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Title: The all mighty dollar
Post by: Just X on February 08, 2019, 02:57:57 AM
Coins of the realm:

Iron Piece         IP     Rusty           The most base of coins, rust stains cloths and hands

Tin Piece           TP     Shiny           The lowest denomination typically used = 10 IP

Copper Piece     CP    Solar             The most used currency of the lower class = 10 TP

Bronze Piece      BP    Dragon         The often green scaled covered coin = 10 CP

Silver Piece        SP    Noble           Bearing the image of the Overlord = 10 BP

Electrum Piece   EP    Slick              Named for the blueish iridescence this alloy = 5 SP

Gold Piece         GP    Sovereign     The hallmark currency of the upper class = 10 SP

Platinum Piece   PP     Regal            So named because only royalty use it = 10 GP

Mithril Piece      MP       ---              There is no common name, as it is uncommon = 100 GP