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While Abdullah's comment on the use of the torch could be construed as rude, his point is valid, you do recall that heat can seal a bleeding wound.  However, you also recall the Dwarves always heated metal in the flame and then used the heated metal to apply the heat.  They claimed it was cleaner and more accurate than just shoving a torch into the wound.  Doing so along with Jorgenson's assistance will provide a bonus of +53 to the roll.

Also you can continue to attempt first aid each round,; however, you will need to spend a round or two to heat the metal.  Your lantern is a fine source for the flame.  Iron, steel, bronze or copper would work as the metal.  Even a coin would work, but holding it might be an issue.
Also since there is no jumping skill, the roll would be modified by -25.
Plague of the Raging King (RMSS/RMFRP) / Re: Dice Rolling Thread
« Last post by Dalewarrior on Today at 05:26:06 PM »
Lahwi-addu used his religion skill (+49) to identify the undead,

Rolled 1d100+49 : 54 + 49, total 103
LOL OE low... 

Rolled 1d100 : 63, total 63

Feeling he'd be of little use (and probably only get in the way..) He'll try and identify the "undead" himself)... but backs off to help "protect and calm" the donkey and camel. (Both of whom are probably better equipped to defend themselves than he.. ;) )


Default: Lore (Obscure +19, Magical +26)

Rolled 1d100 : 5, total 5
Yes, exactly.
Klumenos listens:
Roll 69 + 15 Skill +10 Difficulty = 94
Result: Near Success, +10 to next attempt.

Klumenos does hear someone speaking, but can't make out the words or direction.

Murdus listens: (OOC: That was what you meant GB, right?)
Roll 65 + 33 Skill + 10 Difficulty = 108
Result:  Near Success, +10 to next attempt.

Murdus also confirms the astrologer and Klumenos's perceptions.

Edit:  DW, you could try your Religion skill to identify the undead, with a -20 given the specificity of the subject (undead) and the lighting and distance.
Plague of the Raging King (RMSS/RMFRP) / Re: Dice Rolling Thread
« Last post by Enheduanna on Today at 05:10:57 AM »
Murdus listens:

Rolled 1d100 : 65, total 65
He has a word with Curruthers on his way out to the cab.

"See vat you can find about zis 'Feaz', but take no chances. I shall await your return, I shall be in my library."
Arda - The Seventh Age (HARP) / Re: Re: [Act 1, Scene 7] Happy Trails
« Last post by Old Man on Today at 02:48:06 AM »

The ladies (Tera and Jay) scramble for their weapons and take up a defensive formation, back to back.
Dark Magic (HARP/Classless) / Re: Dark Magic (HARP) IC
« Last post by Old Man on Today at 02:46:39 AM »

** Ah hmmm ... I recall Grixis had disappeared recently, but thought Jylnath had as well. Or I was conflating the two ...
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