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No New Posts Marines Vs Aliens (Spacemaster 2)

Marines tackle the problem of Aliens on distant worlds

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No New Posts Barrier Island Vacation(GURPS Classic)

Camping near mobile bay when the event from Dies the Fire happens

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No New Posts The Agents of Seven (Top Secret, 1st Edition)

In 1981, agents from NATO and the East Bloc are being recruited by a new organization to battle a shadow organization bent on world domination.

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No New Posts Support Your Local Geek Squad (6th edition Hero System)

"Big Bang Theory meets Supernatural" Face to face role-playing gamers become involved in events way beyond their experience and competency level when they encounter real-life monsters and learn they can get paid for killing them, which is the only way for them to survive the encounters anyway! Low powered, Hero System 6th edition as described in the licensed, "Monster Hunter International" rule and setting book. NOTE: CHARACTERS MAY DIE! "Low Powered" means teamwork will be essential, and just getting unlucky could result in a "party wipe out", so please don't play if having a character die would traumatize you irreparably.

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No New Posts New World Order (hero System/ Champions 6th edition)

Avengers meets Agents of Shield" A first generation supers game where supers are new and rare, and agents are plentiful and expendable! 6th edition Hero System where the Supers use Champions rules and everyone else uses Heroic Hero System.

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No New Posts The Tale of the Fifth Overseer (MERP)

TA 1640 SR -- On the border of Arthedain and Rhudaur The golden age of the Dunedain is but a memory now, their once-great Kingdom of Arnor reduced to the small but still-strong state called Arthedain. Though law and order still reign here, after a fashion, the wild land of Rhudaur, to the East – consisting of the Angle and the dreaded Trollshaws -- has become the haunt of wild and animistic Hillmen clans, ferocious trolls, orcs, and wolves. This is the home of the warlike Vulseggi, who bear no love for their onetime masters, the Dunedain. It is also the stomping grounds of the Vulseggi’s blood enemies, the so-called Dark Rangers, a group which grew out of a corrupted and renegade sepoy army of the Dunedain hundreds of years ago.

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No New Posts Blood Red Snow (HârnMaster 3)

Death, betrayal and intrigue in the Kingdom of Orbaal.

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No New Posts A Dark Age (Chaosium's Basic Roleplaying)

A gritty early medieval fantasy game set in a world where the gods are dead and new deities vie for the worship of mortals.

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No New Posts Daleland Adventures (HARP)

It is the Year of the Worm, the 1356th year of the Dale Reckoning. Evil forces, alien wizards, and petty warlords vie for control of the Dalelands. In forgotten ruins, ancient and fell powers dwell. The elves retreat from their sylvan realms, and in their absence, usurpers rush for conquest and spoil. Here we find our adventurers... will they prevail? Set in Forgotten Realms.

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No New Posts Through the Vortex (FASA Doctor Who)

Anywhere in time and space, possibly even a spot or two outside of those. Sif Muna is a respectable Time Lord researcher and archivist. As such, she cannot interfere in local affairs. The PCs are her non-Gallifreyan traveling companions, who are not bound by the same restrictions.

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No New Posts Unholy Alliance (RoleMaster Unified Beta)

Famous figure is recruiting adventurers on an exploration mission to the dead planet of Dresden to discover its secrets. Are you up to the job?

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No New Posts The Trainer Chronicles (Pokémon Tabletop Adventure System)

Every adventure starts with a first step, but where it leads is an unknown; the only certainty- there will always be Pokémon.

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No New Posts Cult of the Scorpion God (Original Mazes and Minotaurs)

Sail the wine-dark seas, visit mysterious islands, battle legendary monsters, and earn glory in the wondrous world of Mythika. An exotic cult awaits discovery. But danger is brother to secrets, and you may prove yourself a hero or merely prove yourself a mortal.

Moderator: rdanhenry

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No New Posts GreyHARP (HARP)

Adventuring in the world of Greyhawk using HARP rules.

