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No New Posts RPG World

general RPG talk

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No New Posts Start Here!!!

Help and advice for new members, along with plenty of "How To" threads.

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Child Boards: Welcome to the Forums, Introductions, The Meaning of Life...........
No New Posts Forum Chat

Suggestions of things you want added, removed or changed on the forum, and Job Tickets for anything you feel is broken and needs a fix.

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Child Boards: Job Tickets, Portal, RealRoleplaying Downloads
No New Posts Off Topic

Talk about pretty much anything here, from news to fun stuff

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Child Boards: Entertainment, Real Life, The Book Of Questions, Top 10 of Everything
No New Posts Polls

Because sometimes you need to ask questions, and sometimes polls are just amusing.

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No New Posts Classified Adverts

Post your website links here, or ads/recruiting threads for games hosted off site.

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No New Posts Recruiting for the Gaming Table

For GMs to Recruit Players to Join Roleplaying Games.

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on May 14, 2022, 06:20:59 PM

Child Boards: Active Games Still Recruiting
No New Posts I Want to Play

Suggest a game you'd like to play and hopefully inspire a GM to step in.

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No New Posts Recruiting for the Sand Table

Recruiting for Players to Join Tactical/Board Games.

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No New Posts Recruiting Closed

Recruiting has stopped for these games

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No New Posts The Gaming Table

All the Active Roleplaying Games

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on May 16, 2022, 11:58:24 PM

Child Boards: Gaslight Tales – The Night of the Jackals (Cthulhu Gaslight), City State of the Invincible Overlord (Rolemaster 2), Arda - The Seventh Age (HARP), Plague of the Raging King (RMSS/RMFRP), Ethacali's Tale (MERP/RMC), To Heligan (And Back) Mythos Chronicles 2d20, Star Trek: The Last Anton (CODA Star Trek), Shadows in Northern Dakoria (RMSS/RMFRP), Dark Magic (HARP/Classless), The Perilous Realm (HARP), 7th Battalion Colonial Marines(SpaceMaster2) , Pála Jakálla ( Empire of the Petal Throne), Village of Atro (RMC), Adventures in Faerun (RMC), The Show Must Go On, Unseen Horrors (OWOD Hunter: the Reckoning), Overthrowing the Serenissima (Hayek's short games), The Sideboard, The Sand Table, A Short Life Amid Long Shadows (CoC 7th Ed)New Board, Arr! (RMC), Whims of a Dark God (D100 Only), Taco Run (Samwise's d100 system)

Friends of Real Roleplaying

No New Posts Chaosium

The Company that brought us "Call of Cthulhu" and "Basic Role Playing".

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No New Posts The Guild Companion

The Guild Companion is a free and independent gaming magazine, published monthly at, focusing on Rolemaster, Spacemaster, HARP, Shadow World and other ICE games and worlds, past and present.

Moderators: NicholasHMCaldwell, Taibhsa

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No New Posts ICE Webring

The ICE Roleplaying WebRing serves as the hub for linking Websites that have material related to the Roleplaying games produced by ICE. The site itself contains the information needed to join the ICE Roleplaying WebRing and the older Rolemaster/MERP Webring.

Moderator: ob1knorrb

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No New Posts RolePlayingTips

Moderator: johnnfour

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No New Posts Fantasy Games Unlimited

FGU Games Manufacturer forum

Moderators: CroakerDogBoy, FGU

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on June 20, 2018, 10:30:03 AM

No New Posts 93 Games Studio

Publisher of "Twilight 2013"

Moderator: smokewolf

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No New Posts Links, Banners and Friends of RPGRM

Information on forming relationships with RPGRM.Com

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on May 02, 2011, 11:10:50 AM

System Talk

No New Posts General RPG Industry talk

Anything that's happening, in the world of RPG...

