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The Story So Far
« on: July 20, 2006, 07:52:30 PM »
Part 1

The crew of the Jenny Allen, a small Scoutship, met at Far End Space Station in the lounge. While making final arrangements, the Baron got a strong feeling that they should be leaving quickly. Everyone made their way quickly to the ship and got on board and launched seconds before the space station locked down. The reason for the lock down was that a large group of Silth fighters were detected entering the system and heading towards the Space Station.
The Jenny Allen made her way to the exit Jump Point, engaging and destroying a Silth fighter along the way, allowing a Passenger Liner to escape the system. However, the Jenny Allen did not escape unscathed. The main airlock got damaged and rendered unusable, and the engines took a hit that caused a fire in the engine room, and then an explosion after the Jenny Allen entered hyperspace. The jump drive was damaged and the ship headed off towards parts unknown.
The fire in the engine room gets extinguished, with some minor injuries.
In reviewing the sensor information gathered during the battle, the crew discovered that the Space Station did take a missile hit right in the area of the lounge where they had initially met and that one or possibly two Silth fighters had showed up at the Jump point fairly close behind the Jenny Allen and may have attempted to follow her into hyperspace.

The Jenny Allen remains in hyperspace for nine days, during which time a lot of the damage is repaired and the engine room is cleaned up. The Jump Drive is not able to be repaired as most of the damage is on the outside of the ship. Likewise for the main airlock. Upon exiting hyperspace there is a bit of fancy flying to avoid the asteroid field that is near the entry point, then two habitable planets are detected and a large ship, 25 kilometers long, 6 kilometers wide and 4 kilometers tall is picked up orbiting the closet planet. The Jenny Allen is too badly damaged to attempt a planetary landing, but the ship has an open docking bay, so although attempts to hail it have no success, the crew decides to land on the mysterious ship. The docking bay doors are open because there is a large cargo container in the doorway off to one side that seems to be keeping the doors from closing.

The Jenny Allen is able to land without incident, the Baron detects that there is life aboard the large vessel but nothing specific or in the immediate vicinity, although a little later he does have mental contact with very disturbing presence.

Moments after the Jenny Allen lands, two smaller robots and two larger robots come out of a couple of airlocks near the back of the bay. The two larger robots simply stand by the airlock doors, one of the smaller robots walks over the Jenny Allen and does a visual inspection while the other one goes to a side area, climbs up to a catwalk and then into a control cab for a crane which he uses to move the cargo container out of the docking bay door area so the bay doors can now close and the cargo area can be repressurized.

The Medic and Zaras go on a scouting expedition, briefly communicating with the smaller robot that is inspecting the ship, then going through the airlock with one of the larger robots. Communication with them is lost shortly after they get onto some sort of subway car. The larger robot (or another similar one) comes back through the airlock and takes up it’s guard position again.

Phill, Dutch and Prescott had also gone outside the ship, staying on the roof and armed with laser rifles, a few explosives and a couple of sandwiches. Prescott inspects the ship, making a list of items that are required to do repairs, while Dutch and Phil keep tabs on the robots, Phill carefully lining up the smaller robot that has been inspecting the ship in his sights.
After some ribbing back and forth between the Doctor and the Baron, the rest of the crew is now suited up and armed and ready to join their crewmates on the top of the ship (which is where the emergency airlocks exit).
It has suddenly occurred to Dutch that the robot in the cab of the crane overhead has just moved into a spot where it will have a great view of top of Jenny Allen where the crew has been taking cover to stay out of sight and it will probably be only a matter of moments before it communicate the fact that there are several armed people on the roof to the other robots.

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The Story So Far
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2006, 02:18:13 AM »
Part 2

Phill fires at the smaller robot, The robot's clipboard falls to the floor as his arm melts in a flash of smoke and flame. It stands there and looks dumbly down at the clipboard

Dutch fires his rifle at one of the larger robots at the back of the landing bay, The robot falls backwards against the wall, leaning against it.

The Doctor hits the large Robot at the back of the bay dead center in it's chest, causing a very impressive display of sparks and smoke. However, the robot doesn't seem as impressed as everyone else as he promptly plugs the Doctor with shots from both hands. The Doctor doesn't fall, but is weaving a little. He retreats back into the doorway

Reegus and Phill both fire at the smaller robot in the cab of the crane, Reegus just misses, but Phill manages to wing him with a decent shot.

Ryan points his pistol up at the cab of the crane, then pulls it back down and starts fiddling with something on his pistol.

The other larger Robot limps into the airlock, still leaking fluid from his arm, punches a button with it's good arm, then gets chucked to the back of the airlock as Dutch nails him again, destroying the robots other arm.

Ryan calls out, "Someone keep that door from closing!"

Dutch yells "I'll get it!" and jumps off the top of the ship and starts running across the landing bay, taking another shot at the robot that shot the Doctor as he dashes towards the airlock.

Reegus snaps a quick shot off at the robot in the cab of the crane, the laser bolt deflects off of the chest of the robot and into the control box of the crane, causing a fairly impressive display of sparks and a sizable dent in the robot.

The larger robot switchs it's targeting from the Doctor to Dutch but obviously suffers some sort of malfunction as it blasts the small robot under the ship with it's stunner. The targeting error is quickly corrected as Dutch gets grazed on the arm by the laser pistol. While it is shooting, it also moves over a couple of meters to get some cover behind a stake of crates.

Happily humming the "short people" song, Phill blasts one of the arms completely off of the robot in the cab of the crane, adding a nice little fireball to the spark display.

Prescott leans over the edge of the ship slightly to see the other small robot that just got blasted by the larger robot. Like shooting fish in a barrel, he pops a shot into the robots head and it promptly topples over.

Ryan and Toulan both squeeze off shots at the robot in the crane, but the sparks and the fireball must be distracting as they both miss and the robot sinks out of sight to the floor of the crane cab.

Dutch basically rolls off the top of the Jenny Allen, landing heavily with a 'woof' but on his feet. He starts moving toward the closing airlock.

Ryan quickly says to the others, "Give me some cover." He then rises up and races to follow Dutch.

Reegus fires a shot into the crates that the last remaining robot is hiding behind, damaging the crates but not much else. He does however shift the crates just enough that Phill gets a quick glimpse at the robot and nails him right below the neck with a very lovely shot. There is a small explosion and the robots head does an impressive arc through the air, bounces off the back wall and rolls to a stop on the deck about 10 meters away.
Prescott starts making his way down the ladder, Ryan jumps down, stumbles a little and takes off after Dutch who is making a mad dash towards the closing airlock door.

Dutch does a final sprint to try and get to the Airlock before the door finishes closing, but doesn't quite make it. He makes an impressive dive to try and stretch and get his rifle jammed into the doorway but misses by a fraction of a second. Ryan is right behind him, but just a little too far away to do anything. The door closes.
Everything gets quiet in the landing bay, other than a few snaps and pops from the shot up robots.

A bit of a recap the Jenny is parked basically in the center of a large landing bay, which is about 150 meters wide and 100 meters deep and 40 meters high.

There are the large bay doors behind her that open into space, but are now closed. There are the two airlock doors against the back wall, about 30 meters apart that the robots came out of. The door on the right hand side is now closed, Dutch is just picking himself up off the floor in front of it and Ryan is now standing there with him. Prescott is on his way over as well. Behind that particular door is a shot up large robot, quite likely out of commission. This is the same door that Zaras and the Medic went through earlier.

The door on the left is still open. A couple meters ahead and to the left of the door is a fairly large stack of crates, stacked 4 meters high, 2 meters deep and about 6 meters long. Each individual crate is about a meter long and 1/2 a meter deep and wide. Several of these near one end have now been shot up and the second large robot is laying in pieces behind the crates, his head is laying further away, about half way between the two airlock doors.

There are a few other stacks of crates along the back wall as well. One stack appears to be barrels of some sort rather than crates. This one is towards the right hand wall.

On the far left hand side of the bay, there are some vehicles, small tractors and forklifts that would be used for moving cargo and there is a ladder leading up to a catwalk which gives access to the cab of a crane that is mounted on the ceiling. There are cables and rails along the ceiling that allow the crane to move around above the landing bay. The catwalk extends around the back of the landing bay and to the far right hand wall. There is another ladder on the right hand wall. This ladder goes up to the catwalk, then appears to continue up to a hatch in the ceiling. There also seems to be some sort of control booth at floor level against the right hand wall. There is also a stack of large freight car size cargo containers against the right hand wall, stacked two high and six across.

The crane itself is about 15 meters above the Jenny Allen and about 25 meters to the left.
There is a small robot presumably still in the cab of the crane and there is still a little smoke coming out of the cab. There is still a cargo container hanging from the crane. The bottom of the cargo container is about 3 meters above the deck.

Doctor Octavius Gribble, The Baron Toulaan, Phill, and Reegus are still on top of Jenny, since that is where her emergency airlocks come out. There is a small, no longer functioning, robot lying on the ground underneath the Jenny.

Doc goes into Jenny to get a replacement arm for his Space Suit
Dutch finishes getting up off the floor and looks at the arm of his suit
"Damn, I'd better get mine fixed too, Hey Doc, can you grab a spare suit arm for me while you are in there?"
He then moves over to the other airlock door
"The inside door is still closed on this one, I bet if I stick a crate or part of this dead bot in the doorway so it can't close, then the inside door won't open"
He starts dragging the torso of the dead bot over towards the door.

Phill up the ladder and onto the catwalk, then climbs out onto the crane girder and moves reasonably quickly out to the cab of the crane. The robot can be seen laying on the floor of the cab of the crane, not moving and some smoke still coming out of the hole where the arm use to be attached, the arm itself is laying against the wall of the cab.
It takes a minute or so to figure out the best way to get off of the girder and into the cab of the crane, but he gets in safely.
Part of the control panel is damaged from a deflected laser bolt, but it looks like it can still raise and lower the cargo container.

Phill shoots the robot in the head, throws the robot to the floor after yelling look out bellow.... then tries to lower the container on it. There is a resounding crash as the container does a free fall drop for the last 2 meters. The thing is the size of a freight car, so everybody jumps... But it does squash what's left of the robot quite nicely.

Prescott spends a couple minutes practicing with the forklift, then hops off to look at the grey powder that is in the crates.

An inspection of the crates reveals that there is tar and cement powder. The cement powder would probably be mixed with large amounts of sand, gravel and water to make concrete, and there is enough powder here to make an awful lot of concrete if you had the other ingredients.
After checking out the forklift, Prescott can tell you that it is very old, but well maintained. Some of the parts are new but the design is one that hasn't been used in decades. Nothing about what you saw of the ship while landing or flying by seemed familiar to any of you.
The robots are also of a design that you don't immediately recognize, but might seem vaguely familiar in some regard. Perhaps similar to something you may have seen in a museum somewhere?

