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The Cast and Crew
« on: July 19, 2006, 04:29:23 PM »
Ryan DeWitt

Player: Thom Jones (Tjones67)
Role: Academic - Economist / Explorer / Logistician - Leader of the Expedition
Actor: George Clooney

Ryan DeWitt spent his early years at the university. His studies were focused on economics and business with a focus on logistics. Throughout his studies he always knew there was something more out there for him. He continued his studies, but he always knew there would be something more for him. When the opportunity came for him to begin his interplanetary missions he leaped at it. The next few years were rather uneventful, and most of his energy went into learning how to work the deal and spot the opportunity. He picked up some basic skills in self-defense, but his expertise remains to this day in his ability to develop business deals with incredible diplomacy.

With others he is often well-liked and considered to be a good friend. He does tend to keep his own life and

Baron Toulaan Karza

Player – Maelstrom
Role: Psionicist

Actor: Walter Koenig

Toulaan is an accomplished psionic, using his abilities when strength and science fail. He doesn't fall easily into any category of profession since he's seemingly done it all, spy, healer, assault force. Of all the jobs he's done espionage is perhaps his favorite but seems to be more talented in supporting troop actions and working as part of a small elite military team.

Toulaan was born to a ruthless duke. His mother died in childbirth and upon discovery of Toulaan's psionic abilities he was trundled off to the School of Assassins (sometimes called PsiCorps by those trained at the school.) Therein (the School of Assassins) he learned how to master his abilities in ESP, Telepathy and even began unlocking the secrets of manipulation of energy or matter (his trainers and he did not have time to explore those possibilities fully), when his father expedited his graduation from the dread school. After graduation he became his father's Master of Assassins.

Enraged at his father's ruthless manipulations to maintain his authority, Toulaan faked his own death and found his way into the galaxy at large, making his way however he could; usually by hook and by crook (or some combination thereof.)

Only God knows what Toulaan would have ended up like had he been raised by loving parents but the harsh conditions of his home and then the School of Assassins has warped Toulaan, possibly beyond repair. Some that have encountered him declare him to be the very devil himself while others are convinced he's a saint of the highest order. Who knows what will happen next in his life.

Mindbender, Esper, Teep; Toulaan has heard all the epithets for psionicists. Sometimes he's even earned them.

Prescott Harland
Player - crayok
Age : Early thirties
Role : Engineer , Mechanic and Alcoholic drinks dealer ( a perfect star trek's Scotty  )
Actor : Kyle MacLachlan

Prescott was born on a rural backwater planet. As soon as he could he left for the planet only metropol to live for himself. There he attended high school to become an engineer and journey off into space , paying for the studies with a part time job as a mechanic.
It was hard on him and could not afford much , so he attended dutifully student parties. It was there that he developed a taste ... and a knack , for alcoholic drinks. He limited excesses to a minimum, as he could not afford to lose his job , nor lower his grades. He nonetheless developed a small collection , which is ever growing at present day.

When he graduated from university , it was not with outstanding performance , as it could have been if he had not to have fend off for himself all the while. But it was enough to soon get enlisted aboard a merchant freighter.

From then on he drifted from ship to ship , never staying more than 2 years aboard the same ship. From a line cruiser once to a century old cargo freighter old enough for scrapping , journeying on all kind of ships has broadened his knowledge of ships systems , tinkering and jury rigging.

He has had dealings with opposite sex once in a while but he never got it past the occasional stage. He generally had good relationship with crew members ( techs and non techs alike ) and made himself a good reputation , which eased his job hopping.

Recently he has been hired by some DeWitt guy. Not quite remembering what it exactly it was about , the proposal went at a good time, and he relished the change.

Note : He never stopped somewhere without inquiring about and try to acquire local alcoholic beverage(s).

Phill Macklehenny

Player – allenmaher
Role: Space Grunt
Actor: Jimmy Stewart (in his younger years)

Phill is a space grunt... he prides himself on his ability to blow stuff up and shoot things. The best years of his life were in the military. He gave everything to them and it was the only place he ever felt like home. Dishonourable discharge... He gave everything to them! How could they? His commander told him to fire at anything that moved and he followed orders, damn it!

