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City State of the Invincible Overlord (Rolemaster 2) / Re: Into the Sewers
« Last post by Dax on Today at 07:36:09 PM »

"We present you the missing gir...", he pauses, "Scarlett."

Bug stares at her with open mouth.
At the sound from downstairs the professor disentangled himself from the others and hastened to his feet to once again position himself at the top of the stairs ready to do battle with the approaching zombie. Reminding himself that nothing short of massive trauma to the head will defeat these monsters he was determined to cave in the creatures skull with a mighty blow from his brass topped cane.
Dr. Kárpáti dives at the creature’s legs, trying to grapple them in a desperate bid to bring it down — but narrowly misses! The Professor sadly fares no better as he moves in to assist. Carruthers steps forward but cannot get a clear shot and earns a nasty kick to the groin for his troubles. Meanwhile, Sir Reginald continues to hold on to its neck and back, his legs wrapped around its torso, riding it like an American Cowboy from one of those Penny Dreadfuls the children read.

Eventually, the Gentlemen manage to overpower the creature and bring it down, giving Carruthers an opportunity to collect himself — his eyes still watering from the kick — and press the muzzle of his pistol to the Zombie’s head and pull the trigger. The sound of the shot is deafening and Sir Reginald — who is nearest to the flash — howls in pain, clutching his ears, just as everyone bears witness to the creature’s head exploding in a shower of gore and bone fragments! Carruthers reels at the sight, turning away to vomit on the stairs.

Then, in the aftermath of the fight, as the ringing dies down in the stairwell, and the Gentlemen and manservant all lie on top of the creature in a pile, their chests heaving from exertion... there issues an ominous sound from the bottom of the stairs, of stone and timber being flung with force. To their horror, the last of the creatures, who went tumbling over the railing with The Hanged Man, throws off the rubble which had been covering it, and lurches back up the stairs towards them! Its neck is bent horribly at an improbable angle, and a massive splinter of wood protrudes from its chest, its point sharp and menacing, yet clearly having done it no harm... The Zombie begins to climb the stairs!
Dark Magic (HARP/Classless) / Re: Dark Magic (HARP) IC
« Last post by Jaeru on Today at 07:55:37 AM »
A quick and uncomfortable ceremony is organised for the burning of the fallen Easterlings. Uncomfortable as the light of the fire gives an eerie glow to the undead in the background.

After that Nameless reorganises the squads and the new squads get ready to move out. The gondorian prisoner is bound and set on a spare horse and the horse is tied to Auris' horse.

Nameless shouts the order to move out and so does Auris magically and in unison the Easterling cavalry and the undead infantry move out. The pace is very slow, so it takes you half a day to get to the next fort. Half way through the wind shifts and starts coming from the rear. A very unpleasant smell starts coming your never realised how bad undead smelled, but now you know. The men also smell it and complain as they fasten makeshift shawls around their mouths and noses to keep the smell of decay out.

When you finally reach the next fortress. The Easterlings are sent out to secure a perimeter. Given your luck thus far, you half expect another ambush, but surprisingly it stays quiet. Then comes the nasty and arduous taks of collecting all the gondorian bodies that are spread out. Here the main battle seems to have raged outside of the fortress, as such most bodies are spread out. After a couple of hours, there is a large pile of decaying corpses at the entrance of the razed fortress and Auris does his magic. Within moments the pile starts to come alive and undead start crawling and clambering out and standing up. Pretty soon the contingent of undead has more than doubled.

The Easterling stand an gaze in hidden disgust, but also wonder for everyone starts to realise that this is starting to become and impressive and frightening sight...rows and rows of corspes with tattered armour...some with weapons, some just with their bony hands.

That night the undead form a non-living perimeter around the fort together with some easterling guards. The night passes uneventfully and the growing host heads out early in the morning. After half a day of travel you reach the third fortress and the process repeats. It is the same for the 4th fortress and by day 3 you reach the fifth. All very uneventful. There are some sightings by the Easterling scouts, so you have the feeling that you're being watched, but none dare to approach the host now that it has grown so large.

As you are riding towards the fifth fortress, the sun is high in the sky. Some of the men are swatting away flies. It seems that this region has a lot of bugs. However, the number of flies steadily wonder where they are coming from and suddenly realise that they're coming from the undead. A large buzzing starts to build as thousands upon thousands of flies take to the sky and start swarming the undead legion and the Easterling cavalry.

ooc: as the corpses are all roughly equally old, the flies all come out at the same moment...enjoy :-) Actions please
City State of the Invincible Overlord (Rolemaster 2) / Re: Into the Sewers
« Last post by Just X on April 11, 2021, 11:57:12 PM »
Jorgenson lifts the trap door and Scarlett follows by Saster emerge. Scarlett is sporting a new dress, which is just as flattering as her old dress and a testament to Saster's skill as seamstress. AS they emerge from the kitchen, all eyes in the bar are on Scarlett.  Molmat looks very surprised--if that is because he didn't expect to see her or because she looks so good after more than a week in the sewers, is difficult to say.
City State of the Invincible Overlord (Rolemaster 2) / Re: Into the Sewers
« Last post by Dax on April 11, 2021, 01:34:49 PM »

waits at the counter for Scarlett to emerge from the basement.
He wants to claim the 50 Sovereigns reward.
City State of the Invincible Overlord (Rolemaster 2) / Re: Into the Sewers
« Last post by Dax on April 10, 2021, 11:46:24 AM »

tries to catch Abdullah's eye.
He nods towards the counter and walks over there.
City State of the Invincible Overlord (Rolemaster 2) / Re: Into the Sewers
« Last post by Old Man on April 07, 2021, 09:10:36 PM »

Zariya finishes what he was chewing on, if anything, and in anticipation of a prompt departure, brings his gear and follows Jorgenson.
City State of the Invincible Overlord (Rolemaster 2) / Re: Into the Sewers
« Last post by Just X on April 07, 2021, 09:01:38 PM »
After what seems like forever, you hear a thumping on the trap door to the basement.  One of the Goblin kitchen staff squeals and jumps; Molmat looks over in disgust.  Jorgenson is first to act and moves to the trap door.
Dark Magic (HARP/Classless) / Re: Dark Magic (HARP) OOC
« Last post by Old Man on April 07, 2021, 06:08:13 PM »
Easterling contingent

    Squad 1 (Is leader + 8 - 9 total) - w Auris & Nameless,  - Ariq squad leader, Croaker annalist
    Squad 2 (Is leader + 6 - 7 total) - Hotuca squad leader
    Squad 3 (Is leader + 6 - 7 total) - Oghul squad leader
    Squad 4 (Is leader + 6 - 7 total) - Tolou squad leader
    Squad 5 (Is leader + 6 - 7 total) - Temur squad leader
    Squad 6 (Is leader + 6 - 7 total) - Falco squad leader, Chingis

Now 44 total (not including Falco, Chingis, Auris or Nameless)

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