Toulaan goes to the door last closed by the damaged robot and tries to scry beyond it.
The doors themselves are metal, but there are plexiglass portals in them. The inside and outside doors are both closed in the airlock that the damaged robot is in, you can see the robot just laying there inside the airlock, it isn't moving at all. You can see a corridor that extends past the airlock on the other side, but nothing moving there.
The other airlock is open on the docking bay side and closed on the far side. Looking out the portal on the far side, there is a short 3 meter room, then a stairway going down. There is some light coming from down the stairway. There is a keypad on the inside of the airlock and what looks like a card reader attached to it. The only other exit that you are aware of is the ladder going up to the ceiling off the catwalk (and the main bay doors of course  )

Reegus is fascinated by the one green container in a sea of gray ones, so he heads that way to check it out. Since it has many "normal" doors and no apparent ramp, he'll take a look at the center-most door on the side nearest him and see if he can find any lock or security on it. Reegus scoots up with no problem, there is a ladder in one corner of the gray container, then scoots a couple meters over along a ledge to the first door.
It opens into what strongly resembles a dorm room, or a crew cabin on a small ship. It has a single bed (no mattress or sheets) and a desk and a small closet and not much more. It's about 4 meters by 3 meters. That would make it the full width of the container, but it looks like it is only about half the height. There doesn't appear to be another exit from the room
There is enough of a ledge that it is fairly easy to move from door to door. The next door has a stairway that goes up half the height of the container (level with the ceiling in the first room) then has doors to the left and right that open into rooms that are similiar to the first one.
Near the middle of the container, there are a couple different rooms. On the bottom floor is a larger common area that has a kitchen, a laundry area, and what seems to be an entertainment room. Again, these are laid out with some basic items that are bolted done (counters, tables, etc) but nothing that is loose. Above that room on the second level is what is probabaly an office with several workstations.
You figure the whole container seems to be something you might put down on a worksite for a large construction project.
This is confirmed when the first couple grey containers are looked at and they contain earth moving equipment, steam rollers and other construction equipment.

The group comes to the conclusion that this ship feels more and more like an arkship or colonization ship of sorts although the size and outdated equipment are puzzling.

Prescott takes a few minutes to look at the airlock door mechanism, it seems to be a pretty secure setup and would require either an appropriate keycard to open or likely some sort of signal from a robot since a quick check of the robots doesn't reveal any cards on them. Bypassing the mechanism could be very difficult.
Dutch looks at the scratching of heads and says "Ok guys, stand back and let me slot my authorization card up this locks arse" Shoving his pistol back in its holster he grabs from his utility belt something that resembles a protien stick. Ripping the orange rapper off it, he slaps on the lock something that resembles sticky plastic. "Time for this party to see some fireworks" Dutch says, as he sticks in the timing detonator. 'Oh yeah, you guys might want to find somewhere to hide; that is unless you want the inside of this docking bay to be in a reddish colour." Dutch sets the timer for an appropriate countdown.
Just as Dutch is about to stick in the timing detonator, the Doctor does a very impressive looking spin kick, hitting Dutch in the chest and knocking him back a foot or so from the airlock door. He staggers backward a couple more feet, "Son of a bitch!" Dutch gasped trying to catch his breath,  "Bloody hell, Doc! All you had to do was to asked me to hold up,"
He bends down and picks up the detonator and clicked the button on showing the small green LED flashing; he then clicked it off. " I can't blame you for being tense," Dutch gave a cough,"But Duck me fead, you can certainly throw a kick!"
"Sorry Dutch, I guess I get kinda twitchy at the thought of having to breathe vacuum."
The Doc pulls out his med kit and a 'nano patch' to heal the bruise.
Dutch begins to chuckle and shake his head. "Don't worry about it Doc, I've had worse." Dutch said as put the detonator back in his utility belt.

Phill decides to check out the hatch while he is up on the catwalk, there is a wheel in the center of the hatch which sticks a bit when he turns it, but does move with a bit of effort and a disturbing grinding noise. The hatch then pushes up, a couple of liters of dirty water dribbles out and the ladder extends up into a dark access tunnel of some sort.
Phill is surprised as he sticks his head up into the tunnel to take a look around and sees a very large rat staring back at him. He's even more surprised a second later when he could swear the rat says "Crap!" and turns and starts running down the tunnel into the darkness.

Phill puts his rifle in the hall and blasts off a few rounds to discourage any other rats from getting too close to his sandwiches. He shouts to the rest of the folks below.. "Guys there is something alive in here... really big talking rats."

A voice comes from down the tunnel:
"Hey you big git! What the hell are you shooting at me for? I'm not the one coming into your home uninvited?"
Sniff Sniff
"Hey, are those fresh sandwiches? Hey guys, the big fellow has snacks!"

Prescott and Toulann climb up to the catwalk and walk over to the short ladder that Phil is standing on. Dutch and the Doctor are close behind. Toulann pauses for a moment and concentrates, then gets the following response to a mental message he has sent to the rat.
" If he's that trigger happy over sandwiches, what the hell does he do over beers? "

The doctor hurries over as the baron and Phil seem to be having some kind of panic attack. "Talking rats! Classic symptoms..." he says to himself. He plunges one tranquilizer into the baron's buttock (bonus from behind) then starts climbing the ladder with the other in his teeth until he can reach the next patients leg.

Snorting a quick chuckle Toulaan replies psychically to the little furry creature, "Uh, you probably wouldn't want..." The thought is interrupted by the doctor's misguided attempt to help. Toulaan yells, "FRELL DOC! What the frell did you do that for?" Upon feeling the needle bury itself into his backside Toulaan jerks his leg, hopefully discouraging the doctor from further unrequested help with a knock to his head or upper body. He then returns to speaking with the hungry creature, "You or your kind didn't help me out earlier did you? I noticed a very strong and malevolent psychic presence."

The rat replies, "The big nasty's don't bother with us and we don't do anything to attract their attention"

The doctor moves closer to Phill, talking in calm placating tones. "That's okay, Phil. You just have a sit down for a minute." He starts to put the syringe away as he reaches out to guide the poor, deluded spaceman to a convenient seat. His efforts to calm Phil down are disturbed somewhat when Phill gets about half way down the ladder and a large rat head (presumably attached to a large rat body) pokes out from the hatch and says
"Hey, where are you taking the dude with the food?"
The doctor looks from the rat, to Phil, back to the rat, to the baron and then somewhat wistfully at the syringe. He hesitates for a moment then packs the syringe away and takes a very long draught from his hip flask.

"Hey, you've got dope and booze too? Have you got a new deck of cards by any chance?"
The rat's head is rapidly darting back and forth while he is talking, keeping an eye on everyone that is anywhere near the hatch.
The baron is thinking "I had a question for the telepathic, snack, dope and booze questing, card playing giant rat, what was it and why isn't this disturbing me? I'm sure something about this whole situation is odd" “Have you got any information on this ship?”

"Information on what ship? There's Tunnels and there's Open Spaces. Tunnels are nice and dark and friendly, Open Spaces get too bright and scary. Too many other Things in the Open Spaces, even when they get dark. But sometimes good for trading with...
Do you need a Card to get to the Open Space? Trade you one for a good deck of playing cards and some brew, too busy to stop for long and play though"

Feeling just fine Toulaan continues the discussion, "What kind of other things are there? Can you describe them to us? Perhaps you can give me a mental picture of them and tell us how friendly each one is? A card would be greatly appreciated. As long as it will get us out of this room it'll be better than we have. Do you have many of those cards?"

The rat sniffs the air and jerks his head from side to side...trying to look at everyone and everything at once. "Yep. A small bottle of what he's drinking" nodds in the direction of the doctor "..a six pack, sum munchies, a pack of cards fer der card."
"If yer really wanted to know a bit bout dis place...well I cud be showing yers... ders a beeg open space but I don't go dere cos der robots don't like fact most everybody day don't like"
He stops sits up on his hind quarters, pulls a small harness round to the front of his body, pulls out a stoogie, lights it with a lighter...then starts puffing away on it.
Well...dere is loads of udder thngs around but deys not places I wud go to..oh no not me ..I's to smart fer that.."
He squints a bit...(he's concentrating) and puffs away on the cigar.
"Dere is sum kind of Pooch what lives in a garden planty uses mind drainy thingumes...det try kill you dead by sucking der life outta you....I cud show you...rather not cus I'S a SMART rat..." he says tapping the side of his head with a paw.

Toulaan gets a mental picture of what he could swear is a werewolf wearing an armoured breastplate and carrying a spear.

"Dis card ere" he says holding the card up..."dis will let you use the train wot takes youse to a big living area where dere are udders who might be willings to trade..." he says with a smile.
"....if you is interested I cud be persuaded with sum bonus munchies...?" he holding out a paw.

While the others do the haggling with the rat, Prescott drifts away from the cluster.
He then resumes the search for materials which (for him) had been interrupted by the open the door episode.
Ryan joins Prescott. "Let me know if you find anything. Something about this place doesn't feel right to me."
They find enough cabling to repair the cabling that got destroyed, and scavenge enough electronics and other parts from some of equipment that is in the bay and in the freight containers to jury rig alot of the damaged parts. A machine shop would be needed to tool some of the more specific pieces for the engine that were ruined by the blast. A heavy duty welder would be handy too for patching the hull. There is a small one in the ship that will do in a pinch, but would be very slow going and require alot of recharging.
Prescott reports back to Ryan "Okay, Captain, here's the deal. Good news is that we've found some stuff that we can use for most of the repairs"
"Bad news is that we're definitely lacking heavy equipment for hull and engine repairs."
"Any chances that the others got some data from ratty ?"

"Me names Gustav"..shouts Gustav his ears picking up the word rat mentioned in conversation some distance away.
He scampers over to Prescott and Ryan
"Big Machines? You want Big machines to mend your big machines?"
He smiles. "I know of some tribe of others who live down the other end of the big place that worship.." here he stops and rolls his eyes "summit called der engines." He shrugs "anyways they must have sum cos they is always..." stops and thinks "performing Main Tane Incense rituals on them.."
"What ever dey are..." he says doubtfully and shrugs.

"so the deal is a laser pistol, some food, some drink, some blankets AND lets not forget the shiny beads..."

The Doc nips back to the space ship to pick up a spare laser pistol for the rat.
He grabs a couple of spare cells, some homebrew in a sample container, a ration pack and stuffs them in a small pack for him.
He switches his suit for some armour. He also takes one of the laser rifles and a spare cell for it.
He hiccups.
He leaves the ship and goes over to Gustav the rat and tosses the satchel to it.
"Careful with that rotgut. I think my recipe needs adjusst, adjjjuss, tweaking."
He declines the card and lets Prescott take it.
"If you get your fingers blown off make sure you pick them up and bring them to me."
He chuckles, starting to finally show a less manic side of his pershonality.

Dutch decides that he'll go back to the ship and suit up for heavy combat, plus he'll add a few extras to his arsenal (such as, nuclear detonator)  
He picks up two of each of the grenades. He examines them for a label on how to use them.
"I'm sure I'll work it out if I need to."
He wanders back out, testing the strength of  the armour on the unarmoured Baron as their paths cross.
"Pardon me!"

Toulaan heads back into the ship for some body armor. "I doubt we'll see much vacuum with the rodent guiding us. He doesn't seem to be worried about needing a pressure suit." he thinks to himself along the way.
He rummages about in the armoury for a laser rifle and holsters the pistol. "Everyone ready?" he asks as he departs the Jenny Allen.

Prescott puts the green card into the slot by the door inside the airlock, and the door opens up. He does the same thing for the inside door and it opens as well.

