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Title: The Tale of the Fifth Overseer: Maps
Post by: damilano on October 07, 2014, 01:30:40 PM
This thread is for images of maps only.  Please do not post to this thread.
Title: Re: Maps
Post by: damilano on October 07, 2014, 02:03:03 PM
Rhudaur:  The Last Bridge and the Trollshaws
Title: Re: Rhudaur Maps
Post by: damilano on October 07, 2014, 02:08:54 PM
Rhudaur:  Traveler's Rough Map of a Part of the Trollshaws and the Angle.  A key is provided:

1.  Thuin Boid (/TOO-een BOIT/): principal town of the Vulseggi people, and home of their celebrated Queen, Vulfredda.  Though relations between the Dunedain and the Vulseggi are strained, their trade with Bree, the Shire, and even the town of Rood is brisk.  At most times, outsiders are said to be unwelcome there, save the traders and their caravan guards, and these travelers tell of a harsh, militaristic culture long on duty and short on luxury.  In the fall, however, the gates of Thuin Boid are flung wide to the wealthy horse-dealers who come for the surpassing animals raised by the Vulseggi.  During the famous horse-market, even Edain patricians can be found looking over the fine animals, and plundering their purses to pay the steep prices charged by the Vukseggi.

2.  An old Dunadan beacon and watchtower.

3.  Rilineldor (/Reeh-leen-EL-dor/) S. 'The Shining Beech': another of the old Dunadan beacon towers, now held by a strong Vulseggi force.  This fortress guards the important trade-path that runs from the Great East Road to Thuin Boid.  The Vulseggi have set up a 'safe-camp' there for the caravans using the path.  There is a well, and fuel is kept in ample supply, and there is even a small trading post.  The safe-camp is guarded by Vulseggi warriors, who are said to ensure order and peace by killing first and asking questions later.

4.  The Dunnish Track: a road maintained by the Vulseggi and their Dunnish neighbors.

5.  Maig Tuira (MAH-eeg too-EER-ah/):  a small Dunnish village under the protection of the Vulseggi.  Though the village is small, it is an important way-point for traders en route to the Tirthon.  There is even a small inn there.  The town is almost entirely Dunnish in culture and tradition, which the Vulseggi tolerate, and though the town officially comes under Vulfredda's rule, it is permitted to elect its own Magtuma, or headman, to decide local matters.

6.  Another old Dunadan signal-tower.

7.  A wide clearing on a wooded rise sometimes used by The Siol Nunaw as a place to establish their summer yurt-villages, or Dacaithas.  Until the very beginning of winter, in late November, Rivermen can be noted traveling there to trade iron, tin, and other goods for hides, furs, and copper.

8.  The Tirthon (/TEER-thon/): Formerly one of these Dunedain signal towers, the Tirthon was taken by the Vulseggi under the brilliant leadership of Vulfredda.  The Cultirith, the Dark Rangers whom the Vulseggi drove out, have harbored an intense, if impotent, hatred of the Vulseggi ever since.  Standing as it does right on the Great East Road, The Tirthon and its fearsome garrison of lancers is the only reason the Great East Road through Rhudaur can be used by honest traders at all.

9.  The Yfelwood /(IF-el-wood/): the thick and ancient forest bordering the Tirthon.  An evil influence is said to have fallen on the Yfelwood in recent years, and even the Vulseggi do not go there, except in large numbers -- and then, only to gather firewood from the eaves of the forest.

10.  The Yfel Vale: a deep, bowl-shaped depression in the heart of the Yfelwood.  It is said to be haunted by blood-drinking ghosts.

11.  Iant Methed (/ee-AHNT meth-ED/):  S. 'The Last Bridge'.  An ancient three-arched stone bridge on the Great East Road, made by the Dwarves in far ancient times, and the only crossing over the Greyflood.  Here is the official end of Dunadan influence and Sovereignty.  It is also the site of the aptly-named Last Inn, a very high-quality caravansary famed for its excellent food and warm hospitality. 

12.  Dol Cultirith (/dawl KUHL-tih-rith/):  N. 'Tower of the Bronze Guard'.  The last remaining stronghold of the Dark Rangers and the center of their power.  Also once one of the Dunadan watchtowers, this mighty fortress is in excellent repair and exceedingly well-garrisoned.

13.  Herubar Gular (/HEHR-oo-bahr goo-LAHR/):  S. 'Dwelling of the Lord of High Sorcery'):  once the manor and estates of a noble Edain Lord of the Melosse family, abandoned for most of the last hundred years or so, though only partially ruined.  During the time of the Plague, it was rumored to be the home of an evil Sorcerer of great power.  Not even the Rangers of the North go there now.

Not shown on the rough map, but present on the larger map above, Cameth Brin (/kha-METH BREEN/) N. 'Twisted Hill' is a city and tower of the Hillman ruler presently holding dominion over much of the Lands north of the Trollshaws and east of the Greyflood.  He has recently begun calling himself the King of Rhudaur.  Earlier in the year, he severed diplomatic relations with Arthedain and claimed all of the lands east as far as (and including) Nothva Rhaglaw.  At present, there seems to be little that the High King at Fornost, Argeleb II can (or is willing) to do about it.

Title: Re: The Tale of the Fifth Overseer: Maps
Post by: damilano on October 23, 2014, 09:24:30 PM
High quality, high resolution maps of both Arthedain and Rhudaur, as well as the Land of Angmar, may be accessed by following the link below.  These are the famous Peter Fenlon maps, created for the Rolemaster Campaign Modules, and are the ones used for this campaign.  They are well-researched and true to Tolkien's canon, in addition to being exquisite works of art.  Enjoy.
Title: Re: The Tale of the Fifth Overseer: Maps
Post by: damilano on February 19, 2015, 06:31:42 PM
Glin-a-Creag:  Dun.  "Vale of the Rock."  Site of Cameth Brin and the Dunnish village of Talugdaeri.