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No New Posts Through the Looking Glass (GURPS 3rd Ed/Classic)

Life is hard all over. The standard of living worldwide has fallen into the toilet. Things are bleak and getting worse. Someone is behind it. Join the Resistance!

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Child Boards: TtLG: The Story So Far
No New Posts Ravenar Sagas (Call of Cthulhu: Dark Ages)

An eager group of young Norseman seeking fame and fortune find their call answered when they are sent upon a series of quests where they must face both natural and inexplicable threats and adversaries alike.

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No New Posts Court of Dreams (Champions 5th or 6th ed)

Princesses of the Dreamzone

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Child Boards: Character Casting and Origins, Adventure Episodes
No New Posts Team Alpha (Champions 5th or 6th ed)

World's Greatest superteens!

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Child Boards: TA:Origins/Cast, Adventures:Issue#1-20
No New Posts Unseen Masters (Call of Cthulhu - Modern)

Modern struggles against ancient hidden powers in New York State in 1992

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Child Boards: Unseen Masters - Mystery Files
No New Posts Once More unto the Breach (Pendragon)

The campaign follows several generations of knights as they adventure and fight their way through the rise and fall of Arthurian Britain.

Moderators: bigsteveuk, Dafydd Jones

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No New Posts Children of the Gods (Hero/Champions 6th)

Gods were real and merely creatures of another dimension and now their descendents have rediscovered their powers.

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No New Posts Freebooters of the Barachan Isles( Conan: GURPS Classic)

Join the crew of the Sea Devil, 100 years before Conan and roam the seas of the Hyborian Age.

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No New Posts World at War (GURPS WWII 3ed)

Welcome to World War 2............sort of.

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Child Boards: World at War: The Story So Far, World At War: RIP, World at War: Char Gen
No New Posts Beyond The Wall (Pendragon 4/5)

Adventures in the north, paralleling the Grand Campaign from a Pictish viewpoint.

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Child Boards: Beyond the Wall: What has come before, Beyond the Wall: Character Gen Threads
No New Posts Adventure in the Young Kingdoms (Stormbringer 4th)

Set 200 years before Elric.

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Child Boards: AYK Background Board
No New Posts Highlander (GURPS)

There can be only one!

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Child Boards: Highlander: Story so far
No New Posts For the Memory of King Charles (Clockwork Chivalry 2nd Ed)

As Oliver Cromwell and his gigantic clockwork war machines fight against the cavalier-alchemists of Prince Rupert, ordinary folk struggle for survival, split into a myriad political and religious factions. Magickal pollution taints the land, waking creatures long dismissed as legends; obsessive scientists make wild discoveries and crazed inventors create mad machines.

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No New Posts Saving General Glickman (Recon)

The General's chopper has been shot down and it's up to the 1st BDE Long Ranger Reconnaissance Platoon, (LRRP) 101'st Airborne to rescue him.

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No New Posts Rise of the Runelords (HARP)

The coastal town of Sandpoint has faced few trials and dangers over the course of its forty-two year history, but unfortunately, that is all about to change...Rise of the Runelords is a Pathfinder Adventure Path. Converted from d20, the campaign will take a party of adventurers from 1st to over 15th level (and perhaps beyond!) and delves into the mysteries surrounding Sandpoint and the land of Varisia's ancient past.

Moderator: TwilightKing

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No New Posts Vampire: the Requiem - City of Fallen Angels (New World of Darkness Storyteller System - Light)

The Primogen of Los Angeles are disappearing one by one, and you need to find out why.

Moderator: The Gentleman Gamer

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No New Posts Gas Light Tales (Call of Cthulhu)

Investigating the strange and occult in southern England circa 1891

Moderator: Old Soldier

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No New Posts Murder on the Horror Express (Call of Cthulhu)

A contrast of horror and beauty as you travel Europe aboard the most luxurious train in the world to discover what is behind the strange happenings all over Europe starting in Paris. Your train will make stops all over Europe to help you investigate the horrors on the Orient Express.