Everyone trundles down the hallway, which is about 2.5 meters wide, and 3 meters tall. (about 8 feet wide, 10 feet tall). It is quite well lit, with white glowing panels in the ceiling, although occasionally there is one that is burnt out or dim. The floor is quite dusty, you can clearly see the footprints of where Zaras, the Medic and the robot were walking earlier.
Dutch is in the lead, followed by Reegus and Gustav, then Phill and Prescott and finally Toulann and Dr. Gribble taking up the rear and providing support to the others either medically, violently or sarcastically.
 They travel about 300 meters, then the corridor opens up into a wider area.

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Re: The Story So Far
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2007, 04:14:18 AM »
Part 3a

Everyone trundles down the hallway, which is about 2.5 meters wide, and 3 meters tall. (about 8 feet wide, 10 feet tall). It is quite well lit, with white glowing panels in the ceiling, although occasionally there is one that is burnt out or dim. The floor is quite dusty, and clearly shows the footprints of Zaras, the Medic and the robot.

The doctor presses the "close door" button as he moves through the door, just behind the baron, grinning as the group jumps and turns at the sudden sound.

"A bit jumpy boys?, I've got something for that..." he says, slapping his medpac.

Gustav looks behind him, for the way he would need to run to if everything went pear-shaped only to see the airlock doors shutting.. He gives a slight grimace..and draws his pistol ready. He peeks forward past the bulk of Dutch...

The corridor is wide enough for the group to travel side by side, Dutch is in the lead, followed by Reegus and Gustav, then Phill and Prescott and finally Toulann and Dr. Gribble taking up the rear and providing support to the others either medically, violently or sarcastically.

After about 300 meters, the corridor opens up into a wider area.

"Well Phill, I think it's time to earn our whoring money," Dutch said. "You and me up front Phil...that's unless anyone else wants to get shot at first?" Dutch turned to Toulaan and said, 'Keep your mind out for the other two. We don't want to blast them...particulary the medic." Regus, I think you should stay with the Doc, after all you are the pilot." says Dutch as he gave a small wink at the Doc. Dutch turned towards the open area and pulled out his rifle and released the safety switch. Anyone taking notice would see the motto scratched in the back of his helmet saying "Live Fast, Die Young".

"Sounds like a fair plan to me," Reegus replies while fumbling with his small pistol.

"Aye, Aye.” Toulan responds  “Although all this metal is difficult to scrye through, I'll alert you to their presence once I find them."

"Ahem!" The doctor coughs through his swig of restorative. "You have a perfectly good medic here." He looks worriedly at Dutch. "We have only been in space for a short time and already you are developing feelings for the nurse..."

Dutch stopped, turned and replied,"Feelings...?" His face turned pale when he saw the questioning look on the others faces. "Don't fret Doc" his voice deeper and gruffer, "You're still the best gut splitter I know." Dutch could still see the look of doubt about him and said," The Doctor...,"he frowned at the Doc looking back smugly," revealing his twisted sense of hucking fumour." He then looked the others in the eye and says "And if anyone here insinuates that I'm a shucking firt lifter I'll ram his teeth so far down his throat he'll be shoving his toothbrush up his arse to clean his teeth! With that Dutch turns around and started down the corridor.

"Lead on dutch” says Phill. “I like to shoot at things... and that toothbrush thing reminds me of this hazing they once did to... this guy... at basic... who wouldnt shut up. Man it was soooo funnny. The guys were laughing about it for years, I mean WE were...."

He notices people looking and trails off into silence...

The doctor's deadpan voice suddenly sounds worried, "Hey Dutch, whats that critter crawling on your boot?" He levels his Las rifle at the many legged organism ...

“What Many legged critter near Dutchs foot...? " thinks Gustav, taking a quick look around, checks own feet..
"Oh CRAP!" realising what the Doc meant...and dives out of the way... "It's ME, It's ME DON'T F&%@ing SHOOT!!"

As Dutch looks over his shoulder and turns his foot. He is shaken by the doctors low whistle at the universally recognized homosexual pose that he has been tricked into assuming.

Before he can swear again the doctor soothes him.

"Shush Dutch, honey. Don't sweat it. Remember if it happens in deep space or prison it doesn't count."

The doctor assumes a defensive posture using the Baron as partial soft cover.

Dutch clenches his fists as much as his jaw and says through clenched teeth."Laugh it up Doc, just make sure you hide your toothbrush when we get back to the SHIP!" He strides off ready to shoot the first thing in sight.

In the open area that Dutch strides into, the first thing in sight seems to be a robot sitting behind a ticket counter.  The area resembles a subway station, to the right is a set of tracks, no train at the moment. Slightly in front of the tracks is a ticket counter with the robot sitting behind it. There is an open area with a few chairs directly in front of the group, and on the wall to the left are what appear to be a couple of elevators and a couple of doors.

Dutch in his anger walks over to the ticket dispensing robot and says icely, "So when’s the next transport?", his finger tapping the trigger guard of his rifle.

Phill chimes in, "Out of the way Dutch I got this one... I don't like robots... grumble" and levels his largest weapon at the robot...

"Perhaps if we just get tickets...?" Gustav says hopefully, wanting to avoid a firefight. "I suspect just shooting it will just attract security..." He continues looking around nervously..

"Where is it you would like to .... “ the robot starts to say, then "Oh my!" as Phill levels his gun at him. As Phill gets closer to the robot he can see that it isn't actually standing behind the counter, it's built into the counter, a torso with arms and a head but no legs connected directly to the counter top.

The doctor walks up and speaks to the robot. "Can I get a first class, one way ticket to hell. Please."

Phill, still keeping his gun pointed at the robot says "Answer the man you talking hunk of metal". He clicks off the safety and puts the targeting laser on the robots forehead.

The robot responds in a polite voice, "We don't have a location called 'hell', is there some other destination you would like? Perhaps Guest Quarters?, can I please see your clearance card? Thank you."

"Show him the card Phil, just be ready to show him the way to hell if necessarry!" drawls the Doc.

Dutch joins th conversation "Where we can obtain a Jump Drive for our ship, Can you tell us where we need to go?"

Gustav the Rat pipes up,  "That technological stuff? Didn't I mention that? Well, I think there's a odd group who worship that sort of stuff...they live at the end of the line.." he reminds Dutch rather hesitantly, after all Dutch has a gun..

Dutch looks at the rat still trying not to think of that ancient movie with a big rat and some kind of mutunt ninja turtles. "Right...." Dutch turns back to the bot and says, "Next question. Did you see two others that passed by here a little while ago?"

"Oh yes!, they've gone to the Guest Apartments, would you like to go there as well? I can summon that car for you, the attendant at that station will be able to assist you and check in your weapons and armor for you if needed”
The robot seems to sound relieved to be able to answer a question finally. As he says this, he starts to reach for a button on his console, it is one in a bank of several similar looking buttons. His hand pauses above it while he is looking at Dutch, waiting for a reply.

Dutch looks at the robot suspiciously and says, "Not just yet." Dutch then turns to Phil and whispers "If that bot so much as goes for that bucking futton...Blast it." Dutch then walk over to the captain. "Something is up." He says, tapping his trigger guard."I think we need to get the ship fixed first before we search for the others...what do you want to do cap?"

Gustav, having seen the robot press the button... "ahh 'spect the train will be here soon..." he says trying to reassure the more anxious (read impatient) armed members and trying to prevent a firefight over a misunderstanding. Just in case, he also eases over by one of the pillars, getting some cover ust in case there is an accidiental discharge of weapons.

Prescott Harland walks up to Phill, "Rein down your horses Phill. Not time to go rampaging" Expecting the car to arrive soon through the big blast doors Prescott joins Gustav behind the left pillar. Speaking to the robot as he moves for cover "Tell me, where do the elevators and stairs lead?."

“The stairs lead up to the gardens, as do the elevators, although the elevators also leads to other areas, but they are closed pending maintainance" says the bot.

The Esper sneers dubiously, "Just how long has this maintenance been pending?" While waiting for the answer the Baron sighs forelornly to himself, "I knew I should have taken those electro courses."

"Just being curious ... what are those areas closed ?" says Prescott

The Robot responds.  "Ahh, sorry for the misunderstanding, it is the elevators that are closed for maintenance; the other areas are open, providing that you have the proper clearances of course. The maintenance on the elevators has been pending for ....... ....... ...... ...... 18 years, 3 months, 11 days, 8 hours, and 17 minutes."
There is a slight a clicking sound coming from within the robot’s head during the pause before he says how long the elevators have been waiting for maintenance.

"Hey tin-man. I have something to cure that rattle." Says the doctor as he rumages in his medical kit for some insta-cast spray.

Prescott glances at doctor "Humans ain't enough for you Doc ?" returning his attention to the clerkbot "I fear we are not used to this area ... do you have any kind map at hand ?"

Dutch comments, "You don't know the half of it." he looks at the Doc rummaging through his bag. "Last time he tried to fix a love bot that had a nasty twitch." Dutch smirks to himself at the memory. "Man, the owner was not happy when he went to use her, she squealed like Silthy bitch on heat!"

Phill pipes up, feeling the gun getting heavier and histrigger finger getting itchy, waiting for the robot to move... "When you guys are done talking to the robot, can I shoot him?"

"I wouldn' he's got friends with bigger guns than yours..." Gustav adds helpfully.

"That way...the way that goes to the garden...wouldn't go there..." he says shaking his head "...heard there's big mind-melty type creatures with claws n' fangs n' udder nasty stuff"

"Stand down, Phill," Dutch says. "Save your ammo for something that's worth it." He notices the disappointment on Phill's face and reassures him further, "Our rat friend here says there's creatures out there with claws and fangs and the best part, they bleed."

"But Dutch, I really like the way robots spark when you pop them... well maybe we'll find some bigger ones."
Looking dissatisfied Phill mumbles almost inaudibly "just wanted... stupid ... metal.... wrong with that?"

"Don't worry Phill” says Dutch “As soon as we find some nasties you can spray their intestines all over the plucking face." Dutch reassured. This put an anxious glint in Phill’s eyes. "But make sure you leave some for me and Reegus here." Dutch said as he slaps Reegus on the back of the shoulder. "Ain't that right ."says Dutch with a hint of amusement in his voice.

The Doctor suddenly moves right up to the robot.
"Hold still, this will hurt me more than it hurts you..."
He fills a syringe with a mixture of coagulant and plasma replacement, grabs the droids head and tries to inject the foaming mixture through an orifice.

The robot starts flaying his arms, trying to push the Doctor away as the Doctor trys to get him in a headlock, the Doc manages to jam the syringe into the robots ear just as the robot hits a fairly large red button on the panel in front of him. At the same time there is a rattling and clanking that sounds like it's an approaching train car.

"Ungrateful mechanoid. Snarls the doctor."
He steps away from the robot and casually awaits the arrival of the train.
"Hey, ratfink. I'll bet you a free healthcheck that the security droids get here before the train."

Gustav rolls eyes and slaps his own forehead

“Tch , we'd better offer them the doc that will save us trouble ... now and after." Says Prescott

"I dare say I would worry less about my injuries." the Esper mutters into Prescott's ear.

