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Title: Races
Post by: Just X on November 06, 2019, 04:51:25 AM
Avalonians are the pale blue skinned and platinum haired people from the City State of Avalon.  They are the noblest of races, at least in their own minds.  They wear rich clothing, as each citizen holds a noble title, even the least of them.  All have an affinity for the water, being excellent swimmers, sailors and shipwrights.  The only aspect of life were they excel more than in the water is with magic.  All have some training and skill, with most focusing on the water, ice and cold aspects of magic.  Their wizards and sorcerers rival those of Tula and possibly exceed them in the areas of water, ice and cold.

Antillians are a mixture of human races with a bit of elven blood.  They are cunning and disarmingly vicious and are terrifying merchants able and willing to swindle at the drop of a copper.  They are a proud people, who have elevated the vendetta to an art form heretofore unknown.  Their women are chattel to use used to further political and merchentile endeavors.  All other races are fit for servitude, except the Amazons, who are despised and thought of as only fit to serve as concubines.  They are swarthy olive skinned with black hair and brown eyes and a light build.  I think of them as Star Trek Ferengi.

Skandik Sea Wolves are the children of the sea.  They are ritually birth in water, live only along the coast.  They are renown swimmers, sailors and fighters, raiding any from their longships along the coast and on the open seas.  Most of what was posted earlier is true.  They are rumored to have webbed toes, but all can see they are blonde to strawberry blonde haired pale skinned and blue or green eyed.  They are Vikings even down to the gods they worship.

Tharbians are the eternal nomads of the central Wilderlands.  These ruddy tan skinned people with tawny brown to raven black hair and blue or green eyes, are the one who have invaded the City states of the World Emperor and the Invincible Overlord over the past centuries.  Over time some have slowed to the point where they have formed semi to permanent encampments (towns) and many cities accept the Therbians as local residents.  But regardless of how they live, they follow a strict code of the warrior honor.  Women are equals, but all others are taken as slaves with the exception of those who have fought valiantly.  Therbian smiths are renowned for their skill making blades and one of the most feared things on the battlefield is a saber made and wielded by a Therbian.
Title: Re: Races
Post by: Just X on November 07, 2019, 02:02:21 AM
Atlantian Barbarian are the indigenes people of this area.  Families are organized into animal totem clans in tribes.  While some are completely nomadic, most have settled to at least form semi-permanent camps and others have adapted to city life.  There are even Atlantian Senators within the City State.  These barbarians are matriarchal, are of average to stocky build, with copper to reddish brown to blood red skin, and sandy to jet black hair with hazel eyes.  They are world renown for their tracking abilities. The men are either Sword Knights or members of warrior lodges.  Their home region is to the south of the City State.  They maintain their youth and vigor into old age and then maintain a mature physique until death.

Amazons, also known as Shield Maidens, due to their disdain of armor other than a shield.  They are also known to train animals as companions.  They have fair to light brown skin, blond or red hair, and green eyes, with a lithe to voluptuous build.  Society is dominated by women, and males are kept only for reproductive purposes, frequently being traded between Amazon queens.  Unlike most concubines, these males are not pampered, but are expected to keep themselves in top physical shape. But men are never to learn the art of war, as this is strictly the purview of the women.  When conquering others the women are kept as slaves and only a few men are spared to enrich the breeding stock.
Title: Re: Races
Post by: Just X on November 22, 2019, 09:04:18 PM
Karakhans, are the Horse Lords of the far east kingdom of Karak.  The people have yellowish skin black or rarely red hair, are short (5'2") on average and of average build (120#) with green eyes.  Many are bowlegged, as it is said every citizen owns at least one horse and all ride every day.  The Karakhan kingdom is ruled my a high king to whom all pay homage.  They are the best mounted archers in all the world--even better than Tharbians, but to tell a Tharbian that is to invite a fight.  Pointed helms with leather neck guards are common among the warriors.  They trade with the west, mainly Tarantis and Rulla; however, mercenary bands and outcasts can be found in every corner of the world.  The society is based upon a clan structure that follows a strict cast system.  This system has produced some of the worlds finest mercantile magicians, whose wondrous craft times are of the finest quality and craftsmanship.  examples are robes that shimmer like stars, sculpture that seems to flow like water and even weapons that can dance and attack by themselves.  As a whole, they have a fascination with wrestling and every village has an arena where they hold matches.
Title: Re: Races
Post by: Just X on November 23, 2019, 05:51:43 AM
Alryan, are the main race of the City State of the Invincible Overlord, and the allied cities of Warwik and Modron.  While they consider themselves civilized, they are actually a mix of Tharbian and Atlantian, but would be horrified to learn this truth. Typically, they are keen sighted and can read the body language of many other races, which aids in urban survival.  They consider a highly developed sense of humor necessary to be civilized and look down upon the Atalnatian and Tharbian nomads as uncivilized.  They average 5’8” and 180 pounds with a medium build.  They have brown hair and eyes and skin color that ranges from fair to olive to reddish.[/size]

Orichalans, are the remains of an ancient race that once inhabited the city that stood where the City State of the Invincible Overlord now stands.  They have been hunted to near extinction by the Atlantians and now only survive in isolated communities.  Their skin has a unique purplish tint, and some have patches of vaguely snake like scales.  Their hair is dark, often black with purplish highlights and amber or green eyes.  They stand about 6 foot tall and have a lean build (180#).  Little else is known about these reclusive people.

Common Verdians are the workforce of the Emerald Empire, the City State of the World Emperor. While basically Tharbian a slight mixing with Veridan True Bollds has added a greenish tint to their skin, typically the closer to the City State of the World Emperor, the more green the skin. They are on average 5’6” with an average build (150 #) and tawny to blond hair and green eyes.

Dunael Wood-Folk, are the native of the Dearthwood forest.  The few that remain are a mix of Orichalian, Tharbian, Amazonian and Atlantian and even a few drops of Elven blood, being the result of an ancient alliance against the Orcs of the Purple Claw.  Once a strong culture, now so few remain that survival is their cultural imperative.  Their last King passed generations ago and now they are led by the Captain of the Rangers.  They have bronze tanned skin, coal black hair, blue or green eyes and stand about 5’8” weighing 170 pounds.

Ghinorans, are all that remains of the Ghinoran Successor States, part of the Kelnoran Empire that fell thousands upon thousands of years ago.  They can be found over much of the southern and western portions of the Sea of Five Winds—the far south.  The people of Rulla claim to be the descendants of the Kelnoran Sea Lords,  Their skin tone varies from bronzed to olive to dusky, with brown to tawny hair and green or brown eyes.  They stand about  5’ 10” tall and weigh about 150 pounds.

Gishmesh, are the people of the lands around the City state of Tarantis.  These are the descendants of the tribesmen who finally drove the steak into the heart of the failing Kelnoran Empire.  In reality these folks trace their roots to one of two tribes, the Paldorian or the Gishemesh.  The Gihmesh are ruthless as traders or pirates and their tribal natures still run strong.