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No New Posts Gaslight Tales – The Night of the Jackals (Cthulhu Gaslight)

London – the Great Smoke – beating heart of an Empire which spans the entire world. Home to a seething ocean of people who have come to seek their fortunes, spend those already made, or else live in squalor amongst innumerable slums in a city perpetually wreathed by smog from the unholy union of coal-fired stoves and poor sanitation. The year is 1890 and Victoria sits on the throne by the grace of God. Welcome to London. Godspeed you good traveler, and have care to check your sanity at the City gates!

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No New Posts City State of the Invincible Overlord (Rolemaster 2)

Are you prepared for adventuring in one of the biggest cities in the known world? Not just an urban setting, but a nexus for adventurers, traders, and sea-farers that keeps the loot flowing, the intrigue high and the danger ever-present.

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No New Posts Arda - The Seventh Age (HARP)

By the grace of the Gods and the strength of Heroes, Arda has survived the great conflict of good vs. evil at the end of the 5th Age and the terrible struggle of law vs. chaos at the end of the 6th Age , and now the 7th Age, a return to a world of magic, is under way. But perhaps, Gods and Heroes aside, Arda was always mean to cycle between Ages, but, known to but a few, the Ages appear to be growing shorter. They try to determine what this means but the answers elude them at this time.

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No New Posts Plague of the Raging King (RMSS/RMFRP)

Adventuring in Fantastic Mesopotamia

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No New Posts Ethacali's Tale (MERP/RMC)

The witches of Angmar plot to raise a long imprisoned type of Vampire.

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No New Posts To Heligan (And Back) Mythos Chronicles 2d20

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No New Posts Star Trek: The Last Anton (CODA Star Trek)

Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Drake; she's the last of her kind, a remnant from a generation of intrepid explorers: April, Garth, Decker, Pike. She's named for an scientist who paid the ultimate price in the search for knowledge, and her crew are the heirs to that most worthy pursuit. This is...the Last Anton!

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No New Posts Shadows in Northern Dakoria (RMSS/RMFRP)

Various factions compete for power in the war-torn lands of Northern Dakoria. Rulers struggle to keep internal peace, their armies preoccupied keeping their borders safe. Creatures of darkness threaten from the corrupted lands. The world is safe for no man. How far are you willing to go to help keep the peace? Where nothing is black and white, by who's side will you stand?

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No New Posts Dark Magic (HARP/Classless)

It's the aftermath of the defeat of the evil demigod that threatened to conquer the world and throw it into darkness. The joined armies of humans, elves and dwarves have mopped up most of the remaining evil forces and have returned home. With evil utterly destroyed, the people of the world feel free to develop their magic and search for power once again, without fear of being corrupted by evil, but can they do so? Starting plot: The dark lands, where the dark lord reigned, have become grounds for adventurers and treasure hunters looking for lost treasures and magical items of great power. The players have been enlisted by an influential nobleman who believes a recent earthquake in the darklands might have opened up forgotten chambers that were thought destroyed...

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No New Posts The Perilous Realm (HARP)

A group of minor nobles, imprisoned for a rebellion against the king several years ago, is offered release from captivity provided they escort a shipment of powerful magical artifacts to a distant fortress. The task should be an easy enough, yet soon the entire court seems to be placing bets on whom – if anyone - will return alive. Have you signed up for a suicide mission, and why were you picked for this in the first place? And how stable is the realm – the perilous realm – nowadays? The spirit of revolt is once again palpable, but the iron fist of the throne spares very few. Can you navigate these treacherous waters?

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No New Posts 7th Battalion Colonial Marines(SpaceMaster2)

New recruits ready to make a reputation on the New Frontier!

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No New Posts Pála Jakálla ( Empire of the Petal Throne)

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No New Posts Village of Atro (RMC)

Adventures in a small village.

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No New Posts Adventures in Faerun (RMC)

Adventures in the Faerun setting

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No New Posts The Show Must Go On

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No New Posts Unseen Horrors (OWOD Hunter: the Reckoning)

A bunch of strangers have been brought together with unsettling signs and portents (some more blatant than others) that things in this world are not as they seem. Things lurk beneath smiles, behind masks of flesh, and just under most people's notice. You are starting to see the lies crumbling to reveal what truly lurks beneath...