Prescott cannot help but suppress a laugh and whispers back “At the very least he can act as a sanitizer if he breathes upon a wound, with all the alcohol he exhales there would be no chance at infection “

A single train car pulls up and stops, the door to the car opens up. At the same time, the large blast doors on the opposite wall from the hallway the group entered start to open, then stick abit and start to grind. A set of large mechanical feet can be see on the other side of the blast door, about three feet in diameter.

The doctor is first onto the train. "Let's go!" He yells. "Ratty, assume the position...."

"Everybody, MOVE!" Dutch yells, his rifle aimed towards the blast doors. Dutch backs towards the train keeping a close eye on the blast doors.

There is a brief blur of movement and then Gustav taps the doctor on the back.
"What position would that be exactly...?" he says looking for (better) cover inside the train... "I told you that might happen...or did I?...Ohh well, the devja-vu's been playing up a bit recently..." he says tapping the side of his head with a worried expression.

The Baron follows the newly acquired furry ally into the train and finds a spot away from the opening (preferably out of line of sight from the blast door.)

There's a horrible metal on metal screeching sound as the blast door slowly jerks up a little further...

The doctor tries to keep the image of twenty lab rats pinned out ready to be examined by schoolchildren.

"So its a mental problem, is it?" He casts a professional eye over the large rodent. "I have a reasonable success rate with that kind of thing." The doctor starts rummaging through his bag, oblivious of the S.E.P. outside.

Holy sh**!" says Prescott when he sees the large feet behind the door. Quickly thinking, he turns to the clerkbot "Would you mind sending us asap on our way when we're ... (hesitation) all aboard." "There will be no need of your guard friend once we've taken this guy (showing the culprit) out of here."
The robot responds in a slow distant voice. “Of cccooourrssse, once everyone is on bbbbbooooaarrddd I willll senddd the ttrraaaiin onn it'ss wayyyy...”

One eye flicking back towards the nasty little robot he does not trust, Phill occasionally levels his gun at the new threat and backs towards the train... letting the others get on first. Humming... "pop pop fizz fizz.. oh what....hmm mm mm mmm mmm"

Prescott sighs “Everyone on board gentlemen ! Unless you wanna have a look at big foot!" then jumps in the train, looking nervously at the god-be-praised slowly raising blast door.

Dutch turns to Phill. "Ok Phill, everyone’s on board, so let’s get the huck outta fere." Dutch says as he pushes the door closed behind Phil. "That bucking fobot is gunna pay big time when we get back!"

As soon as the door to the train car closes, the train starts moving. Just as it heads into the tunnel, there is a loud screen and a bang, the blast door has finished opening and you get just a glimpse of the robot behind it as you head off into the tunnel.


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Re: The Story So Far
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Part 3b

Gustav looks somewhat anxiously from side to side... "Are we nearly there yet?"

The doctor finally finishes rummaging in his pack and draws out a syringe with a large needle on it. "I knew I had some veterinary supplies in here somewhere."
He flicks open a cutthroat razor in is other hand and give a reassuring (his best professional one) smile. "Come to poppa little guy..."

Prescott is seriously starting to doubt his boss' sanity for taking this looney Doc aboard. He wishes he had a stunner/paralyzer to get him off everyone's nerves.

The train travels for about three minutes before it goes past another station. The quick glimpse of the station looks rather odd, it seems to be overrun with vines or roots, the air also seems to be getting more humid. Some of the roots look like they go right over the edge of the platform and towards the tracks. There has been a few splashes in the last 15 or 20 seconds as the train has gone through some puddles and the wheels of the train have been screeching more than they did at the beginning of the trip. The tunnel ahead is less well lit and appears to be sloping downward and to the right, which would be moving closer to the middle of the ship. There is a disturbing "Thump" that comes from the floor, as if something was just run over just as the car goes past the station.

"Speak about a rundown place." "Whoever was in charge no longer seems to be here." Says Prescott

Dutch yells over the rattle and screeching, "First bit of road kill this train seen I'll bet!" commenting on the crunching noise. He looks over at Gustav the rat and says, "Hope it wasn't anyone you knew?"

Gustav flinches somewhat. Then looks over at the others. Then speaks to Dutch with a shrug "Possibly..just hope it was Uncle Scratt...never liked Uncle Scratt.." He stubs out the remains of his cigar, and gets another out, lights it and starts puffing away nervously.

Baron Toulaan watches stoically as the scenery goes by, apparently in a trance.

The Doctor finally realises that his behaviour is being ignored. He puts away the syringe and sits iquietly in his seat studying his razor. He looks at the baron from time to time.

Dutch looks over at Gustav lighting up, 'Yeah, I know what you mean" he says, starting to get used to the furry rodent,"I had an Uncle I didn't like too," Dutch thought he might light up a cigar as well. "The bucking farstard met an unfortunate himself sucked out of the air lock."** Dutch says as he leans back and puffs away with a smirk on his face.

The Baron continues looking out the window as a maniacal chuckle echoes through the Doctor's mind. Apparently, nobody else heard or noticed the Esper do or say anything.

Phill looks out the window wistfully looking for some vent for his destructive feelings. Feeling his stomach grumble he thinks he should have packed more sandwiches. He glances over at the big rat again...

As he glances out the window, Phill notices that there are still a lot of roots/vines along the side wall. They are noticeable because of the way the orange flickering light coming from ahead of the train further up the tunnel reflects off the wet glistening surface of the roots/vines...

He looks around the car, it’s a single car train with a small automated cab section at the front. There is a fairly large window in the door that opens into the cab section which allows you to look ahead if you were standing in front of the door. There also seems to be some sort of vending machine near the back of the car which might dispense snacks of some sort... 

As soon as Phill spots vending machine he decides that important is important... checks his pouches for credits and then decides that he'll just bash his way into the food.... ummm food. He ignores everything else and starts heading towards the vending machine.

The doctor calmly listens the newest voice to start speaking in his head. "Find anything funny in there?" He mutters, looking ahead to see if the train is really heading into an inferno. Why yes, the train does indeed appear to be heading into an inferno... or, at least a fairly large fire. No immediate answer to the other question. "Errr .... guys .... ", he says

Seeing the expression on the Docs face, Dutch looks towards the front window of the train and curses. "You've got to shucking well fiting me!" Seeing the blazing inferno ahead Dutch reaches up and grabs hold of The Emergency Braking Lever and gives it a yank. It doesn’t budge. Dutch looks again at the oncoming inferno getting closer and begins vigorously pulling at the lever.

The lever suddenly moves and flips down, there is a horrible screeching noise and everyone gets thrown forward as the train suddenly starts decelerating. There are sparks flying off the wheels of the train. Phil had just noticed the card slot in the vending machine when he finds himself skidding along the floor towards the front of the train. "Frack..." he says, gets up and heads back to the vending machine fires his rifle at the coin box. "Make me fall down will ya"

The doctor watches his razor fly out of his fingers as he grabs for support. He watches the baron carefully in case he might need any "medical assistance".
Deep in his musings the baron is caught by surprise and falls into the doctor, taking them both to the floor with a heavy thud. Toulaan gets up and looks down at the doctor, "Thank you. You broke my fall perfectly."

The doctor uses his capoera skill to flip the baron under him. Then uses any appropriate hand-holds to regain his feet.

"No problem. We really should talk about your diet. I think you are getting a little heavy."

Having miraculously avoided his companions and serious hurting in the sudden and forceful braking Prescott gathers himself back up and observe the situation
“Everybody's ok ?" Praying for it to be since he wouldn't like the doctor to have a helpless victim at hand.

Gustav checks to see if he is on fire, he isn't so he goes over to check that the vending machine isn't and borrows as many items as he can and starts stuffing them into his bag.

Reegus finds himself regaining consciousness in a roughly upside-down position at the front of the train. His head is a little groggy (he has trouble remembering just what happened since originally arriving at the station), but he has his wits about him now.

"Ow. Whatever we just did... let's not do it on the way back."

The vending machine has blown apart, there are little bags all over the back part of the train. On many of them the ink has faded to the point of being unreadable, some of them have mould on them, others just seem to be dust. There is one type of snack that seems to look like it is still okay, a yellow spongy roll with some sort of creamy filling. There are about a dozen of them laying around.

"Alright Flinkies," says Phil as he picks up one and eats it... barely pausing to spit out the wrapper "I love these things" he says with a mouth still half full. He begins gathering up the other Flinkies.

The Flinkies are a little dry, but otherwise fine. Gustav manages to scoop up five of them and stash them away for later as well. "Flinkies, the snack with a half life, not a shelf life!"

Having heard that the "Flinky" bar has a nutritional content somewhat less than its wrapper, Gustav decides against trying one, after all it might be good for barter at a later date....

The doctor notices Regus' plight and starts rummaging in his bag for something to help.

As everyone gets dusted off and looks out the windows of the train, they are greeted with a strange sight. A little way down the tunnel, there seems to be a giant tree trunk which pushes up through the roof of the tunnel. There are several roots branching off this, one of which extends down the middle of the track towards you. It looks like another train car hit this, got lifted off the tracks and flipped to the right and is now jammed in the tunnel between the root, the trunk of the tree and the side of the tunnel. There are flames coming out of the train car, and root itself is on fire. Several smaller side roots are also on fire, these extend along the side walls and the roof of the tunnel and extend back to where the groups train car is and several meters back behind it. There are also a lot of orange emergency lights flashing in the tunnel, which adds to the effect of the fire being larger than it actually is. Everything in the tunnel is fairly damp, so the parts of the tree that are on fire are burning quite slowly. Most of the smoke in the tunnel seems to be moving up through the roof near the tree.

As he encompasses the whole scene Prescott says "Tch ! Could have warned us of it , little 'hand and a half'." as an afterthought "Not meaning you Gustav."

He steps out of the train "I'm going to take a closer look. Anyone care to join ?" Without waiting for others to join he goes forth , he moves as close as the fire will permit , looking for ways to bypass the root on sides , up and down. He sticks close to the side of the tunnel that the other train car ended up on, and manages to get almost right up to the other train car. Considering the conditions, Prescott figures that the fire has got to be very recent, within the last hour or so.

Dutch gets up off the floor, his hand still clutching the lever which had broken off from the force. Dutch hears Prescott say, "I'm going to take a closer look. Anyone care to join ?" "Yep, count me in." Dutch replies throwing the lever to the floor, and stepping out of the train to join Prescott.

Gustav gets up and takes a look outside...but he draws his gun as he does so...he doesn't trust trees...

Toulaan climbs out after picking up a couple of Flinkies and wanders towards the gathering group by the tree. Not worrying about the train, he begins examining the tree.

After finishing a visual inspection he throws out his senses to see if he can find any sentient being within range that he isn't already aware of.

Toulann doesn't sense anything, but is still somewhat shaken up from the sudden stop and is having a little trouble concentrating

As the folks moving towards the other train car get closer, they see that most of the flames are coming from what was the bottom of the train, there is some smoke coming out from the side windows, but no large flames. They can get to within 5 meters of the back of the train before things start getting uncomfortably hot.

Reegus pipes up from the train car, "Yeah, I'm right behind you. Well, maybe a little ways behind you, I'm still a little shaken up and probably better stay back a little bit till my blaster hand settles back down," Reegus finishes with a quick wink.

