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Title: Thoughts and expectations
Post by: Just X on April 04, 2019, 01:16:06 AM
I have an expectation that each player will be able to post weekly at a minimum, hopefully far more frequently.  As this is a PBP game I understand that the pace will be slow; however, in an urban setting the role playing will out weight combat, as such routine posting will be important to keeping the game moving forward.  I have a full time job, volunteer in the community and have 2  boys, so I understand the demands of real life.  If you will be off line for more than a few days, please let me know.  We can plan accordingly for your characters actions.

I would also like to know your expectation from my game.  Please let me know what your character wants, your wants and more importantly if you see the train going off the trax in any way.

This is a game and the the main point is to have fun--please remember this at all times and remind me if I seem to have lost sight.