police force" within their territory.  Being Yakuza is considered an honorable tradition in Japan.

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Re: Game Info
« Reply #2 on: May 27, 2007, 02:19:01 PM »
I am attaching a seattle metroplex map.

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