"I've got something for that shaky hand of yours, Reegus..." calls the Doc, as he hurries out after Dutch, just in case he needs a healing touch ...

Prescott pipes up, "Don't be a hero, there's probably no one anymore ... if there ever was."

Phill... Finishes a second flinky and smiles before heading on after whereever any one is going. Still humming the jingle, "Flinkies are so friggling neat, 43% reconstituted simu-meat..." As he turns to head out, he notices that there are a couple of fire extinquishers hanging on the back wall of the train car near where the Vending Machine used to be. He is also get a nice warm feeling in his stomach, which seems to be starting to spread outwards to other parts of his body. He thinks hard... then decides it might be a good idea to take the extinguishers with him... he takes no notice of the warm feeling, Flinkies never hurt him before.

Reegus notices Phil collecting fire extinguishers and moves to help him (hoping there are enough to warrant two loads).

"Yeah, fire's bad, right? I can't imagine that there's anyone still in there... but if they are, I don't think we want to meet them."

There are a total of four extinquishers, one looks like it is completely dead, two look like they have 1/2 to 2/3rds of a charge, the last one looks fully loaded. They are quite large, almost a meter (yard) tall and about 30 cm (1 foot) in diameter.

Reegus picks up the extinguisher closest to about 2/3 full (saving the big gun for Phil) and heads toward the source of the fire. He's going to try to push the fire back around whatever path Dutch tries taking in order to aid his search progress as much as possible.

Prescott also grabs an extinguisher

The doctors eyes gleam in the flickering light as he hangs back awaiting the possible outcomes of fire, old pressurised containers and flinky poisoning. He pats his medical bag, humming gently to himself as he takes another swig of his homebrew.

Gustav's ears prick up momentarily at the sound of salvage (i.e. Fire extinguishers) but then realises that they are larger than he is, and immediately looses interest...instead he examines the "tree" a little closer..

With Reegus, Prescott and Phill manning the extinquishers, the fire in the area immediately around the back of the train car is suppressed to the point that Dutch can easily get to the car and pop open the back emergency door. Some smoke comes billowing out, but there isn't an active fire on the inside of the car. There is however a familiar looking figure in a space suit laying inside the train, except you are pretty sure that last time you saw Zaras he did not have a large spear sticking out of his midriff. At least, you are assuming it's Zara's from the markings on the suit, his helmet is still on so you aren't 100% sure. He is still holding his blaster in one hand and raises it very slightly, then drops it back down as the door bangs open. He also seems to be holding a clump of fur in his other hand. There is no sign of the Medic.

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Re: The Story So Far
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Part 3c
The tree does not completely block the tunnel, if you crawled about half way up to the roof of the tunnel, there is enough space that you could probably squeeze through.

As soon as Prescott recognizes Zaras markings he hurries through the back door "DOC ! EMERGENCY !" "MOVE YOUR ARSE HERE NOW !"

The doctor's professional "all-is-right-in-a-world-that-contains-me" manner takes over. He strides up to the patient, pushing the Baron out of the way.

"Your mumbo-jumbo nonsense is about as useful as our missing nurse. Use it to find who did this" he growls. He flicks open his medscanner with one hand as he feels for Zaras' pulse.

The Doctor manages to get Zaras somewhat stabilized, he cuts the ends off the spear but doesn't remove it, the bleeding is temporarily under control, but the medscanner indicates that there is still internal bleeding and very likely a collapsed lung. He can probably be moved to the other car where there is less smoke and danger of explosion.

"He's not going to die on us yet, but we need to move him to a proper med-bay." He strips off his disposable gloves and runs his hands through his wispy hair.
"I've fixed people up worse than this with less equipment but I'd rather not play butcher with this poor fool unless I have too."

The Esper gives way to the doctor surprisingly easily. As the doctor ministers to the patient Toulaan reaches out with his psychic abilities to connect mentally with Zaras.

"What happened?"

The Baron doesn't get a clear communication with Zara's, who seems to be deeply unconscious, distressingly near death, but you do get a flash of a memory of the moments just before he passed out. He was standing just outside the doorway of the train car, the station in front of him is overgrown with vines and roots, there are five creatures that appear to you to strongly resemble werewolves, one of them throws the spear that impales Zaras. The medic can be seen lying on the ground a few feet in front of Zaras. The werewolf creatures look like they are probably the same ones that Gustav gave you a visual of earlier. Zaras staggers back into the train car, the doors close and the train starts to move as everything fades to black.

Toulaan turns to the doctor. "Going back may not be an option. The creatures that did this managed it before this train left it's previous station, one overgrown with vines."

The Mindbender takes another look at the train to determine if it was going in the same direction as the train he just departed, yes, it was heading in the same direction. It is fairly obvious that it hit the root that runs from the tree, parallel to the tracks, between the rails. The root would initially be under the train car, and it is apparent from the damage to the root that it got thick enough to actually lift the car off the rails and flip it sideways.

Gustav peers into the gloom, ahead down the tunnel at the trees, branches and roots to see if he can see anything hidden amongst them....

There doesn't appear to be anything other than smoke and a few remaining spots of fire.

Reegus shouts out "Hey guys, I just had an idea. Shouldn't we think about getting Zaras out of the train car that's a wreck and get him over to the one that's... well... not totally ruined? How do his injuries look, can he be moved?"

"Whaddya say doc ? Can we move him ?" says Prescott

The doctor agrees with the others. "We will need something flat to move him on...."

"Hey!" Dutch calls out a little way off. "This long pine box will do" He kicks the box with his boot. "Yep, sturdy enough...hey look there's the lid too," he paused then said"Just in case we need it." As Dutch went over to fetch the lid his foot kicked a hammer sending it skittling across the floor and clanging to a stop at the train tracks."Hmmmm" Dutch murmerd, he looked around for a box of nails.

"That'll be fine for now and maybe later." Grins the doctor. "We haven't lost this poor soul yet and whilst I don't enjoy low-tech surgery you've been worse. Remember that pack of leopard-bats that ambushed you in the mine?"

Gustav says with a puzzled look on his face, "Pine box? Lid?...what?" he says...then thinks about it for a second. "Oh...a joke.. ah yes..Ha Ha."

Prescott looks around on the other car, "I see no cloth to use for a stretcher ..." He spots one of the side panels from the vending machine that Phill blew up, it seems to be about the right size. "I'll need an extra set of hands here." He then goes to the vending machine and grabs the metal slab plate. "And I'm not talking about surgery." He sighs heavily "Come on help me move this, we can use it to move him."

Wordlessly, Toulaan joins in hauling the recently destroyed Flinky home to the wreckage of the other train.

You get the panel over to the other train car, and get Zaras loaded up on it without too much difficulty. Getting him out the door is a little tricky, but you get it accomplished and are able to start moving back towards the other train car.

The doctor make ssure that the patient is braced and stable.

"So boss .... forward or back?"

Dutch walks up beside the Doc and says quietly,"Sometimes Doc, I think you're too good at you job." Dutch look at the men assisting Zaras onto the makeshift stretcher."This is not good, he's goin' to slow us down."

The doc looks almost ashamed for the moment. He rapidly shrugs it off with a cough and busies himself with another check on the patient before looking through the carriage to see where his razor ended up.

Gustav heads back to the rest.. "I'll stand guard...who ever did that...might come back.." he says turning to leave whilst the rest decide what to do next.

He heads past the undamaged train car and gets a little ways away from the burning parts of the roots. Peering down the tunnel, he sees a flicker of light back from the direction the car originally came from.

After getting Zaras to his destination, Toulaan looks about for something else to do and decides to investigate the tree in closer detail. Particularly the other side of it. He lets Dutch know and begins to make his way cautiously around the tree, opposite of the burning train.

Being slightly out of his element with all this running around stuff, Reegus is content to keep his blaster handy and keep an eye out for visitors. "This ship may appear nearly-empty... but if there's anyone even remotely left in charge of anything around here they ought to be showing up for a big crash and fire like this at some point. While you guys work on getting that stretcher thingy working I'll keep an eye out up and down the tunnel for 'visitors.' If I see *anything* at all, you'll all be the first to know."

Gustav, hearing the rather nervous pilot approaching whispers “When you meant anything at all”, he points towards the glimmer of light back down the tunnel, "would that classify?"

Reegus whispers back  "What is it those holovid kids are always saying at a time like this? ... Oh yeah... Frak." He raises his voice loudly enough to be heard by the rest of the immediate team, but not bellowed out to the cosmos: "Hey guys! We aren't missing one of our own with a flashlight are we? Otherwise, something shiny is headed this way!"

The doc takes one last glance at the patient as he tucks his razor into his belt. "Be right back, don't die on me.” He picks up his laser rifle and goes to see what is happening. "Let me guess. After a large, talking rat we must now be ready to meet a giant firefly?"

Dutch also comes out and looks down the tunnel at the lights, he say’s loud enough for everyone to here, "It's hussle time, take cover!" Seeing Reegus looking like he's about to water his boots he says,"Reegus, with me!" and motions him over to take cover. "Phil, you take Doc with you over on the other side." Taking up position with Reegus he turns to him and says, "Now don't go loosing your head and go basting the fluck out of everything," Dutch can see the uncertainty in his face and says, "Look, when you see me start shooting, you start shooting...OK?" With that Dutch turns to face the tunnel and waits with his rifle ready.

Gustav, sensing a firefight, ducks into cover...preferably some that protects him from friendly fire as well. He then draws his pistol and tries to remember exactly what he has to do to get it to work.

Meanwhile, over at the tree, it's a bit of a tight squeeze but the Baron gets through to the other side without much trouble. It looks like the tracks continue on, straight for about 50 meters, then slope downward and to the right, towards what would be the middle of the ship.

On the other side of the tree everyone else gets into postion. The lights come a little closer then stop. They are probably still about 100 meters away. It looks like it is mostly torchlight, with possibly one flashlight as well. The lights continually move around, but don't seem to be getting any closer.

Through the crews personal communicators they hear the crackle of Dutch's voice say, "So...which one of you guys is our diplomatic ambassador?" The sound of a rifles safety switch echoed in the transmissions background.

After quite some time of silence, Dutchs voice came through the intercom again. "Anyone?"

Reegus answers “If you want a good bar fight then I'm your man. But assuming this isn't the time then someone else had better make with the charisma."

"Hey, Rat... sorry, I don't think I ever caught your name... how good is your eyesight? Can you make out who's coming? And how do you feel about making new friends??"

Prescott also pipes up "Our ambassador as you may call it has gone out of our sight and is not around to be seen. I'll try quickly to grab him, if not i'll be coming." Not over the comm while looking for Toulaan "Toulaan! Where are you?" "Oy Toulaan! Show yourself, we need you out there! "

Toulaan answers: "I'm on the other side of the big tree, a little ways down the tunnel, looks clear here. It will take me a couple minutes to get back"

The Doc’s finger twitches on the trigger of his las rifle. "Lets hit them with everything we have... before its too late" he growls into the communicator.