Moderator: livingwill

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No New Posts Return to Kolvarr (RMFRP)

Fantasy Pirates game

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No New Posts Bladen: Cursed (HARP)

Bladen was once a thriving trade city, but now it has a terrible curse that draws adventurers and would-be heroes from the far corners of the world...

Moderator: Treymalkin

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No New Posts World of Iden (GURPS 4ed)

The Empire of Ire is on a rampage to rule the world and but not only is their tyrannical plot meat with heavy opposition, there is a conspiracy on the inside of the great empire which threatens all of existence.

Moderator: genocide device

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Child Boards: World Archive, OOC, Lily's Story, Tish's Story, Diego's Story, Sean's Story, GM Story Notes, Character Point & Achievement Archive
No New Posts The Turning Wheel of Ages (Old World of Darkness)

World of Darkness Chronicle, which will start with werewolf and will expand to cover almost all the old WoD backgrounds. Each one of the Moonlight Shadow clan elders had a different vision; One saw a menacing shadow, trying to provoke apocalypse before time. The other saw a powerful wizard changing his body in her quest for power, the last one saw the hope for all of this, the umbral child infused with the spirits of Gaia who could save all the worlds and fix the Axis Mundi. The elders decided to send packs to gather information and began to act against the dreadful prophecies. But, will they find the umbral child?

Moderator: Blaquesmith

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No New Posts The Amazing Race (Fudge)

Tenderpaws race in the amazing race to prove that they have what it takes to be part of the Mouse Guard.

Moderator: Sir Wolf

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No New Posts Upon Circling the Globe: Extracts from An Adventurer's Memoirs (Castle Falkenstein)

In the year of our lord 1873, I returned to the Kingdom of Bayern after the expedition I have described to you in chapters past. A lavish ball was to be thrown in my honour, attended by King Ludwig himself. Had I known that this ball would've led to yet another venture, twice as dangerous than the last, I may have abstained...

Moderator: Sir Harry Flashman

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Child Boards: First Draft
No New Posts The Lost Realm (RoleMaster SS)

The land has been stable for many years but the loss of the gods is now starting to become more than just a simple loss. Are the gods being kept out or did they leave for some unknown reason. All the various lands have begun to fall into dark times, all but the mighty Breytillian Empire.

Moderator: jeff

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No New Posts The World of L'Tiene (GURPS 4ed)

The World of L'Tiene is an Epic Fantasy game run In Gurps 4th Ed.

Moderator: WorldofLTiene

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Child Boards: L'Tiene Archive, L'Tiene Wiki Development, 9, 10
No New Posts Dark Frontiers


Moderator: Chifo

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No New Posts Rise of a Dark Lord (Rolemaster 2/Classic)

Using RMC/RM2

Moderator: Ranger

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No New Posts Temporal Wars (GURPS 3rd Ed.)

GURPS 3rd ed, Time Traveling Game

Moderator: Sorloc

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on January 26, 2008, 11:30:27 PM

No New Posts The Lurking Horror at Middleton (Call of Cthulhu BRP)

Cthulhu BRP

Moderator: MysticalNun

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No New Posts Chaos in Faerun (Free-Form)

freeform roleplaying

Moderator: Sonon

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No New Posts Dark Days in Chicago (World of Darkness)

WoD Game

Moderator: Sunwolf

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No New Posts Dragon Warriors

Adventuring in the Land of Legend

Moderator: vytzka

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No New Posts RM Gladiators

The real fight night

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No New Posts Saroc - Sewer of the West (Free-Form)

An open, rules free, game

Moderator: Argan

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No New Posts Village Secrets

Moderator: 3ldr1tch

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No New Posts The Haunted Star (SpaceMaster 2)

High-tech Spacemaster

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No New Posts Kidnapped! (World Tree)

Moderator: Zhaleskra

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No New Posts Harnmaster

A Wealth of Knowledge

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No New Posts Of the Sun and Moon (HARP)

