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To the Professor's dismay, the alleyway remains deserted as the two swarthy men advance. The shorter one snarls something in what the gentlemen can only presume must be Arabic and brandishes his fists in the manner of a seasoned pugilist. His giant companion smiles cruelly, making eye contact with the Doctor as he draws his thumb across his throat in the time honoured signal of menace. Above them, the curtain twitches and their lone spectator looks on with growing apprehension. For a moment in the alleyway, time stands still.

It is at this point that Sir Reginald surprises everyone by producing a revolver from his pocket and levelling it coolly at the two antagonists. To those well versed in the arcana of firearms, it appears to be an Enfield II, weathered from many years of service. He then surprises everyone a second time by uttering a phrase in Arabic which halts the two men in their tracks. They put up their hands, during which there follows a short exchange with the explorer, also in Arabic. Then they back away carefully. When a sufficient distance has been reached, they turn on their heels and return the way they came, but not before the larger man glares at the gentlemen once more and spits to the side one last time.
** yes, the only thing that’s changing will be the character himself. He will be a Hani instead of a Human, Male instead of Pan, and the spells he can cast will be different. But, background will be the same.
Auris is the boss, the masked man is his second...then there are the squad leaders. The second short-man is close to them though as some sort of advisor, so perhaps he will become a squad leader. He replaced Jylnath who was demoted after he got into an argument with Auris. The men are not all that happy about that. They liked having an Easterling in leadership, now it just seems that they only trust their own.
The professor also took a step back and gripped his walking cane for defense. He glanced about to see if there were any onlookers witnessing the confrontation.
Chingas asks, "So what is the chain of command in the unit, specifically amongst the Westerners?"
Will Warho and the new player still have grown-up together?
Arda - The Seventh Age (HARP) / Re: [Act 1, Scene 8] The Rift
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** please note... The player who was playing Zophiel’s work schedule has become too hectic at its present date. Zophiel will undergo a name change to Zathais and be played by a new player.
Whims of a Dark God (D100 Only) / Whims of a Dark God: Setting Lore
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Feel free to add to the world as we go via dialogue.  Try to also post here to help keep track of it.

The Drunkard is the sun of the world. It is less reliable and less predictable than the Earth's sun.  It's true name is Pmoyin.

The Four Brothers are the four moons of the world.

*Gray Moon is called Nkotk (Death)
*Green Moon is called Arreikon (Life)
*Red/Gray Moon is called Cnoq (Blood)
*White Moon is called Mneyma (Spirit)

Names are loosely based on Coptic.
How about this tribe for our first encounter?  They are the only one that references mountains where we currently are in the game.
Juhl nods, yes he Makes me nervous...moreso than other officers...some say when he kills an enemy he also kills their soul out of spite...I don’t like the whole undead thing either, but you know he does it to the enemy, so I guess it helps us?

He looks around again before taking another gulp of courage
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