Dutch answers through the intercom "Or blast their knee caps off first like we did on "Galean's" rebel moon station... now that was a fight." Dutch paused for a moment then added, "So Doc, did you bring your elastic bands for their bloodied stumps? We'll have to get as much info from them before they kark it on us." Oh crap, is this comm still on open channel.....hehe." With that Dutch was silent ...for the time being at least.

The doctor cackles manically. He forgets his rifle momentarily as he lifts his faceplate to swig some more homebrew.

Gustav answers Reegus "That’s alright Human.... I don't know yours either. My me Gustav..." he says holding out a paw. He then rolls his cigar to the other side of his mouth and starts chewing on it nervously... then thinks briefly takes it out of his mouth and stubbs it out. "My eyesights fine...but it is a bit dark..." he says with a shrug. " and if these folks coming down the tunnel don't kill us I'm sure we'll get along just fine..." he says trying to make out any movement around the lights.

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Re: The Story So Far
« Reply #5 on: June 19, 2007, 06:24:08 AM »
Part 4a

Toulan is on the far side of the tree Zaras is unconscious inside the undamaged train car.

Prescott is in front of the undamaged train car, slightly past the damaged car, up on the roots of the tree talking with Toulan.

Gustav was a couple meters behind the undamaged train car, peering down the tunnel towards the lights, which are coming from the direction you originally came from. Reegus was beside Gustav, also checking out the lights. Dutch joined Reegus and has moved to the right hand side of the tunnel (when facing towards the light) to get some cover along the walls. Dr Gribble and Phill have left the undamaged train car and they have moved to the left side of the tunnel. Gustav, after shaking paws with Reegus, has backed up and is crouched down partially under the undamaged train car.

Looking down the tunnel, Gustav realizes that even though there are half a dozen lights, they look like they are likely being moved around by two individuals. (Still about 100 meters away) Peering side to side down the tunnel, he quickly spots eight creatures that have been sneaking down the sided of the tunnel, four on each side. He states this quickly into the comm, Dutch then immediately locates them as well, Gribble and Reegus can see the ones on the sides opposite from where they are (better angle). Phill goes “huh?” The closest creatures are only a dozen meters away at this point.

Phill thinks fondly about his flinkies and wonders what the commotion is about.

Seeing the creatures approach in a not so friendly way, Dutch says through the comm, "Sneaky little buggers aren't they." Dutch grabs a grenade from his belt pulls the pin and says "Let's see if they like fireworks*." and with that he lobs the grenade.** Through the comm the voice of Dutch can be heard counting,"Five...four...three..." 

Gustav sees Dutch launch something towards the approaching few... not quite realising exactly what it is. It however soon occurs to him that it might be dangerous...after all Dutch is dangerous. He looks up over to Phil...."Pssst! Get down....".

With the sneaky ones spotted along the far side of the tunnel Reegus readies his blaster as the grenade goes sailing down the tunnel. As soon as the "fireworks show" begins, he takes aim at the lead creature (hoping to identify what species it is... but not entirely caring since it is sneaking up on him, after all) and opens up on it.

The doc hears the countdown in his helmet and reckons he has time to fire at the nearest attacker before diving for cover. "Sons of mothers..."

Phill drops prone and reaches for his weapon. He tries to assess the situation, planning to blast the first unusual thing to come into sight.

The first thing Phil sees (and what others already spotted) looks something like a werewolf carrying a sheild, it probably qualifies as "unusual" to everyone except Gustav:


Things to go rather faster than Gustav expected....

Reegus - Pilot - Feeling an unusual burst of initiative says "One creepy dog-thing, goin' down."

Reegus and Dr. Gribble fire off shots towards the walls opposite each other, their laser beams crossing paths in the middle of the tunnel, both of them finding their targets, Reegus hitting his square in the chest and the Doctor nailing his in the arm.

Dutch feels a sudden moment of discomfort as he is about to throw the grenade, causing him to pause just slightly, behind him he hears Reegus gasp as a sudden intense pain occurs in his arm.

Phill fires his rifle at the lights further down the tunnel, one of the lights drops to the ground and remains there, another one beside it lowers itself a little and stops moving around.

The Doctor then feels a sudden pain in his abdomen, but it’s not bad enough to distract him from the combat. The booze must be helping. Phill then looks back at the Doctor as he feels a solid smack on his back.

Dutch then lobs the grenade, there is a resounding “Boom” as it echoes through the tunnel, the wind from the explosion extinguishes the few remaining flames on the tree, and the creatures stagger slightly away from the walls, now even Phill can spot them.

Gustav remains hidden under the car, but feels a slight tingle that he recognizes as a mental attack. From the light of the explosion he also gets a good look at the opponents and can identify them as “Arks” or “Hound Folk”

Gustav remains hidden under the train car, doesn’t think he had been spotted, but did notice the mental attack so now isn’t sure.

"Woof!" says the Doc

As soon as the blast has detonated, Dutch steps out from the wall and roars "BLAST 'EM!'. With that Dutch opens fire on the nearest healthy Ark.

"eek.." thinks Gustav... rather slow on the uptake.

Reegus, undaunted by the sudden, inexplicable pain shooting through his arm  continues to fire on any Arks that remain standing

The doctor, enraged at being attacked mentally, fires at the stunned foes without mercy. "Freakin' mutant scum!" He screams.

As he hears the sounds of battle (notably the grenade) Prescott hurries off trying to keep balance between speed and cover muttering a "Damn!" to himself.

Also hearing combat ensue, the Baron trys to maintain cover between the tree and wall (hopefully being able to hide behind a big root.) Assuming he is aware that the hostiles are psychically endowed, he will launch psionic attacks.

The Arks seem quite shaken by the grenade attack, they all try getting under cover of some sort, Ark 1 gets blasted by Gribble and Phill and drops to the ground, Reegus pops a shot into the Ark in front of him (Ark 5) who then drops to the ground and covers up under his sheild. Prescott fires from near the back of the train car and manages to graze Ark 6. Toulan knows he is out of range for his Psychic attacks so starts moving closer while preparing himself mentally for combat. Dutch swings his rifle into the ready position.

The Arks would seem to be sitting ducks, yet nobody manages to get a good solid shot at any of them, Phill manages the best hit, but even that isn't as good as hoped. Even worse, the Doctor has got himself so worked up that he accidentally ejects his power pack from his Laser Pistol. The good news is that the Arks still seem to be suffering from the Grenade attack and are unable to mount any sort of offense.

The doctor simply drops his pistol and closes with the nearest Arks to melee them. "Try! That! Again!" He yells to punctuate his blows.

Baron Mindbender expends as much PSPs as necessary to get off his best attack on the "healthiest" Ark. An ancient song going through his head in the idiom of his mental focusing exercises "Don't mess with Dr. Dream... He will bring you to your knees... "

Gustav stays hidden, preparing to shoot one point blank if the opportunity presents itself....

The Doctor dashes forward 10 meters and gets into position to engage the Arks in hand to hand combat, Reegus wings Ark 5, most of the Arks crawl into positions of better cover, still flat to the ground, mostly hiding behind either some support beams or some of the thicker roots along the side of the tunnel. Prescott fires at Ark 6 and misses, a bolt of energy leaps from the Barons hands and fries Ark 6 quite nicely. Ark 3 doesn't quite get his leg under cover with the rest of his body and Phill blows a big chunk of the Ark's thigh away. Dutch hits Ark 5 again, in exactly the same spot as his last shot.

The doctor lays into the upright creature. Swearing like a convict the whole time.

Phill shouts "Die you 'hand and a half's!... Why won't you just die!?" Then shoots at the one with the least amount of cover.

Toulaan launches another attack at Ark 10 

Prescott continues to skilllessly fire at whatever target tries to sneak out.

Gustav frowns in concentration...and begins to get an itchy finger. He starts aiming at the nearest (enemy) creature... if it moves he'll shoot it.

Two more Arks which were further back in the tunnel march into view, right up the center of the tunnel, the one on the left (Ark 9) points his finger at Phill. Phill feels a slightly tickle, but nothing else.

The Ark (10) on the right points at the Baron who feels a very sharp pain in his arm which causes him to lose concentration enough that he can't return the attack. He moves a little closer to Dutch and Reegus to get better range and closer to cover.

The Doctor, continuing his steady stream of profanities, lands a solid hit on Ark 2, breaking a couple of the Arks ribs and knocking him against the tunnel wall.

Reegus pumps another shot into Ark 5, grazing him but not doing alot of damage.

Prescott decides that the Ark standing there pointing at Phill is a much better target than the one he had been shooting at, but when he switches his aim over he somehow knocks the safety on his gun back on and has to flip it off again.

Phill has no such problem, this stupid Ark is standing in front of him pointing at him, and not under any cover at all, how could he miss? He doesn't, one quick shot right through the eye and the Ark immediately drops.

Dutch figures hey, that other Ark is standing there pointing at the Baron, he's an easy shot too. Too bad Dutch briefly bumps into the wall as he switches targets, he almost drops his rifle but still manages to hit the Ark. Dutch and Gustav who are both watching Ark 10 are surprised when Dutches shot seems to leave a burn on the Arks arm for only a brief moment and then it disappears.

Gustav finds this intriguing and worrisome, and since that Ark is moving up the middle of the tunnel right towards him, he decides to shoot him. He hits the Ark in the thigh, taking a large chunk out of it. This wound shows no sign of healing immediately. All the other Arks stay put where they are.

Reegus continues to fire at Ark 5, hitting him again

As Ark 2 bounces off the wall from the last hit the Doctor gave him, the Doc smokes him again on the rebound, breaking a few more ribs and knocking the Ark to the ground.

Phill shoots Ark 10, getting a reasonably good hit to the shoulder.

Ark 8 points at Dutch, who then feels a solid blow on his back, hurts a bit but doesn't affect him much.

Since Ark 10 is still standing in the middle of the tunnel with no cover, Prescott and Gustav both fire at him, Prescott hitting him in the arm and Gustav hitting him in the gut. Amazingly enough, Ark 10 is still standing and starts staggering towards the left wall. The Baron blasts him with an Energy Bolt, using up almost all his remaining PEPs. The Ark jerks completely upright for a moment, grabbing his chest, and then takes a couple more steps towards the wall. Dutch figures enough is enough and blasts the Ark, hitting square in the back of the head and dropping him on the spot. Ark 4 points at the Doctor who then feels as if he has taken a blow to his shoulder, impeding his next attack.

Suddenly luck seems to be favoring the Arks, Reegus misses with his shot, the Doctor continues to pummel Ark 2, but not as satisfyingly as the last couple hits. Prescott and Gustav both miss with their shots, Ark 7 points towards Dutch and Reegus and Reegus suddenly lets out a horrible moan, Dutch feels a brief spurt of something warm hit him in the arm and looks down to see blood, there was a quick spurt of it from Reegus which miraculously settled into a rather minor bleeding wound after a moment, but Reegus slumps against the wall.

The Doctor is moving around too much in front of the Arks on the same side of the tunnel as Phill, so he fires across the tunnel at Ark 6, hitting it in the leg.

Ark 8 points in the Baron's direction and the Baron clutches his midriff as a bolt of pain hits him there.

Ark 4 continues to point at the Doctor, who feels a slight pain in his arm again, but it's barely an annoyance.

The Baron moves his hand from his midriff and draws his laser pistol.