High Fantasy HARP Adventure

Moderator: maikeru

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No New Posts Twilight Shadows (Expository Traits)

A horror game using the Expository Traits system

Moderator: cobalt-blue

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No New Posts Eloi, Eloi (HARP)

When gods forsake, can men rebuild? (HARP Fantasy)

Moderator: Stormhound

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No New Posts Against the Pirates of the Bitter Sea

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No New Posts Pythagorean Gauntlet

Moderator: The Devil Inside

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No New Posts The Hawk Screams (SpaceMaster: Privateers)

Moderator: Reclined2Ride

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No New Posts Some Things Evil (Call of Cthulhu)

Call of Cthulu

Moderator: EvilSanta

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No New Posts Living Shadows (BeCKS)

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No New Posts Mr. Bubbles (Paranoia)

Paranoia XP

Moderator: ttsgosadow

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No New Posts Wander My Friends (HARP Cyradon)

A HARP fantasy adventure set in Cyradon

Moderator: Avidos

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on January 14, 2007, 10:10:33 AM

No New Posts Mysteries of Dragon Pass - Part Deux (RuneQuest)

Ancient mysteries have awoken in the town of Jelmein, as the oppression of the Lunar conquerors is quickly leading to a conflict that will engage not only mortals, but even the gods themselves.

Moderator: rmax

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No New Posts Adventures in Tellene (RoleMaster 2/Classic)

fantasy game set in the world of Tellene

Moderator: Ranger

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No New Posts False Flags (Basic Role Playing)

Black Op's

Moderator: LadyCatreece

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No New Posts WWII Supers (HERO / Champions 4ed)

Accidental Mutations, Secret Experiments, Aliens and Ancient Guardians are drawn into World War Two.

Moderator: Sorloc

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No New Posts Phoenix: Reborn from the Ashes (SpaceMaster: Privateers)

SciFi Adventure in the GM's own universe

Moderator: arakish

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Child Boards: Phoenix
No New Posts The End of The Line (Aftermath rules)

Wild West 1868

Moderator: CroakerDogBoy

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on August 03, 2009, 04:48:54 PM

No New Posts Bughunters (HARP Sci Fi)

Travel to exotic new worlds, see strange new life forms, and kill them before they kill you!

Moderator: ob1knorrb

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on July 10, 2009, 05:12:53 PM

No New Posts Dirt and Glory (RoleMaster FRP)

A medieval fantasy RPG set in Shadow World, beginning on the continent of Emer and ending in parts unknown. A campaign that starts with a few simple adventures may catapult a ragtag collection of stalwarts to fame and glory -- or certain death. Expect to roleplay.

Moderator: ripley

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No New Posts NCC 1798 - USS Discovery (FASA Star Trek)

The adventures of the crew of the USS Discovery, set just after Star Trek the Original Series and before the Star Trek movies.

Moderator: ob1knorrb

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No New Posts Space Opera (Space Opera FGU)

Rebuild the Star Empire after the fall. Collect star after star and persuade smaller empires to join, so that the Empire rises once again.

Moderator: Dranthor

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No New Posts Atlantis Unleashed (Hero 5th Ed)

Superheroes try to bring order to a ravaged West Coast.

Moderator: cobalt-blue

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on June 12, 2009, 04:39:10 PM

No New Posts Tomorrow's Breed (HERO 5th Edition)

Hidden Falls Academy: A boarding school in New England for very special students. Tomorrow People meet Changing Breeds. Psionics and Lycanthropes battle the ESPers Guild and Directive for their survival and freedom.

Moderator: cobalt-blue

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No New Posts Mnemosyne - We Also Walk Dogs (GURPS)

Earth, it really was such a lovely planet...

Moderator: Humabout

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on August 22, 2009, 04:36:29 PM

No New Posts Dark Days in Chicago (World of Darkness)

Chicago has always been a town with bright spots and a dark underbelly. Now the darkness is spreading. When the Darkness touches and changes you will you rise above it and embrace the Light, will you be overwhelmed by the Darkness, or will you sell your soul to it. Characters start as human but will be changed during game play as Darkness touches their lives.

