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Title: Magic
Post by: Just X on January 29, 2019, 01:13:07 AM
I am working on a homegrown set of magic rules, but these are a work in progress--and I am painfully aware how unbalancing a small tweak to magic can be.  So for now my magic tweaks are more for flavor than substance.  Once main concept is that there are 4 means to "tap" into the mana.   These are:

Granted mana, is pretty much how channeling spells work now--a deity provides the power points

Personal Mana
is what you can muster from within yourself--your PP.

Ambient mana  is that which flows around you normally or in excess at Ley Lines, etc.  This source is tapped into to gain the PP for casting.

Fixed mana, is the mana locked in other things, for example the power points that could be gleamed from using a fire giant eyeball as a spell ingredient.  Crystals can also store mana in their rigid latice structure and can be use like batteries to tote PPs.

Each has benefits and drawbacks.  For example those who perceive magic will see a caster using personal mana as a hot spot of magical energy.  While those who depend on another (Granted mana) will appear as mundane until they cast.  Ambient mana can be gathered anywhere, but the rate becomes the issue; on the other hand, fixed mana can be gathered in advance, but must be toted around.

Also when a spell is cast the caster leaves a finger print of sorts in the casting.  Some, with enough training, can detect these signatures.  This signature cannot be eliminated, but those who are very skilled can morph their signature to resemble that of others.  This is stuff that I still need to workout, but I like the concept and want to start incorporating it now to see what you like and begin to experiment with the game play aspects.

Ultimately I would see the Mana tap skill replacing the spell skill in determining casting success.  Learning spell lists will become a separate skill, but the concept of spell picks would be eliminated and once a list was known the limitation on casting would be how much mana you could tap--or more correctly tap and control.
Title: Re: Magic
Post by: Just X on February 06, 2019, 12:55:41 AM
Fixed Mana Casting

You assemble spell components/ingredients that provide the the power point requirements of the spell and draw the mana required from them.  In many cases the ingredients try to relate to the spell.  A spell improving vision might use feathers from an eagle, or the eyes of an elf.  The better the match of mana source to the spell effect the more powerful the casting.