Dutch decides to shoot the Ark that is pointing his direction, but again, he's sure he got a good hit, but the wound seems to vanish immediately. Maybe his rifle has started shooting healing rays?

Phill is pissed that the Ark that Dutch is shooting at won't die so jumps up sprints and attempts a diving tackle. so the damn thing will stop pointing.

Gustav frowns when he see one of the crew down.... but keeps firing.

Prescott feels uneasy, this fights is definitely not going well. These psykers are wreaking havoc, they will overcome us if they don't tire at it.

The Baron abandons his psionic attempts, takes aim at the best target (i.e. closest with least amount of cover) and hopes his pea shooter does something to turn the tables.

The Doctor turns away from the Ark he had been attacking and takes a swing at the Ark that has been pointing at him and trying to mentally attack him. The Doctor lands a reasonably good hit and knocks Ark 4 over. Ark 4 manages to break his fall enough to avoid being stunned. The Ark that Dutch had been shooting at sees Phill start to charge towards him, he briefly raises his spear, considering bracing for the charge, but then opts to attack Phill with a psionic attack instead, Phill feels a sharp blow to his elbow and starts bleeding, but manages to shake off the hit well enough to continue his charge. Prescott fires at Ark 6 and misses. Ark 8 mentally attacks the Baron, the Baron shrugs off the attack, noting that it seemed weaker in strength than the previous attacks. Gustav pops another shot off at Ark 5, grazing him in the arm. Ark 4 fires off another mental attack at the Doctor, who feels another sharp pain in his abdomen, but not enough to impair him. Phill finishes crossing the width of the tunnel to slam into Ark 7, hitting him in the chest but not taking him down. The Baron fires at Ark 5 and misses. Dutch, not wanting to hit Phill, switches fire to Ark 5. Gustav's shot must have knocked the Ark away from his cover a bit because Dutch nails him with a wave of laser fire from groin to navel. Amazingly, the Ark is still moving, staggering back and forth a little, then Reegus, despite being on the verge of unconsciousness, manages to pop a shot into the Ark’s leg, at which point the Ark falls over and stops moving.

Realizing that his shots have been likely inefficient so far, Prescott hold his fire until he gets a better aim on a target.

Dutch, seeing that this fight is taking longer than he would like, he takes a moment to fix his bayonet to the end of his rifle....

The Doctor continues his assault on Ark 4 with a wicked blow that snaps the Arks shield arm.

Ark 7, which is in front of Phil, suddenly turns and starts running down the tunnel, Phill takes a quick swing at him and gets a glancing blow, but it doesn't slow the Ark down at all as he sprints down the tunnel

Ark 8 joins Ark 7 a moment later.

Ark 3 also moves out from behind cover and turns and starts to move down the tunnel, but at a much slower pace. Conveniently he is still slightly ahead of where the Doctor is so Prescott takes a shot at him, hitting him in the lower arm. The Baron also fires at him, since Phill is in the way for Arks 7 & 8, and grazes him in the leg. Gustav decides to get in on the action and takes a shot as well, unfortunately the graze to the leg causes Ark 3 to stumble forward and to the side and just as Gustav pulls the trigger while tracking him, the Ark ends up ahead of the Doctor as the Doctor steps back to wind up for another attack on Ark 4 and Gustav's shot catches the Doctor in the arm, leaving a deep burn and shaking his concentration.

Dutch flips his rifle to Burst mode, keeps aiming at Ark 6, holds for a moment and sure enough Ark 6 pops out from under cover and turns to join the other Arks in retreat, a burst of fire from Dutch's weapon burns through the Arks lower back and out his stomach cavity, roasting several important organs in between. The Ark pitches forward face first onto the ground and doesn't move.

As Ark 3 staggers a little ways away from the Doctor, Reegus pops off another shot at him, performing a near appendectomy. The Ark stumbles and falls to the ground.

Ark 4 struggles to his feet in front of the Doctor, Arks 1 and 2 start back down the corridor at a slow run.

Ark 4 moves around the Doctor and retreat down the corridor.

The burn to the doctors arm brings him back to his senses. Well, what passes for senses for him. He lets the creatures run off and rounds on Dutch, fists clenched. "If that was you shooting me, again, I am gonna surgically implant my foot in your butt!"

What! that wasn't me! Dutch said. "Come on Doc, you can't still be pissed over that last incident are you? "That last time I had to shoot you." Dutch said in defense. "You know you weren't yourself when I found you in that psychopath's lab." Dutch walked over to the nearest Ark and gave it a kick. "Besides, the wound healed ok didn't it? I thought I did a good job patchin' you up."

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Re: The Story So Far
« Reply #6 on: June 19, 2007, 06:24:50 AM »
Part 4b

Prescott sighing of relief now that the wulfen aliens fled, gets out of his cover. He then looks around to take in the state of his companions. "Hold on Doc, rein down your horses you should tend to those wounds of yours and the others' too, before doing anything rash." He then walks to one of the downed aliens, aiming his gun at it, tries to check for pulse of whatever life sign (being all the while nervous on the trigger).

"The? Wound?" The doctor's fury holds steady. "You shot me once in each leg and put a third slug in my 'arse'!" The doctor looks around for his dropped las pistol.
"It took me over an hour squatting over a mirror to remove all the fragments. I'm not certain to this day that I got them all out.” The doctor fixes the pistol then looks round at the others. "Which one of you lousy shots did it then?" He demands.

"From what I saw, dear doc. Nobody shot you. You moved into the shot. If you hadn't have moved the shot would have hit the doggie. I'm afraid you'll have to blame this one on yourself." Toulaan shouts over to the captain, "Should we interrogate any survivors? We might be able to get some intelligence about the local vacinity."

"I moved into the shot?" The doctor smiles, showing his neat, white teeth. "Hokay El Baron ... Just for interest sake ... whose shot did I move into?"
He looks around, brushing dust off his gun. Taking deep, even breaths between each phrase. His dark eyes glitter in the gloom.

"Unfortunately, dear doctor." Toulaan emphasizes sardonically before continuing, "I only saw you move into the shot. Not all of us are perfect like you, I fear. Perhaps you should be more concerned about the health of our group than who gave you such a minor injury." As he wanders off to discuss interrogating survivors with the captain the Baron mutters, "Too bad that injury wasn't to his lower jaw."

"Perfect? Easy for you to criticise everyone else Baron when you were hanging back to protect number one!"
He delves into his medpack and brings out a red injector.

"Line up boys ..."

"Whoa there buddy!" Dutch moves over to the Doc and puts a firm hand on the Doc's forearm. "Let's not waste that juice on these guys hey?" Dutch, could sense his comrade was having one of those moments where things could get ugly. "Let's not worry about such a small wound." Dutch said in the soothing voice that he knew would help calm his friend. "Besides, you can put your mind off the pain a bit, now that we have some specimins you can diesect." He pionted to the one he blasted in half, "See, I've already spread that one intestines out for you." Dutch could feel the Doc's arm relax. "You know I think these guys have a regenerative quality about them." Dutch let go of the his arm confident that the worst had past. "Just think of the genetic playground you could have with a live one." Dutch patted his friend on the shoulder and said, "I think we both need a drink?" With that Dutch took a swig from a small flask attached to his utility belt and led the Doc over to the Ark he blasted, purposely away from Toulaan.

Gustav clambers out of the rubble...and scampers over to check for loot...
He collects several spears and sheilds, one of them has a necklace made out of electrical wiring that also has an access card similiar to the ones you had and another has an old beat up looking blaster pistol that appears to have been used as a clubbing weapon.

Prescott can't help but wonder how the boss could have hired these maniacal dumbsters. "Get on with your bandaging and whatever wounds need Doc. You've still got Zaras to attend to."

The doctor is still harbouring a grudge against: 1. Whoever shot him 2. The Baron: who is heading for an 'accidental' shot up his 'arse'... 3. Dutch: the reasons are numerous. 4. The idiot pilot for fluffing his hyperspace flight; landing us on this deathtrap; and, by no means least, for the supercilious expression he is using right now.

Nevertheless, the doctor calms himself with a swig of Dutch's liquor and performs a quick triage on his new patients.

5. And, by no means least, Prescott: For getting us all into this mess and the supercilious expression he is using right now...

Phill checks himself for damage... and checks to see if he has any sandwiches or flinkies left then checks his weapons and ammunition situation. (to himself)"A flinky would be good right around now.... "(to everyone)"Hey what the heck were those things?"

Gustav eager to please, he reports his findings, "Whaddya know dis one had an access card...." looks at it more closely, comparing it to the ones we've aready got.
Looking at the Blaster Pistol, then at his own laser pistol...checks to see if the weapon still has a charge... by aiming it at a dead Ark and firing.

"click, click" No go for the Blaster. The access card is a little different too, the ones you have are green, this one is blue. You know that the green cards are pretty limited in what doors they will open, you're not sure what the blue cards will do.

Gustav pops the broken blaster into his sack...and ponders over the access-card.

Reegus is in the worst shape, in fact he passes out just as the Doctor gets to him.

As for the rest of the party, The Doctor has took some damage, but this doesn’t seem to have slowed him down at all and he seems to be functioning as well as he usually does.
Phill’s only has a slight bruise, The Baron has taken some minor damage and everyone else is undamaged

As far as the Arks are concerned, Arks 1, 2, 4, 7 and 8 have retreated, Arks 9 and 10 are dead, their bodies are a little ways down the tunnel, Gustav has checked them out and confirmed they are dead.

Ark 3 is actually still conscious, but stunned silly and bleeding. He could still be dangerous if left untended. Gustav has just arrived next to him and realizes that this one has been faking unconsciousness.

Ark 5 is unconscious and bleeding, but not dead yet. This is the one Prescott is next to. Ark 6 is initially conscious, but passes out several seconds after the last shots are fired and is bleeding quite heavily. Internal injuries will kill him within an hour, but if the bleeding isn’t stopped that will kill him even sooner.

Phill still had some flinkies left, and one sandwich. Weapons and ammunition seem to be okay.

The doctor rushes over to Reegus. Thankful for the protective effects of his 'special brew' on the potential damage that might have been caused through the psionic attacks. "Hold still sonny." He mutters as he slaps a dressing on the worst wound. A quick dose from the blue syringe and then he works tbrough the rest of the damage. "The wonders of modern medicine never cease to amaze me."
He mutters as he watches fro a positive response.

Gustav frowns as he pulls out his laser and shoots the Ark feigning unconsciousness.  "mutter mutter...bloody blasters never work...have to resort to lasers..."
Phill turns to Dutch and says "Maybe we should go hunting, no sense in letting the survivors get away and warn others." Takes out a hand blaster walks over to Ark 6 and fires at his head point blank. "Speed you on your way you ugly freak."

Dutch, thinking that Phill might just have a point says, "At least we could make the surrounding area free of these dogs." Dutch flicks a piece of the Arks splattered brain matter off his boot from Phills kindness, "Well, until the rest of these guys get themselves sorted out".

The doctor takes a long swig and moves onto his other patients ....