Moderator: Sunwolf

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No New Posts Blood and Sand (Basic Role Playing)

Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Roleplaying Under the blazing sun and frigid moon , our heroes form an unlikely band in the desert. Perils and opportunities alike await them in the dunes and beyond. Our campaign will take the heroes through desert mud, ancient dusty ruins, and the historic marbled ballrooms of palaces. Hordes will be faced, innocents rescued, and prophecys tested...

Moderator: Noir

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No New Posts New Legion (GURPS Supers)

The Heroes have fallen, This is the story of the new generation.

Moderator: Silverthorne

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No New Posts The Road to Glory (GURPS)

A dark fantasia iron age fantasy where spirits, mystery, wonder, and fear abound.

Moderator: Humabout

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No New Posts Forging hope for the new world, a team of heroes unite (Marvel Super Heroes)

The world is changing as more and more people with gifts emerge, most seek to gain personal power, some seek to protect the innocent. A group of these like minded individuals who share these gifts has gathered in order to forward their goals.

Moderator: Darkheart

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No New Posts The Last Flight (Fudge)

A Mystery Set in 1937

Moderator: Sir Wolf

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on April 26, 2010, 08:37:20 AM

No New Posts Macross - A force of Valkyries (Robotech)

Macross (Robotech) before the Zentradi invasion. Be a soldier in the U.N. Armed Forces at the dawn of robotechnology.

Moderator: Sir Wolf

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No New Posts Shaken, Not Stirred (Top Secret 1st Ed)

Gritty spycraft in the 1960's.

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Child Boards: SNS: Characters
No New Posts Catch & Release (Paranoia 1st Ed)

Team Building in Alpha Compex.

Moderator: CroakerDogBoy

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No New Posts Adventures in Middle Earth (Rolemaster 2 & MERP)

The game is set in Third Age (TA) 636 in Arnor, northwestern Middle-Earth. It is set in a medieval period.

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No New Posts Spelljammer (HARP)

Adventurers ply the space lanes for excitement and treasure amid stirrings of a Third Inhuman War.

Moderator: Viktyr Gehrig

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No New Posts Skeletons In The Closet

Games that never actually started. . .

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Child Boards: The Young Dragon: A Song of Ice and Fire (Gurps Classic/3rd), Tales of Shangri-La (GURPS 3rd ed/Gamma World), Battle Royale (GURPS 3rd/Classic), Terrorform (Serenity / Cortex), Falling Fire From The Sky (Rolemaster 2/Classic), In The Realm Of The Gate Lords (RMFRP + Some RM2 Elements), The Bird Of Prey (Buck Rogers in the 25th Century), Mom, Dad, Apple Pie and Baseball (Freedom Fighters), Doom: Hell Runneth Over, The Story part 2, Arizona City II, Survival, Lights Camera Action, Nerana RPG - Tegel Village, Stealth Train, Totally Freeform, Necropolis, The City That Never Sleeps, Dead Rising Scenario 2 - "An Early Dinner at the Palace Diner", Straits & Narrows (HERO 4 ed), Dunchester Academy (RoleMaster Fantasy Roleplaying), Gateway II - The Next Dimension (RoleMaster 2), Road of Kings (HARP / Mongoose Conan Hybrid), Vortex Chronicles: Harbinger (Spacemaster 2), Cyber Evolution (Alternity), Hell on Earth (Rifts: Chaos Earth), Tales of the Sith Empire (HERO), Teen Angst (Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Ed), Sang Sur Mes Dents - Relinquo Cometes (Call of Cthulhu), Innocence Proves Nothing (Warhammer 40k: Dark Heresy), Adrift Among the Worlds (Call of Cthulhu 5.5), Salisbury Tales (Pendragon), Scotland Yard Special Branch, Preternatural Investigations Division (Passages)


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