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No New Posts Overthrowing the Serenissima (Hayek's short games)

Fourteenth century Venice. The doge has just died, and the Venetian republic has to elect a new head of state. But the serenissima is anything but serene - anonymous messages warn of a conspiracy to overthrow the state, and the body of the French ambassador is floating in the Grand Canal. Who can save Venice? Hopefully, the members of the Council of Ten, noble merchants - never a contradiction in Venice - who direct the nations secret police. The players, each a member of a prominent Venetian clan, are the members of this Council. They must find out what's afoot, through violence trickery and guile, and prevent it by any means necessary - even if it means a large scale battle in Venice itself. The players also control a secondary character, an assistant (fighter, thief, courtesan, priest, ...) giving access to all layers of society. The rules are designed to result in a game lasting 12 to 18 months.

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No New Posts The Sideboard

Games on Hold, Pause, Vacation, Hiatus or Break

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Child Boards: Meet Me in St. Louis (TSR Gangbusters), The Giggles(Aftermath), Life Under Canvas (GURPS 3rd Ed/Classic), Their Finest Hour (GURPS Supers), The Grey Knight (Pendragon), It Screams (Call of Cthulhu 6th ed ), Hide the Silver (Harnmaster, 3rd. Ed), Rains Weep O'er His Hall (A Song of Ice and Fire from Green Ronin), Dawn of the Gods (Marvel Superheroes), End Times (Aftermath), Generic Western(Boothill 1st ed), U.S. Rangers (GURPS Classic), Tales of the Molly B (The Mutant Epoch), Assault on Ketchikan (Twilight 2000 1st Ed), The Return of Milo Morai (GURPS Classic), The Hand that Feeds(Gurps Classic/3rd Edition), Under the Southern Yoke (Villains & Vigilantes), A Bird in the Hand (Pendragon), Whiskey River, Take My Mind (Call of Cthulhu, 6th Ed), Omens of Millennium (Call of Cthulhu - Dark ages), Snakes and Redlegs (Deadlands Classic), East Coast for Ransom (Mutants & Masterminds 2e), The Return of the Lost Realm (RMSS), Scatterpoint Saga (Savage Worlds), Escape from St. Louis (Aftermath), Alpha and Omega(Twilight 2000 first edition), With Malice Aforethought (Boothill 3rd Edition), Heroes in Hell (GURPS Classic), Outcasts & Survivors (Vampire: the Masquerade), Over the Line (Shadowrun 3rd Edition), The War For Chicago (GURPS 3rd/Classic), Kuhara: Prosperity Awaits (RMSS), Immortal Kombat (Harp), Rhodias: After the Fall (RoleMaster Classic), There are camels in Coimbra (RM2/Classic), Birth of the Federation (CODA), Reclaiming Rhudaur (Middle Earth- RMSS/RMFRP) , The Thing at the Threshold (Call of Cthulhu: 1920s), One Shot Adventures - bigsteveuk (Call of Cthulhu), 6 Shooter (XD6), The Jeronan Curse (Spacemaster: Privateers), Confederation Trader 2611 (SpaceMaster: Privateers), Tales of the Urban Jungle (Shadowrun 3ed), Two Tickets To Paradise (HARP SF), Terrorform Beta, Fate of the Spires (RMFRP), Space Bounty (Free Form), Warriors (HERO 5th Ed), Still Free (Serenity RPG), The Spitter (RM2 / Forgotten Realms), Dead Rising (Free-form), The Deathwatch (Deathwatch/Dark Heresy RPG) , In Media Res (Cthulhu Now), The Horror in the Heights (BRP Call of Cthulhu), County Mordara (Powers & Perils)
No New Posts The Sand Table

The Place for Tactical and Board Games

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Child Boards: Star Trek: Starship Tactical Combat Simulator, Diplomacy: Third War, Cluthulhu
No New Posts A Short Life Amid Long Shadows (CoC 7th Ed)New Board

Wherein a single candle sputters and flickers in utter darkness. How long until it is snuffed out?

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No New Posts Arr! (RMC)

(Pirates, but no magic, curses or other #$% of that unnatural nature)

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No New Posts Whims of a Dark God (D100 Only)

Who said being a pawn of evil was easy?

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No New Posts Taco Run (Samwise's d100 system)

The music loving people of Reemuu liven up their bleak winters with the Solstice Festival, an extravagant event that usually features a concert by the monarch as the headline act. Your newly formed band of adventurers has been chosen to escort the caravan that will travel the country collecting supplies for the Royal Taco Buffet. A simple mission, right?

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