Prescott says "Surrounding area ? We have no idea from where they came from, we don't know if it was only a hunting party, we don't know if there are more nearby, we have a serious injured man, the way beyond will be on foot, the way we came have a juggernaut waiting for us no small thanks to some. " catches his breath, "And you want to go out there explore, to free the zone of them ? Don't you f***ing realize the s*** we're neck deep in ?"

"Well they ran off in the direction we've got to go..." Gustav says looking in the direction of the retreating Arcs. "....they have a point, and so do you." he states. "At we know what to expect...that there are hostiles out there."

The Doctor slaps a Catalysis Bandage (coagulant) on Reegus which stops the bleeding from the nasty cut he took, but the bandage must remain on and undamaged for an hour or the bleeding will restart. He also gives him a shot of something that wakes him up almost immediately, and is feeling much better. The Doc looks around and realizes that the only other person that is damaged is the Baron, who seems to have mostly surface wounds, no sign of bleeding or broken bones.

As for the Arks, following them would be quite easy at least initially, there is a very visible trail of blood that even someone with no tracking skills would be able to follow.

"Well, it looks like you have everything under control Phil." Dutch said. "Keep an eye out for a tick, I've gotta shake hands with every girls best friend." With that, Dutch walk to the nearest tree....

"Hey Baron. I can fix you up good. Make you pretty too. There must be a spare head on oone of the bodies ..." says the Doctor. He looks around thoughtfully, swigging from a canteen as he does so.

The Baron responds "I'll be fine doc. My father did worse to me as a child. I think I'll heal just as well on my own. Perhaps you would like to study these creatures?"

"I don't think it's the time and place for this." Says Prescott "We've got one crewmember we need to bring back to the ship, we can't possibly leave him here, nor take him with us further."

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Re: The Story So Far
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Part 4c

The doctor pauses in his sampling of the creature's DNA and turns back to Prescott with more than a small amount of disdain in his expression. "Maybe Dutch should let you hold his 'boy's best friend' for a while so you know what its like to have one?" He takes another drink before going on. "We can't go back. We'll have to man in out by going on. It’s my responsibility to keep the guy that you sent off alive. You have the rest of us to get off this hunk of junk. I think my balls are up to my task ... what about yours?"
"Keep your so-called balls in check and draw out your wits it will serve you better." Snaps Prescott "I did not send anyone anywhere, i'm as much an employee as any of you, stuck in same sh** of a situation." "And why can't we go back ? the way back may be long but we don't know how much farther medical help can be gained. The path ahead of us is unknown, but the path behind is a known quantity if the security robot someone made appear isn't there." "So has anyone some constructive opinion ? We must decide on what to do next."

"Your lips are flapping in fear, almost as much as your knees." The doctor replies derisively. "If you can't give opinions like a man then shut the f%&# up!" He squares himself up to the critic, ready to kick or gut him if necessary.

"Oh the fool feels like a real man, eh ? By all mean, get yourself and your worthless bravado stick somewhere the sun never shines, you'll be among your kind." Says Prescott, spitting at his feet "Pah ! Pitiful drunkard ! You're not even worth talking to ! Sober up and get a working brain before you ever talk again !"

The doctor shakes his head. Starting to turn away ... then punches his new adversary in the mouth.

Just as Dutch finishes the last shake, he turns and sees the Doc try to plant Prescott in the kisser. "Not again." Dutch sighed, and stood to watch that neither got to excited and try and shoot each other. Of course Dutch had no problem with knives.

Gustav slaps his forehead and rolls his eyes.

Prescott shakes his head, "So this is your answer to everything ?" scornful wary for an another inconsiderate attack full defensive again.

Gustav walks over to Dutch being careful not to get in the way of the spray. "Do you think they need a hand-bag?" he drawls...

Dutch laughs and slaps him on the shoulder and said "That's a good one Gus, I'm starting to like you even more." Dutch's voice then took on a more serious tone, "The Doc is right you know, we can't turn back."

Joining the growing crowd the Baron says, "Suppose the doc needs to get his chops busted?" as he keeps watch on the passage so that no new surprises show up.” "Doc is right about one thing. We need to keep moving. Gustav, do you have any familiarity with the area of the ship we are currently in?"

Gustav’s nose twitches as he half looks in the direction of the brawl. "Well, I've heard that the help that you need...will probably be found down that way.." he says pointing in the direction of the fleeing Arcs... "they worship all sorts of magic stuff down there...what you and I might call technology..could be they could help or at least be a source for bits.." Looks back at the fight..such as it is. "Of course to do so we will have to pass through the Arcs territory.."

The Doctor hammers a couple solid shots on Prescott, one that will leave a bad bruise on his shoulder then another shot to the chest. It doesn't look like he's planning on letting up.

Gustav taps his foot then looks at Dutch, then at Dutches wrist to see if he's got a wris'bad word'ch...(If he does he taps it, indicating he wants to see what the time is..) after looking he comments to Dutch "Guess this is going to continue till the Doc gets tired or Presscot passes out" he says sighing then looks in the direction that the Arcs fled.. he then turns back, sighs again and starts tapping his foot again.

Dutch, knowing that Gus is getting impatient says, "Shouldn't be too long, once they get it out of their system they should be right...I hope."

The Doctor hits Prescott in the leg then kicks him in the ribs. Then something strange happens and the Doctor somehow misses Prescott and manages to hurt himself. They both pause for a moment then the Doc lets loose with a quick flurry of punches and kicks and Prescott falls to the ground unconscious.

"Okay Doc...looks like you will be carrying two patients now..." Gustav says with a smile.

The doctor moves in to attack Prescott one more time but he manages to control his temper and stop before hitting him again. "You better have something to back up your trash talk next time." He spits at the unconscious form. He looks around at the group with no remorse in his eyes but no satisfaction either. "What are the rest of you sissies standing around for. I'll clean up this mess. I suggest you decide where we're going." He sets about repairing the damage (to himself first). He reaches for his hip flask a couple of times but makes the effort to stop himself. As Prescott starts to come round (with a couple of light slaps) he whispers a few words in his ear before stalking over to the others to see hat they've planned.

Gustav shrugs. "Ok mate..." he says to the towering gun-bunny next to him (Dutch) "... lets see what's a little further up...before they have time to get some friends and ambush us again..."

Dutch, seeing that the Doc has let off some steam and seemed to be under control he look to Gus, "That's sounds like a pretty good idea my furry arsed friend." Dutch replies. He checks the energy clip on his rifle and says," Well, I guess we should see if there are any more of those dogs skulking about in this shucking fit hole they call a home!" Dutch seemed to be somewhat frustrated at thier apparently slow progress. It would not be like this if it was a Merc mission he thought.

Prescott revives somewhat after the Docs light slaps bring him around. All things considered, he doesn't feel too beat up.

Gustav thinks briefly about saying "Hutt Hutt Hutt!" as he and Dutch move off...but wisely declines being shot by the wall of mercenary beside him..
His nose twitches...and his eyes flick nervously around as he follows the trail.

It's a very easy trail to follow, at least for the first 700 meters, then you see a shape on the ground ahead of you, looks like one of the Arks, laying on the ground. He isn't moving at all and seems to have been stripped of most of his equipment. About the same time as you are approaching him, you hear what sounds like a door slamming, metal on metal, coming from further ahead. You can't really judge how far ahead.

Hearing the sound of a door shutting, Dutch quickened his pace towards the sound keeping his rifle ready for action. Keeping close to the walls he motions to Gus (and anyone else) to keep quiet....

Gustav nods silently and follows Dutch closely (using him as cover.. ;)).

Toulaan readies his weapon and follows Gustav.

Phill Looks around trying to figure out where he is and what he should be doing.

Most people except the Doctor seem to be heading back down the tunnel.

Just a little further up the tunnel, you see a ladder that heads up to a hatch in the roof, the ladder is cleaner than most of the other parts of the tunnel you have seen, indicating that it probably has seen some regular use.

The doc examines the Zaras once more while Prescott shakes off the damage. When the others start moving on he cajoles him into helping with the stretcher.

"C'mon, you can make it up to me by carrying the other end of this!"

Phill never one to let the crowd go without a good reason hustles along with the crew... "Guys wait for me!"

Actually, Zaras is doing better, he seems to have regained consciousness, but it wouldn't be a good idea for him to be moving around too much. A slow walk might be alright.

"Hey, hey, hey ... You get up when I say so soldier!" The Doc gently holds the patients shoulder as he rechecks vital signs and explains to him what has been happening. He gets Prescott to pick up the other end and they toddle after the others.

As Dutch approaches the ladder he listens for any noise of movement above. Hearing nothing, he passes his rifle to Gus, making sure that the safety is ON. Drawing out his blaster he slowly and cautiously climbs the ladder....

Gustav beams with pride at being given a large bang stick... tries hard not to drop it

For a moment Dutch thinks he's having a bad flashback as he pops the hatch and a wave of humid air washes over him. The sound of insects, the sight and smell of large amounts of plant life and the near 100% humidity reminds him of that last jungle planet he was on. Hopefully this one doesn't come with the same snakes. A brief shudder runs down his spine as he carefully looks around. There is a faint trail that leads from the hatch into the jungle.

Dutch climbs the rest of the way up and out of the hatch keeping alert for any signs of hostilities. He waves the rest of the party up when he is assured that all is clear. He then adjust the temp control on his suit to a more comfortable setting.

Everything looks clear. Quite abit of noise from insects, birds and other wildlife, but nothing that stands out as potentially dangerous. There is a bit of a haze in the air due to the high humidity and lots of interesting smells. Once Gustav climbs up it does seem familiar, he hasn't been in this exact area before, but has done some trading elsewhere on this deck and knows that there should be some large inhabited buildings around. You can't see very far from here because of the large trees growing in this area.

Gustav says "I'm getting a sense of...ummm...nah, forget it." he says cautiously looking around for things trying to kill him...

Dutch reaches down and takes his rifle off Gus. "I just better take care of that now....thanks." Dutch replaced his pistol back in it's holster and then flicked the saftey off his rifle. "So,... I guess we should head that way?" He said pointing down the small track leading through the jungle. "Unless someones has a better idea?"

The doc assists the injured medic up the ladder then checks that he hasn't ripped anything open again...

Gustav looks crest fallen as the big bang stick is taken away from him. He hadn't even had a chance to put the power pack back in it yet. "You'll be needing this" he says smiling sheepishly. "I didn't want it to go off accidental like..."

"Thanks" Dutch says with a hint of annoyance, as he takes the power pack off Gus and inserts it back into his rifle. Looking around he was suprised on how much light there was. "There must be a "bio solar generator" around somewhere to get this jungle growing this good." said Dutch. "I can see you now Doc in your apron tending to your herbs talking to them with love."

Growing bananas for my still you mean!" grins the doc whilst looking around for danger. "As long as you don't start smoking your cigar by the vent like on Aspiron 9" he continues with a shake of his head.

"Yeah, yeah, you had to bring that up didn't you." Dutch says. "Well, it certainly showed them the importance of a fire drill," Dutch laughed at the memory, at the time it wasn't as funny as it appears now. "What the hell is taking everyone so long to get up here?" complained Dutch and walked over to the hatch and said, "C'mon you pussies, get up here! stop playin' silly fuggers and get your bucking arses up here!" With that, Dutch continued to watch out for any hostiles.


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