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No New Posts General RPG Stuff

Non-system specific or general RPG chat

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No New Posts Systems

Discussion of Specific Systems

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Child Boards: Aftermath, BRP, Bushido, Cadwallon, Call of Cthulhu, Cortex System, DragonQuest, FUDGE, GURPS, HARP, Marvel Super Heroes, MechWarrior, MEGS, Mythus, Powers & Perils, Rolemaster/Spacemaster, RuneQuest, Savage Worlds, Space Opera, Star Frontiers, Star Wars Saga, TOON, HERO System, Amber RPG, Unisystem, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, World of Darkness

The Archive

No New Posts The Trophy Case

Showcase for Exceptional Archived Games

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on July 23, 2020, 05:43:40 PM

Child Boards: Touchwood (Rolemaster SS), Firefly (WoD/Serenity), The Siege of Sadrec Keep (Custom - Hayek's Short Games), Burning Heaven (HARP), Aylesbury Peasants (D100 Only), AlterNation (HERO 4ed), The Vienna Legacy (RoleMaster SS), Echoes of Heaven (RoleMaster 2/Classic), After The Hammer (Aftermath), Savage Greyhawk (Savage Worlds), DC Adventures (M&M3e), Carrion Comfort (New World of Darkness), Bottom's Up! (HARP), Pirates of Kolvarr (RoleMaster FRP), The Gateway (RoleMaster 2), Nazarene (Heroes Unlimited), Community of Faith (HARP), ARIZONA CITY, The Broken Covenant (Ars Magica), The Chosen (HARP), Grab Yer Balls And Load Em! (Run out Yer Guns), Mysteries of Dragon Pass (RuneQuest), TOON (TOON), The VoidWalker Project (Call of Cthulhu), The Savage Tide (HARP), Century Station (Heroes Unlimited), Midnight Campaign (HARP), Shaguk : Orc (RoleMaster FRP), Potential for Truth (World of Darkness), A Drop in the Ocean (Blue Planet), Wir Sterben Alle (RoleMaster FRP), Street Pawns (ShadowRun), Paradise Lost (Call of Cthulhu), Gunslingers (Chaosium), Stranded in Space (HARP: SciFi), Marth Ice World (HARP), Kraken World (HARP), Skip Tracers (Star Frontiers), A Glimmer of Hope (WEG d6 Star Wars), Islands in the Raging Sea (RoleMaster Classic), Sang Sur Mes Dents (Call of Cthulhu), The Journey to Selaset (RoleMaster SS), Indigo Awakenings (PsiWorld), Shadows of a Fallen Age (RoleMaster 2), Cold Steel (HARP / Mongoose Conan Hybrid), In the Name of France! (Flashing Blades), Amnesia (Call of Cthulhu), Heroes of Nagato (Bushido), The fall and rise of Kutahesa (Rope), Explorer Corps (MechWarrior 1), Firefly & Serenity (White Wolf), The Hunt for the Lost Zodiac (RoleMaster 2), Sticks and Stones (Rope)
No New Posts Canton - The Hall of Fame for Great Posts

Nominate Great posts to have them entered into the Hall of Fame.

Moderator: Dame Eldgeth

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No New Posts The Book Shelf

Archived games

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in Re: Hairy: Aliens und de...
on February 04, 2017, 12:09:18 AM