Well someone somewhere needs his help. He sure can't hack the civilian life, he'll take any job without questions to get out of that mess. All he wants to know is where they are and when to shoot. He doesn't like to ask questions. "Questions need answers and buddy you came to the wrong person for that." Life was better in the military.

The product of a low education and poor up-bringing. Phill was excited by the sense belonging and adventure of the military. His Sargent kept calling him Harvey, he never did get that, but the nickname stuck. Phill liked to belong and follow the crowd.

Not much for computers and complex machines, his hacking skills are limited to a hatchet and some firewood. He hacked down a fence post once for fun, his father accused him of being jealous of the post's intelligence. (He wasn't far off the mark)

Drinking and loud music fill his off hours. Drinking and thinking about the good old days when everyone called him Harvey. If he was half-ways pretty he might have found some romantic interests in his off hours... but such is not the case, and for that he is thankful, his ideal of social accomplishment is being one of the guys. "come on guys, I wanna go to, where are we going anyway?"

Reegus Rallter
Player - Jason Buchanan (lonejedi)
Actor: Harrison Ford (70’s)
Role - Pilot

Reegus did his stint in the Corps for his mandatory service... but it was just never for him. At least the military angle. What kept him from going AWOL and trying to find his own way in life was his early-career promotion to pilot status. Nothing was more natural to him that running the space lanes hauling cargo, troops, or anything else that could be strapped down and shut up back in the cargo hold. He wasn't big on the social aspects of troop transport, but thinking of them as the sheep they were he could get through it.

As soon as he was cleared to muster out, though, he jumped at the opportunity. With a clean military record he had no problem taking on contract jobs all over the 'verse. He never considered himself a mercenary... though he did work for the highest bidder. Combat was never part of the deal when he took a job, which isn't to say that it never came up. It just wasn't as satisfying as the flying.

His ultimate goal is to save enough credits to buy his own ship... but he's taking it one step at a time.

Dutch  (Hieronymus van der Klumpf)
Age: 32
Original Player: Jaysek
Current Player: Ironmaul
Profession: Hired muscle.
Movie star: Vin Diesel [Riddick]

Dutch probably grew up in a tough neighbourhood, but does'nt talk about that too much, indeed, little is known about him before he showed up in the army, where he got thrown out after a year or so for fighting with the officers, he also did a little time on this occation...

He first learned to take orders when he later started working for a pirate captain in the frontier zone....

Since then he has been working as: smuggler, explorer, mercenary, security guy, and finally more piracy sending him to the mines for some years where he made the aquiantance of Dr. Octavius Gribble.

Doctor Octavius Gribble

Player: Gribble
Role: Doctor
Actor: Al Pacino
Just how the former senior researcher of foetal implant R&D at the sector's most exclusive private hospital lost his job was known to only a few of the senior staff and they had agreed never to speak of the matter.

Dr. Gribble's subsequent back street career as an illegal genetic enhancer for the mob did make it into the newsfeeds, along with his five year sentence to the asteroid belt's mining/penal colony.

He is onboard the cruise liner working his passage as a physician. He has had two warnings for being drunk and disorderly whilst (thankfully) off-duty and seems to spend a lot of his spare time drinking or nursing a hangover.

Gustav the Rat

Player: Grinnen Baeritt
Role: Psychic Rat
Actor: James Cagney (if he was a rat)

Gustav lives on the large ship that the crew of the Jenny Allen has landed on.
He's about four feet long, not including his tail, he can stand on his hind legs and walk for short distances quite comfortably. His front paws are dexterous enough to work most equipment. He's basically a mutated Pack Rat and maintains the urge to collect things, mostly items that could have some potential use either for trade or to be repaired.

He has lived his whole life on the ship and doesn't think of his home as a "ship". This is just the place he lives. Despite the fact that he lives in the access tunnels above the docking bay, he has never been in the bay before because the hatch has always been sealed as the bay doors were opened to space for as far back as he can remember. He has peeked through the portals from the other side of the airlock before and looked in, but that's about it.  He has however traveled to some other parts of the ship as part of his trading trips and is at least somewhat familiar with some of the other residents on board.

Zaras and the Medic
Two crew members that have disappeared while on a scouting mission on the large ship
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