Child Boards: Marines Vs Aliens (Spacemaster 2), Barrier Island Vacation(GURPS Classic), The Agents of Seven (Top Secret, 1st Edition), Support Your Local Geek Squad (6th edition Hero System), New World Order (hero System/ Champions 6th edition), The Tale of the Fifth Overseer (MERP), Blood Red Snow (HârnMaster 3), A Dark Age (Chaosium's Basic Roleplaying), Daleland Adventures (HARP) , Through the Vortex (FASA Doctor Who), Unholy Alliance (RoleMaster Unified Beta), The Trainer Chronicles (Pokémon Tabletop Adventure System), Cult of the Scorpion God (Original Mazes and Minotaurs), GreyHARP (HARP), Through the Looking Glass (GURPS 3rd Ed/Classic), Ravenar Sagas (Call of Cthulhu: Dark Ages), Court of Dreams (Champions 5th or 6th ed), Team Alpha (Champions 5th or 6th ed), Unseen Masters (Call of Cthulhu - Modern), Once More unto the Breach (Pendragon), Children of the Gods (Hero/Champions 6th), Freebooters of the Barachan Isles( Conan: GURPS Classic), World at War (GURPS WWII 3ed), Beyond The Wall (Pendragon 4/5), Adventure in the Young Kingdoms (Stormbringer 4th), Highlander (GURPS), For the Memory of King Charles (Clockwork Chivalry 2nd Ed), Saving General Glickman (Recon), Rise of the Runelords (HARP), Vampire: the Requiem - City of Fallen Angels (New World of Darkness Storyteller System - Light), Gas Light Tales (Call of Cthulhu), Murder on the Horror Express (Call of Cthulhu), Return to Kolvarr (RMFRP), Bladen: Cursed (HARP), World of Iden (GURPS 4ed), The Turning Wheel of Ages (Old World of Darkness), The Amazing Race (Fudge), Upon Circling the Globe: Extracts from An Adventurer's Memoirs (Castle Falkenstein), The Lost Realm (RoleMaster SS), The World of L'Tiene (GURPS 4ed), Dark Frontiers, Rise of a Dark Lord (Rolemaster 2/Classic), Temporal Wars (GURPS 3rd Ed.), The Lurking Horror at Middleton (Call of Cthulhu BRP), Chaos in Faerun (Free-Form), Dark Days in Chicago (World of Darkness), Dragon Warriors, RM Gladiators, Saroc - Sewer of the West (Free-Form), Village Secrets, The Haunted Star (SpaceMaster 2), Kidnapped! (World Tree), Harnmaster, Of the Sun and Moon (HARP), Twilight Shadows (Expository Traits), Eloi, Eloi (HARP), Against the Pirates of the Bitter Sea, Pythagorean Gauntlet, The Hawk Screams (SpaceMaster: Privateers), Some Things Evil (Call of Cthulhu), Living Shadows (BeCKS), Mr. Bubbles (Paranoia), Wander My Friends (HARP Cyradon), Mysteries of Dragon Pass - Part Deux (RuneQuest), Adventures in Tellene (RoleMaster 2/Classic), False Flags (Basic Role Playing), WWII Supers (HERO / Champions 4ed), Phoenix: Reborn from the Ashes (SpaceMaster: Privateers), The End of The Line (Aftermath rules), Bughunters (HARP Sci Fi), Dirt and Glory (RoleMaster FRP), NCC 1798 - USS Discovery (FASA Star Trek), Space Opera (Space Opera FGU), Atlantis Unleashed (Hero 5th Ed), Tomorrow's Breed (HERO 5th Edition), Mnemosyne - We Also Walk Dogs (GURPS), Dark Days in Chicago (World of Darkness), Blood and Sand (Basic Role Playing), New Legion (GURPS Supers), The Road to Glory (GURPS), Forging hope for the new world, a team of heroes unite (Marvel Super Heroes), The Last Flight (Fudge), Macross - A force of Valkyries (Robotech), Shaken, Not Stirred (Top Secret 1st Ed), Catch & Release (Paranoia 1st Ed), Adventures in Middle Earth (Rolemaster 2 & MERP), Spelljammer (HARP), Skeletons In The Closet
No New Posts Sand Box

Archive of Closed Tactical/Board games from the Sand Table.

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on July 21, 2010, 02:13:40 PM

Child Boards: War Lords - Battle for Little Middling (War Law), Diplomacy: First War, Warlords Scenario 2: Battle of Groggins Pass, rpgRM FFL (NFL), Blood Bowl, Wacky Races - Car Wars, Diplomacy Second War: Archive, The Colosseum (Gladiator)

Development and other protected Boards

No New Posts Development

Creating New Game Material

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on January 11, 2013, 03:40:50 PM

Child Boards: Tiamat's Tears, RMpublishing, Rope System Development, Junkyard Kids, Hard Holders of the Aftermath
No New Posts Article Development

Content development for the main site.

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in Re: Food Poisoning
on September 26, 2009, 04:48:09 AM

Child Boards: RPG Food and Drink Guide
No New Posts Worlds

World creation projects

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in Onaviu Eclipse
on August 29, 2015, 07:52:56 AM

Child Boards: Traasholm, Breytillian Empire, NightFall, World of LeBear, Iame Poinomo
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